Album art.

御掃除しましょ || Let’s clean up!

Album art.

osouji shimasho
Let’s clean up!

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: 虻瀬犬 (ABU-SE-KEN)
Composed by: 虻瀬犬 (ABU-SE-KEN)
Album: 犬よ、叫べよ、家畜共。 (dog / screaming / livestock)
Release date: 14 October 2019

Requested by: Cinnamon Kitty
Watch the official video on YouTube!

You could say this about a lot of Abuse’s music, but there’s a lot of wordplay here, and a lot of areas where words are chosen because they sound similar to other words in the same line. Try reading along with the romanisation to spot those areas!

Sorry about the slightly awkward wording in the choruses too. I just really wanted to drop the official title translation in there. Perhaps I’ll adjust it down the track…?


人殺しってステータス 自己を顕示する欲求で


Hey Hey 神さんよ 噛み切った口で罵詈雑言
酩酊だ Be Lie Ver 信じた者すら救われない
あーもー全部 汚いな

御掃除しましょ 御手手を挙げて
御送辞しましょ 御手手を見せて

ブスが喚いてて聴こえず仕舞いの政権公約 崇拝『心臓』
愛を歌っても 正をかざしても 結局それは廃棄物
この際交際して交配とか 性犯罪者の目論見だ

御掃除しましょ 御手手を挙げて
御送辞しましょ 御手手を見せて

溶解な妖怪にゃんことか 偏見eyesで 返券ice
平和の象徴 「ええわ」で協調 カンペキだってさ うるせえな
醜い争い 胃に杭ありそう どんなもんだってなれるんだ

殺菌 滅菌 抗菌剤
白金 錯体 抗癌剤
末期患者の 高齢罪
点滴投与だ 覚醒罪


御掃除しましょ 御手手を挙げて
御送辞しましょ 御手手を見せて

御掃除しましょ 御掃除しましょ
御掃除しましょ 御掃除しましょうか


hitogoroshi tte suteetasu jiko o kenji suru yokkyuu de
koroshitenai noni “koroseru” da toka itte iru no de
mekkyaku desu

jibun ga shinjiru kyouten bakka atsumete atsumete taihen sou ne
shinjita mono shika sukuwarenai toka
kamisama dokechi de arimasu naa (warota)

Hey Hey kami-san yo kamikitta kuchi de barizougon
meitei da Be Lie Ver shinjita mono sura sukuwarenai
“teinei ni atsukatte” yandere kidori no bakaonna
aa moo zenbu kitanai na

eikyuu toudo no noukan yo
seijin kunshi no henken yo
taizen jijaku yo
kikoku shuushuu o zenbu zenbu zenbu zenbu
osouji shimasho otete o agete
osouji shimasho otete o misete

kitsune ni tsukareta kyoushi wa itta “tettei-teki ni, tettei desu”
touan minagara shoujo wa itta “kettei-teki ni, tarinai desu”
“eien to seiteki na me de mirareru ndesu, otoko wa mina kedamono desu (naki)”
busu ga wameitete kikoezu shimai no keiken kouyaku suuhai “shinzou”
danson johi toka taikou sochi toka fushou bushou ni kangaeteru
ai o utattemo sei o kazashitemo kekkyoku sore wa haikibutsu
kono sai kousai shite kouhai toka seihanzaisha no mokuromi da

tettou tetsubi no sarendaa
hanmen kyoushi no zenkou yo
kyuushu gyouhi no chinsei yo
chimi mouryou o zenbu zenbu zenbu zenbu
osouji shimasho otete o agete
osouji shimasho otete o misete

youkai na youkai nyanko toka henken eyes de henken ice
heiwa no shouchou “ee wa” de kyouchou kanpeki datte sa urusee na
minukui arasoi i ni kui arisou donna mon datte nareru nda
jiko bouei de jiko boumei toka
kitanee kitanee kitanee naa

sakkin mekkin koukinzai
hakkin sakutai kouganzai
makki kanja no koureizai
tenteki touyo da kakuseizai

“seiso junbi wa totonottemasu”

zettai kunshu no roudou yo
renge oujou no rengoku yo
rakka ryuusui no hatten yo
jousha hissui o zenbu zenbu zenbu zenbu
osouji shimasho otete o agete
osouji shimasho otete o misete

osouji shimasho osouji shimasho
osouji shimasho osouji shimashouka
kimi no atama


My status is ‘murderer.’ It’s a desire that manifests my sense of self
and though I haven’t killed, I say “I can kill”
so it’s extinguished.

Gathering and burning only the scriptures you believe in seems so tough.
Only believers will be saved, huh?
Well isn’t God a cheapskate! (lol)

Hey, hey, God! I’m saying abusive things with my bitten mouth.
I’m drunk. Be lie ver. You can’t even save the believers.
“Treat me courteously.” That stupid girl acts like a yandere.
Ah! Everything’s so dirty now…

A permafrost brainstem!
Saintly prejudice!
Self-possessed madness!
All this spine-chilling stuff, all of it, all of it,
let’s clean up. Raise your hands.
Let’s say farewell. Show your hands.

The teacher possessed by a kitsune said “it’s thoroughly thorough.”
While looking at the answer sheet, the girl said “it’s definitely lacking.”
“I’m forever being looked at sexually. All men are beasts (T_T)”
The hag was shouting and couldn’t hear the ending manifesto. Worship “Heart.”
They reluctantly consider things like chauvinism and ways of resisting it.
Though they sing of love, though they hold justice aloft, it’s all trash in the end.
Associating now, and then mating… that’s the predator’s plan.

Thorough surrender!
A bad teacher’s good deeds!
Huddled silence!
All those evil spirits, all of them, all of them,
let’s clean up. Raise your hands.
Let’s say farewell. Show your hands.

I look at melted youkai kitties with prejudiced eyes and rebate ice.
A symbol of peace. With a “that’s fine,” we get along. It’s perfect, after all. Shut up.
This fight is scandalous. It’s like there’s a stake in my guts. I can be anything I want.
Self-defence or fleeing an incident…
it’s dirty, dirty, dirty, so dirty!

Killing germs. Sterilising. Antibacterial.
Silver. Complex. Anti-cancer drugs.
The sin of old age committed by a palliative patient.
Give them a drip. It’s a sin to wake up.

“We’re ready to clean up.”

Manual labour from an absolute monarch!
Purgatory of the lotus’ passage!
Growth of mutual love!
Those who prosper will decay. All of them, all of them…
Let’s clean up. Raise your hands.
Let’s say farewell. Show your hands.

Let’s clean up! Let’s clean up!
Let’s clean up! Shall we clean up
your head?


2 responses to “御掃除しましょ || Let’s clean up!”

  1. fay Avatar

    Thank you so much, as always! These lyrics are so intense!

    I really appreciate all the good work you do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! Abuse’s lyrics are definitely really intense, almost visceral in nature


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