Robot-ishは珈琲が飲めない || Robot-ish Can’t Drink Coffee

Robot-ish wa koohii ga nomenai
Robot-ish Can’t Drink Coffee

Vocals: ORIGAMI-I, U ころんば4号 (Koronba 4-gou)
Lyrics: ds_8
Composed by: ds_8
Upload date: 26 May 2016

Requested by: x4yq_0
Watch the official video on YouTube!


金色の帆をつけた 帆船が海を滑る
一息で吹き消せば ソーダ水の爆ぜるようで

震えているのか 君の指先が
風に揺れるまま 遠くを見てる
誰もいない街 崩れていく部屋で
冷たい珈琲の前で 溜息を 放つから

鈍色の夕暮れが 冷たい影を落とす
錆びついた声だけが 繰り返す波のようで

怯えているのか 崩れていくことが
風に揺れるまま 遠くを見てる
誰もいない街 冷たい珈琲
動かない指に そっと繋ぐ プラグから 響くまで

銀色の砂漠へと 鳥たちが旅立っていく
飲み干した地平線 枯れ果てた海の彼方
招くような声を聞き 沈む星の行く末は


kin’iro no ho o tsuketa hansen ga umi o suberu
hitoiki de fukikeseba sooda-sui no hazeru you de

furuete iru no ka kimi no yubisaki ga
kaze ni yureru mama tooku o miteru
dare mo inai machi kuzurete iku heya de
tsumetai koohii no mae de tameiki o hanatsu kara

nibiiro no yuugure ga tsumetai kage o otosu
sabitsuita koe dake ga kurikaesu nami no you de

obiete iru no ka kuzurete iku koto ga
kaze ni yureru mama tooku o miteru
dare mo inai machi tsumetai koohii
ugokanai yubi ni sotto tsunagu puragu kara hibiku made

gin’iro no sabaku e to tori-tachi ga tabidatte iku
nomihoshita chiheisen kare hateta umi no kanata
maneku you na koe o kiki shizumu hoshi no yukusue wa


The ship with a golden sail glides on the ocean.
When a gust blows, it’s like soda water bursting.

Are your fingertips trembling?
You look into the distance as they sway in the wind.
In a rickety room in the empty streets
you let out a sigh, with a cold cup of coffee close by.

Dark-grey dusk drops a cold shadow.
Only your rusty voice can be heard, like the endless waves.

Are you afraid of going to your death?
You look into the distance while swaying in the wind.
The streets are empty and your coffee is cold.
The sound travels from the plug gently connected to your still fingers.

The birds are starting their journey to the silver desert.
The horizon was engulfed and somewhere beyond the dry sea
you hear a voice beckoning. What is the fate of the sunken planet?



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