Vocals: KAFU
Lyrics: じん (Jin)
Composed by: じん (Jin)
Release date: 10 December 2021

Requested by: Charles Domery
Watch the official video on YouTube!

I originally translated GURU as if it meant ‘going around in circles’, but then I thought it might actually be the word ‘guru’ (as opposed to ‘fool’) so I left it as it is. It might mean both? Or it might mean neither?

There are two stanzas where you get some really good wordplay centred on the sound ます (masu). I tried to emulate that a bit in my translation, it was a lot of fun!

Also, I couldn’t work out the other lines in the opening, but the first one reappears later in English.


あわん だらね ばでぃん
えん ばみん
ぶらだ らだ
あわん だらね ばでぃん
お え お え お

カスカスに 乾いた体
枯らした energy

限界です ってな顔で
並んだ輩 陰惨なmelody

拝んだね 願ったね
平気そうなフリして よう耐えたね
さぁ 皆共よ 傾聴

我々は 腐ってます
まずまず 軸がブレてます
益々 増す不安に 白目ってます
且つ 嘗てなくズレてます

揺りかごから 墓場
その先は pantry
果ては sewerage

そして行き着く先が melancholy
もう祈っちゃいられんな Gandhara


ほら 旗 立てろ!

SARUになって ZUBUになっていく
マトモは蹴っ飛ばして キモいことしようぜ

理屈も真っ新になって GURUになっていく
お前も BAKAされたんじゃねぇんですか?
どうよ say hoo?

あわん だらね ばでぃん
えん ばみん
ぶらだ らだ
あわん だらね ばでぃん
あん だ らえん ずぁ
らだ うらだ

ってなワケで 右手にご覧いただけます
あれがこの世界の真相 「妄想」さ

誑す仮面 響く鐘
悴んで拝む手から 落とす金
油断すんな 気をつけろ
行く先は 地獄だ

「我々は 怒ってます
まず マスに毒されてます
益々 増す悪意が 陰謀ってます
バチバチに 騙されてます」

撥ね退けた側から 迫る adversary
果ては deadly
挙句押し付け 其処退け暴挙民
そりゃねぇわ 降参だ Gandhara



ガバになって 見えなくなっていく
仏のツラして ゲスいムーブしてんぜ

こじつけが過度になって 加味になっていく
自分だけ 正しいってツラしてんじゃねぇぞ、同胞

SARUになって ZUBUになっていく
ザコい者同士だ キモく生きていこうぜ

一蓮托生 輪を描いて GURUになっていく
BAKAし BAKAされてりゃ 上等ってもんよ
say hoo!

ah wanderer never ending

肩組んで往こうぜ 応報


awan darane badin
en bamin
burada rada
awan darane badin
o e o e o

kasukasu ni kawaita karada
karashita energy

genkai desu tte na kao de
naranda yakara insan na melody

oganda ne negatta ne
heiki sou na furi shite you taeta ne
a, ohatsu ni ome ni kakarimasu
saa, minadomo yo keichou

wareware wa kusattemasu
masumasu jiku ga buretemasu
masumasu masu buan ni shiromettemasu
katsu katsute naku zuretemasu

yurikago kara hakaba
sono saki wa pantry
hate wa sewerage

soshite ikitsuku saki ga melancholy
mou inocchairaren na Gandhara


hora hata tatero!

SARU ni natte ZUBU ni natte iku
matomo wa kettobashite kimoi koto shiyou ze

rikutsu mo massara ni natte GURU ni natte iku
omae mo BAKA saretan ja neen desu ka?
dou yo say hoo?

awan darane badin
en bamin
burada rada
awan darane badin
an da raen zaa
rada urada

hai hai hai, doumo desu
mata acchimaimashita ne
tte na wake de migite ni goran itadakemasu
are ga kono sekai no shinsou “mousou” sa

tarasu kamen hibiku kane
kajikande ogamu te kara otosu kane
yudan sunna ki o tsukero
ikusaki wa jigoku da

“wareware wa ikattemasu
mazu masu ni dokusaretemasu
masumasu masu akui ga inbouttemasu
bachibachi ni damasaretemasu”

hanenoketa hata kara semaru adversary
hate wa deadly
ageku oshitsuke sokonoke boukyomin
sorya nee wa kousan da Gandhara


saa yurusarero!!

gaba ni natte mienaku natte iku
hotoke no tsurashite gesui muubu shiten ze

kojitsuke ga kado ni natte kami ni natte iku
jibun dake tadashii tte tsura shiten ja nee zo, douhou

SARU ni natte ZUBU ni natte iku
zakoimono doushi da kimoku ikiteikou ze

ichiren takushou wa o egaite GURU ni natte iku
BAKAshi BAKAsareterya joutou tte mon yo
say hoo!

ah wanderer never ending

jigoku no yoshimi da
katakun de ikou ze ouhou


Ah wanderer never ending

Ah wanderer never ending
O, e, o, e, o

Their bodies are bone dry
and their energy has dried up.

The line of people look like they’re at their limit.
They sing a sad, gloomy melody.

You begged, you prayed
and you endured, pretending you were okay.
Ah, you’ve laid eyes on them for the first time.
Okay everyone, listen carefully.

We’re rotten to the core
with our axis fundamentally off course.
We throw coarse looks at our worries, increasing in force
yet they’re more out of sync than ever before.

Start from the cradle, then head to the grave.
After that is the pantry
then you finish up in the sewerage.

You eventually arrive at melancholy.
I can’t pray anymore, Gandhara.


Alright, raise the flag!

We become MONKEYS and go BLANK.
Let’s kick away decency and do something gross!

We refresh our theories and become GURU.
You were MOCKED too, right?
Well? Say hoo?

Ah wanderer never ending

Ah wanderer never ending

All right, all right! Hey there.
So we meet again.
Okay, now look at my right hand.
I’m holding the truth of the world, a delusion.

A deceptive mask and a ringing bell.
Gold falls from frozen hands raised high.
Don’t be careless. Be on your guard.
We’re heading to Hell.

“We are furious
and corrupted by something poisonous.
Our malice grows in force, and we scheme.
We’ve been fooled, and the air crackles with tension.”

Straight after pushing them aside, here comes the adversary.
The end is deadly.
Impose your will in the end, you top-class thugs!
No way, I surrender. Gandhara.


Now, yield!

We get ROUGH and become invisible.
Don’t act like Buddha then do such sleazy stuff.

Things get too exaggerated then become extra flavour.
You’re acting like you’re the only right ones, huh, brothers-in-arms?

We become MONKEYS and go BLANK.
We’re all small fry here! Let’s live in squalor.

We share our lot and form a circle. We become GURU.
We MOCK and are MOCKED. Bring it on!
Say hoo!

ah wanderer never ending

These are Hell’s connections.
Let’s join up and go to get our retribution.



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2 responses to “GURU”

  1. evz429 Avatar

    I think it’s easy to dismiss the “en bamin / burada rada” as just vocalizing, but… I can’t help but think “en bamin” sounds so close phonetically to “embalming”. I wonder if it was intentional?

    Translating music is always such a battle. You always do a great job, Releska! Thank you for this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thank you so much, that means a lot!

      And I definitely think the lyricist has chosen those words intentionally. I just wish there were more English sections in the song so I could have worked out the other lines – for now, I think your suggestion of ’embalming’ makes a lot of sense for ‘en bamin’


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