恒星を掲げた月曜日 || I Flew My Star on Monday

kousei o kakageta getsuyoubi
I Flew My Star on Monday

Vocals: あよ (Ayo)
Lyrics: ticat
Composed by: kaztora
Album: キラメキ居残り大戦争 【Official Site】
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho (森羅万象)
Event: M3-2018 Spring


Requested by: seaandhisramen

When talking about this song on Twitter, ticat had this to say:


“Because humans are weak, they cling to something, rely on something, envy something, blame something, and then give up. What was their true voice, which they seal away, crying? Would something change if they took another step? Still, if they fail… This song belongs to you, who know the conflict everyone bears inside.

I grip my pastels with all my might
and I cry at my broken crayons: “It’s someone’s fault!”
The colour pencils got shorter as they ran across the page.
Each time they pointed to the sky, I threw them away.

Though somebody was injured yesterday,
I didn’t call out in greeting.

So I, too, can say “I’ve grown!”
I conceal my true self, just a little.

And now I’ve become aware of the eyes of reality.
I thought my daily routine was so natural
but I can never get it back.
I flew my all-too-transparent star on Monday.
Tomorrow, and the day after—“Someday…”

My band-aids were supposed to hide my multiplying wounds.
I laughed and deceived others, saying “Nothing happened!”

The eyes of the masses? Of the spectators? Of some show-off?
That’s not it. Someone’s shouts
and those not-too-thick bandages
got used to my body before I knew it and sunk deeply in.
I wound up becoming aware of the tricks used by liars.
Like it was so ordinary, hands reached out: “Put this blindfold on…”
I was wounded too much. Any more, and—
I won’t hide it anymore. I flew my star on Monday. Ah…

The hands of the clock had reached 12. Even now, they’ve forgotten their purpose.
I think they’re broken. They just continued to dream.
That weeping was mine, in the distance.
Now, come alive! It depends on you, as you are now.
I’ll get stronger, as strong as the number of seconds that have passed by.
I hope I won’t be stopped by things like tears anymore.
In the end, I was the one who was scared. Ah…

In the end, I became aware of my real voice.
I don’t feel that it’s natural. Now, since then…
I tried my best and waved my legs in the air. I jump into the puddle. Still—
I had forgotten about my important crayons (feelings) all along
as well as my precious coloured pencils (memories), which I must have thrown away.
I won’t stop anymore.
There’s only a single one. It’s unshakable.
I flew my star on Monday.
Tomorrow, and the day after. Oh…

“Nice to meet you,” I guess.
Or, “So we meet again,” maybe.
I don’t know the answer
but it’s only a second into the future.

蜃気楼vivid || A Vivid Mirage

shinkirou vivid
A Vivid Mirage

Composed by:
Album: 自由と銃と十三の鎖 – Rebellion of the enchained birds (Freedom, the Gun, and the 13 Chains) 【Official Site】
Circle: Metomate
Event: M3-2018 Spring

Requested by: FEELART
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fukinukeru kaze o abi nagara
te o tsunaide sagashi ni ikou
mada shiranai sekai ga takusan aru kara

Let’s join hands and go searching
while basking in the wind.
After all, there are so many worlds we still know nothing about!


kagami ni utsutta mitai
irochigai no boushi o agete
kubetsu ga tsukanai nante
homenaide ne

You and I were like mirror images.
We were given different coloured hats,
Saying there’s no way to tell us apart…
Stop praising us!

そんな終わりない 物語が

itazura suru no mo hashagu no mo
itsuka nante shirazu hashitte yukeru
sonna owari nai monogatari ga
doko made mo

Making mischief, frolicking around…
We can run, not knowing when it will end.
This endless tale
will continue on.


hadasamui yokaze ni fure nagara
te o tsunaide asobi ni yukou
kowakutemo kurushikutemo futari dakara

Let’s join hands and go and play
while feeling the chilly night wind.
Even if it’s scary, even if it’s painful, we’ll be together!

私の目は あなたのなかに
この道をゆけば あなたの

sayonara nante nai kara
watashi no me wa anata no naka ni
kono michi o yukeba anata no
suki na hana ga…

We’ll never say goodbye
so my eyes will remain within you.
If I walk down this road,
Your favourite flowers will be there…

すべての明日と 肩寄せ合い

doko ni itta tte imeeji demo
itsuka nante shirazu ayunde yukeru
subete no ashita to katayose ai
itsu made mo

Even though I picture where you might have gone
I keep walking without knowing when I’ll see you again.
I stand together with all tomorrows

失くした言葉を 愛を 温もりを
引きずり 囁き 目を逸らし
歩いた跡に 爛れた
このまま この先も ずっと
どこまでも ずっと

nakushita kotoba o ai o nukumori o
hikizuri sasayaki me o sorashi
aruita ato ni tadareta
namida no ato wa kiesatte
nani mo kikoenai yo
watashi-tachi no sekai
kono mama kono saki mo zutto
doko made mo zutto
itsu made mo

I drag along the words, love, and warmth that I lost
and I ignore those whispers.
I lose myself in the traces of where I walked.
The traces of my tears vanish—
I can’t hear anything!
Our world will stay the same
after this, forever,
No matter where we go,