ann~庵~ || Hermitage


Vocals: Chata (茶太)
Lyrics: shuriken
Arranged by: NSY
Circle: N+
Album: spill over 【Official Site】
Event: C95
Original Theme: Septette for a Dead Princess [亡き王女の為のセプテット]

I just want to start by saying that this album is great and it heals me.

Now that I’ve got that over with, let’s discuss the song! Well, it might be a good idea to read the lyrics first and then come back to this. shuriken opened up a Twitter account, where they posted something about this song. My translation is below:

I originally wrote the lyrics with ‘graduation’ as the theme, but it eventually changed into an image of those who leave the nest and those who are left behind, and I ended up with these lyrics.

Trees and flames will welcome us, saying “It’s been a while…”

I guess each person has that sort of place…

shuriken, January 6 2019,

I think the trees and flames are a metaphor for death. It’s pretty dark, but once I started thinking that, it coloured the rest of my interpretation and the resulting translation. The soul may not necessarily be the speaker’s, but I followed the clues provided in the text and that’s where it led me.


tasogare-iro toki
hito wa omoi tsumete itai
fushigi ne muimi de kirai

When dusk falls,
People want to brood.
How mysterious. I hate it because it’s meaningless.


anata ga dekaketa
dakara watashi wa deaeta
shibaraku tachiki to niwabi

You left
and so, after a while,
I encountered trees and a bonfire.


ano ne futashika na jinsei de
meguru subete wa guuzen desu
kagiri nai negai dake de sekai no
soko ni pokkari ana ga aita

You know, in this uncertain life
everything circles around by chance.
Through limitless wishes alone,
A gaping hole opened at the bottom of the world.


dore dake mijime darou to yeah
dare ni warawareta tte ii janai ka
saraba itoshiki mono ni sou toumei no rei

No matter how miserable I may be—yeah!—
It’s fine if someone laughs at me, isn’t it?
In that case, my transparent soul accompanies the one I love.


dokoka ni kietai
soyogi tsukareta ha no you ni
giseitei ni keirei mo naku

I want to disappear somewhere
like a leaf, tired of rustling in the wind.
I do not even bow at the ship of sacrifices.


kore kara no yo o shite
takaga hyaku-nen kodoku de iru nara
itsu nara aeru

In the next world,
If I am to spend 100 years, at most, alone,
When will we see each other?


ishi o utsu ame mukae ni ikou ze
mataseta mama de ita yume-tachi no sumika e
isso doko e to susume

I’m gonna go and meet the rain that beats against the rocks!
I’ll head to the dwelling of dreams that were kept waiting.
I’d rather just head somewhere…


kono sakazuki o ukete kure douka
nami nami to tsuide kure
hate shinai doro darake no shikkoku ni
aoi ranja ko no mi wa natta

Please, accept my sake cup
and fill it to the brim!
In the endless, mud-caked darkness,
Unripe, Ranja-scented fruit grew. 


michinakaba sama da to itte
kimi wa nagai yoru o hatte iku no sa
saraba osanasugita hi yo oogesa ne

Saying you are only halfway there,
You will crawl through the long night.
Farewell, oh childish days! How grandiose you were.

(1) 蘭奢 (ranja) may be linked to 蘭奢待 (ranjatai), a type of wood famed for its fragrance. It has deep religious significance, as the three kanji contain the characters 東, 大, and 寺 (or, Todaiji, a temple). For more information, see this site.

len ~錬~ || Forge

len ~錬~

Vocals: Chata (茶太)
Lyrics: shuriken
Arranged by: NSY
Circle: N+
Event: C91
Original Theme: The Mysterious Shrine Maiden Flying Through Space [宇宙を飛ぶ不思議な巫女]


You’d expect this track to be filed under Sally, or even Touhou Jihen, but the disc itself makes it very clear that it’s by ‘N+’ (it even has a logo). Basically, it’s NSY ‘+’ other people. This time, it’s NSY + Chata and shuriken, continuing on with the kanji series seen in NSY’s former circle, Sally (see min, wan, etc.). I know it’s from an event-exclusive CD, but since NSY made up a new name and logo, I have a feeling that this isn’t the last we’ll see of N+…

As for the song itself, shuriken’s lyrics are as wonderful and vague as usual, filled with infinite possibilities. The kanji used in the title is often written as 練 (as in 練習). Here, ‘forge’ means taking something and turning it into something else.

“Inherit my will, take me along…”
I listen, again and again, at your memorial.

Assassins and dream eaters
Lay hidden along the road
And rain, like makeup,
Is scattered as far as the eye can see.

I lash out with my feelings,
My words a single, long sword.
Nothing is certain
And the bronze blade begins to hesitate.
It is a compass, leading me to my unconsciousness.

Don’t mock me!
My heart is choked with tears, wetting you, the wicked one.
I wonder what awaits me at my destination?
If I disobey, I will suffer.
O, little boy! So the world will not vanish,
Reflect upon it in poetry.
Spirits await in my patchwork destination…

Fallen to ruin, and burnt to the ground…
I guess this is farewell to the wizened trees.

When the heron, which went too far in, splendidly departs,
Where in the darkness will it head toward?
Perhaps it follows something like a shadow…

I am wet up to my shoulders in the darkness of the drainspout
But my late night’s labour has borne fruit.
Every night, the car wheels screech and creak.

Hey, let me see deep down to your core,
From your fingertips to the nape of your neck.
Spring only comes because you endure winter
And a halberd is used to mourn past deeds.
In the hellfire—the baku’s reward—
Gather up the particles of each day
And show me
An ideal world, drawn up by you…

If parting leaves you with fury, then weep.
I own a deranged deity.
As for secretly switched memories…
Adding to them is useless.
My sweat creeps down like ivy,
As if I feel disgust.
Are you sad? Of course you are
But it’s all over now.

One day, I’ll be here once more
And I’ll hear the melody you sang.
I close my eyes and see Shangri-La projected there.
My heart is at peace, yet I feel uneasy, as if I’ve watched a play.
Heaven does not smile upon me.
The water’s flow is still gentle.
Dreams flourish within humans…