Album art.

螺鈿 || Mother-of-Pearl

Album art.


Vocals: 小峠 舞 (Kotohge Mai)
Lyrics: W*M
Arranged by: W*M
Album: 夕詠 SEKIEI (Evening Poem)
Circle: C-CLAYS
Event: Kouroumu 5
Original theme: Akutagawa Ryuunosuke’s ‘Kappa’ ~ Candid Friend [芥川龍之介の河童 ~ Candid Friend]

Requested by: Quwanti

The lyrics are basically a series of couplets.
I felt like ending each one with an ellipsis…

Anyway, putting that aside, this song is made up of a series of self-contained ‘images’ that come together to form a whole. Nitori appears to be the star – it follows her everyday life, touching briefly on the Scarlet Mist incident, before recounting her experiences during the story of Mountain of Faith. With its lush accompaniment, you can almost see the images that are being painted…


光るおぼろ月 水面に映り歪む
勢いを増して 岩に飛沫飛び散る夜更け

見渡すと1つ 不意に届く知らせを
ゆっくり眺めては 視線遠くに飛ばしている


誰もが見惚れる紅霞 脳裏に残る

(聞こえてくる 川のせせらぎあれ)

いづれ訪れる この先を超える者
違う気配感じ 予期せぬことが起こる

ざわめき乱れる波 谷に消え

黒髪靡かせ昇り ふわり鮮やかに





hikaru oborozuki minamo ni utsuri yugamu
ikioi wo mashite iwa ni shibuki tobichiru yofuke

miwatasu to hitotsu fui ni todoku shirase wo
yukkuri nagamete wa shisen tooku ni tobashite iru

ashimoto tsukaru mizuiro
shidai ni kasa fue fukaku

yurayura kagayaku himitsu no yuuga na jikan
dare mo ga mitoreru kouka nouri ni nokoru

(kikoete kuru kawa no seseragi are)

izure otozureru kono saki wo koeru mono
chigau kehai kanji yokisenu koto ga okoru

zawameki midareru nami tani ni kie
nagare ga shizumare shi toki

sarasara tokimeku aka ni suikomare
kurokami nabikase nobori fuwari azayaka ni

kirakira kagayaki shitataru shizuku ga odori
ansan no you ni yuragu

hirahira ochiteku watashi shika shiranai hana
sasagete tsutaeru omoi

egao totomoni sashidasu te wo
tsunai de…


It is late at night, and the rising moon’s reflection is distorted on the water’s surface.
The water’s spray flies against the rocks, with growing force…

I gaze into the distance, and a message suddenly arrives.
I calmly stare at something flying far away in my field of vision…

My feet are submerged in the light-blue water,
Which slowly increases in volume and becomes deeper…

It was a slowly swaying, sparkling, secret, elegant time.
The scarlet mist that fascinated everyone remains in my mind…

(I can hear it – the babbling of that distant stream…)

They will eventually arrive – the ones who will cross beyond this point.
I can feel an unfamiliar presence; an unexpected incident shall occur…

The waves stir and lapse into chaos, as I disappear into the valley,
Until the flow quietens down again…

I breathe in that rustling, throbbing red mist.
The black-haired one wins me over and ascends, gently and vividly…

The dripping water, which sparkles brilliantly, dances.
It sways like fizzing bubbles…

They flutter and fall – those flowers that only I know.
I consecrate these memories and convey them…

I tie my hands to yours, presenting them
With a smile…






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