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リズム || Rhythm

Album art.


Vocals: 結良まり (Yura Mari)
Lyrics: interface
Composed by: bermei.inazawa
Album: berpop melodies & Remixies vol.2
Circle: studioCampanella
Released on: 24 April 2014

Requested by: Awoo

This was originally a transcription request. I had most of it down, but I was tearing my hair out over a few bits, so I decided to Google some of the lyrics I had so far. Through some miraculous accident, I stumbled across the creator’s notes, which naturally included the lyrics! The notes were actually quite helpful – if some parts seem off when compared to the original Japanese, it’s because I altered the translation to fit with the creator’s notes. The speaker is a young woman, and the song should have a feeling of weightlessness and joy (there’s also some beautiful language and imagery scattered throughout). Perhaps I’ll see if I can translate all of the creator’s notes one day…


風が髪をなでる 羽は時を待つ
いま 遠くまで空がみえる

まだ 前の音は消えない
先をゆく その高鳴りは胸にみちて ひろがりながら

涙はつたわり 流れるながれる
わずかに遅れて 言葉が追いかける
遠く消える声 ひかれあう影
長すぎることはなく 短すぎることもないリズム

かるく雲にふれて 羽は風に乗る
いま 新しい街がみえる

まだ 空の果てを知らない
いつまでも みたことのない向こう側に あこがれたまま

気持ちは焦がれて 求めるもとめる
確かに 大切なものがそこにある
ふいに気づく声 となりあう影
急かされることはなく 遮られることもないリズム

重なり交わり 離れるはなれる
月日が過ぎても かたちは変わらない
いまも残る声 わかりあう影
奪われることはなく 与えられることもないリズム


kaze ga kami wo naderu hane wa toki wo matsu
ima tooku made sora ga mieru

mada mae no oto wa kienai
saki wo yuku sono takanari wa mune ni michite hirogari nagara

namida wa tsutawari nagareru nagareru
watzuka ni okurete kotoba ga oikakeru
tooku kieru koe hikareau kage
nagasugiru koto wa naku mijikasugiru koto mo nai rizumu

karuku kumo ni furete hane wa kaze ni noru
ima atarashii machi ga mieru

mada sora no hate wo shiranai
itsu made mo mita koto no nai mukougawa ni akogareta mama

kimochi wa kogarete motomeru motomeru
tashika ni taisetsu na mono ga soko ni aru
fui ni kidzuku koe tonari au kage
sekasareru koto wa naku saegirareru koto mo nai rizumu

kasanari majiwari hanareru hanareru
tsuki hi ga sugitemo katachi wa kawaranai
ima mo nokoru koe wakariau kage
ubawareru koto wa naku ataerarenu koto mo nai rizumu


The wind brushes against my hair. My feathers wait for their chance…
Now, I can see the sky stretching into the distance.

The noise from before does not fade away, still.
I head forward, as that ringing fills my chest and spreads outwards.

My tears of joy circulate, and flow freely, flow freely.
My words, slightly delayed, follow after them.
That voice vanishes far away. The shadows are drawn together. (1)
It’s not too long, yet it isn’t too short, either – this rhythm…

I’m lightly touched by the clouds. My feathers ride the wind.
Now, a new town has come into view…

I do not yet know the limits of the sky.
I’ve yearned for that other side, which I haven’t seen, for eternity…

My feelings yearn for it, and I seek it, seek it.
I’m sure that something important is there.
I’m suddenly aware of a voice. Those shadows sit side by side.
It’s not hurried along, yet it isn’t interrupted, either – this rhythm…

They overlap, they intersect, and they separate, they separate.
Though the years may pass, the form of what I search for is unchanging.
That voice remains, even now. Those shadows understand each other.
It isn’t stolen, yet it isn’t granted, either – this rhythm…

Translator’s note

(1) The shadows are in fact the ‘selves’ of the speaker.






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