Album art.

Always and Forever

Album art.

Always and Forever

Vocals: WeatherH, yapan
Lyrics: yapan
Arranged by: yapan
Album: Over The Mythologia
Event: C85
Original theme: Eastern Mystical Dream ~ Ancient Temple [東方妖々夢~ Ancient Temple]

Requested by: Eiki Shiki

The final track of the album. Unlike the others, its a sort of slow, ballad-ish arrangement. Like in ‘The Fallen Never Fall,’ some more ambiguous sentence structures are used. This makes me think that the perspective has definitely shifted – perhaps it’s shifted to the girl who our ‘freedom fighter’ was fighting for earlier in the album?


ただぶつけた それだけでも愛おしい日々よ

盲目の過去も 抗い続けた痛みも


手と手取りあい 踏みしめてきたその階段の


二人乗り越えた旅路に “ありがとう”

二人歩んだ 永久の証を
いつもいつまでも 胸に刻んで


ima mo hitomi no oku ni wa iroazayaka ni utsuru
itsuwari nado nai kanjou dake wo
tada butsuketa sore dake demo itooshii hibi yo
riyuu mo konkyo mo samatsu na koto de

moumoku no kako mo aragai tsudzuketa itami mo
tomo ni kakaete nobotte kita kaidan

tsunagu sono te wo hanasu toki ga kuru sono mae ni
futari norikoeru tsumikasaneta kioku
ikusen ikuyo no omoide ga oshiete kureta
nukumori dake wa wasure wa shinai kara

te to te toriai fumi shimete kita sono kaidan no
shuuchakuten wa aitagau basho de

nokosareta omoi kotaeru koto dekiru nara
towa no wakare de sae mo ashita wo misete

tsunagu sono te wo hanasu toki ga kita sono kiwa ni
futari norikoeta tabiji ni “arigatou”
kotoba ni narazu koboreru shizuku wo furiharai
douka saigo mo egao no mama de ite

futari ayunda towa no akashi wo
itsumo itsu made mo mune ni kizande


Now, too, an emotion that isn’t fake
Is the only thing that is vividly reflected inside my eyes.
Still, I expressed it. Just that made those days precious.
Reasons and foundations are trifling things…

A past of blindness, and the pain of continuing to resist…
I held them together and climbed up that staircase.

Before the time came for us to separate our bound hands,
You taught me the memories of a thousand nights,
And the accumulated recollections of us surpassing obstacles.
Your warmth alone is the thing I will not forget, so…

Our hands come together. The final destination of that staircase, hardened by our footsteps,
Is a different place altogether…

If you can reply to those thoughts that have been left behind,
Even if our separation is eternal, show me tomorrow…

When the time comes for us to separate our bound hands,
To the journey we overcame, I shall say “thank you.”
Without forming those words, I will shake off my overflowing tears.
Somehow, I want to smile during these final moments, too…

I shall carve that eternal proof of the road we walked
Into my chest. Always, forever…






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