Beginner’s Dive

Vocals: Cherose
Lyrics: 真崎エリカ (Erica Masaki)
Arranged by: Poplica*
Album: 東方幻奏響UROBOROS ~fANTASIAsPIRALoVERdRIVE~ (UROBOROS 1) [Official site]
Circle: Poplica*
Published by: Toranoana
Event: C85
Original Theme: The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky [天空の花の都]

愛獣、故 || A Beloved Beast, Therefore

愛獣、故 aijuu, yue A Beloved Beast, Therefore Vocals: Tama (たま), AO Lyrics: AO Arranged by: Coro Album: Dreamer×Dreamer 【Official Site】 Circle: TAMAONSEN (魂音泉) Event: C85 Original Theme: Heian Alien [平安のエイリアン] Requested by: Petalite Yuu This track feels like it alternates between the ‘beloved beast’ and their master (presumably Nue). It also makes broader statements regarding human nature,… Continue reading 愛獣、故 || A Beloved Beast, Therefore

傷痕 || Scar

傷痕 kizuato Scar Vocals: senya Lyrics: Kamasetora (かませ虎) Arranged by: Autobahn Album: Hiding You in the Evening Cherry Trees (夜桜に君を隠して) 【Official Site】 Circle: Yuuhei Satellite (幽閉サテライト) Event: C85 Original Themes: Paradise ~ Deep Mountain [無何有の郷 ~ Deep Mountain] Requested by: Hitomi Yushiko Scars come in many different forms. This person’s scar seems to serve as a reminder of something,… Continue reading 傷痕 || Scar

寒椿 || Kantsubaki

寒椿 ~ Kantsubaki Kantsubaki Vocals: Mei Ayakura (綾倉盟) Lyrics: Jinnosuke Okibayashi (沖林仁之介) Arranged by: Jinnosuke Okibayashi (沖林仁之介) Album: Reproduction 【Official Site】 Circle: ESQUARIA Event: C85 Original Theme: Mist Lake [ミストレイク] Requested by: Stella Mira A Kantsubaki is apparently a Camellia-like plant native to China. life… おやすみなさい たゆたうままに 夢 こぼれる  旋律 綴って そっと教えて life… oyasuminasai tayutau mama ni yume koboreru melody tsuzutte sotto oshiete… Continue reading 寒椿 || Kantsubaki

夜桜ファンタジー || A Fantasy of Night Cherry Blossoms

夜桜ファンタジー yozakura fantajii A Fantasy of Night Cherry Blossoms Vocals: Yuki Fujimiya  (藤宮ゆき) and Ucchii (うっちー) Lyrics: Yoshiha (芳葉) Arranged by: Yoshiha (芳葉) Album: Trade for Heartiness (東方悠心響 ~Trade for Heartiness~) 【Official Site】 Circle: R-note (あ~るの~と) Event: C85 Original Theme: Night Sakura of Dead Spirits Voyage [死霊の夜桜] Requested by: yen This song feels like it’s being told from… Continue reading 夜桜ファンタジー || A Fantasy of Night Cherry Blossoms

零次元エクスプレス || Zero Dimension Express

零次元エクスプレス rei jigen ekusupuresu Zero Dimension Express Vocals: Nana Takahashi Lyrics: Nana Takahashi Arranged by: MasKaleido x GUCCI Album: HIME (秘) 【Official Site】 Published by: SOUND HOLIC Event: C85 Original Theme: Magical Girl Crusade [魔法少女十字軍] Requested by: Kitty I thought these lyrics were going to be bright and peppy… but they’re actually quite heartbreaking. I thought quite hard about whether… Continue reading 零次元エクスプレス || Zero Dimension Express