Album art.

陽差しはつかの間 || Sunshine is Brief

Album art.

hizashi wa tsuka no ma
Sunshine is Brief

Vocals: si_ku
Lyrics: Kikuo and si_ku
Composed by: Kikuo
Album: いきものの魂のゆくえ (Whereabouts of the Living Being’s Soul) [Official Site]
Circle: Kikuo sound works feat. si_ku
Event: C85

Requested by: SugarLamp
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ふらふら ふらふら 逃げこんでくる

ゆらゆら ゆらゆら 崩れる前に
もたれて過ごそう どこでもいいから

忘れさろう 今宵一夜だけ
つかの間 刹那の雨宿りでも

忘れさろう ほんの少しだけ
麗らかに寄り添う 虚ろな静寂で


itsumo no ame ga toori sugite yuku
atataka na hizashi ga sashi konde kuru

fura fura fura fura nige konde kuru
kokoro no uneri ni nomi komaresou de

yura yura yura yura kuzureru mae ni
motarete sugosou doko demo ii kara

wasuresarou koyoi ichiya dake
tsuka no ma setzuna no ameyadori demo
sore wa fuwari tomoru tsukiakari
oboro ni kagayaku utakata no yume

wasuresarou hon no sukoshi dake
uraraka ni yorisou utsuro na shijima de
sore demo mata me o samasu tame
mahiru no yumemi wa utsushiyo no yojou


The usual rain passes through
and the warm sunshine shines in.

With no goal in mind, they escape towards me.
It’s like I’m being engulfed by my heart’s undulations.

We sway from side to side, before it all crumbles away.
Let’s lean against each other. Anywhere’s fine.

Let’s forget about everything for just tonight.
Even if it’s only a momentary shelter from the rain,
It’s moonlight, gently burning—
An ephemeral dream glittering in the haze.

Let’s forget about everything for just a little while.
We’ll gloriously cuddle close in the empty silence.
Still, because I’ll open my eyes once more
my daydream bears an impression of the real world.


One response to “陽差しはつかの間 || Sunshine is Brief”

  1. SugarLamp Avatar

    Thank you! It’s really beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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