Yellow Carpet

Yellow Carpet Vocals: 山村響 (Hibiku Yamamura) Lyrics: Composed by: Album: BLUE Group: Trident Release Date: February 17, 2016 Requested by: Wandering Lily 見渡せばほら こんなに遠く長い道のりを 歩いてきたんだね miwataseba hora konna ni tooku nagai michinori o aruite kita nda ne When I take a look, I’ve walked such a long way to get here. 咲き誇る花 澄み渡る空 少しずつ変わってく景色が 嬉しくてはしゃいで歩いた sakihokoru… Continue reading Yellow Carpet


Purgatorium Vocals: 小鳥遊めぐみ (Megumi Takanashi), 西風S (NishikazeS) Lyrics: Composed by: お月さま交響曲 (Moon Symphony) Source: Arcaea 【Official Site】 Release Date: September 17, 2018 Requested by: Đặng Võ Minh Anh ひとつ  消えた灯を集めて 葬列は遙か彼方へ伸びる ふたつ  巡る罪の数かぞえて 赦し乞い祈り捧げた hitotsu kieta tomoshibi o atsumete souretsu wa haruka kanata e nobiru futatsu meguru tsumi no kazu kazoete yurushi koi inori sasageta One.… Continue reading Purgatorium

La Primavera

La Primavera Vocals: TOPHAMHAT-KYO (トップハムハット狂), REMAH Lyrics: TOPHAMHAT-KYO (トップハムハット狂) Composed by: DYES IWASAKI Album: FAKE BOOK 【Official Site】 Group: FAKE TYPE. Release Date: December 9 2015 Requested by: hs08 Watch the official video on Youtube here! The video is so cute! I love it! Also, I didn’t realise that TOPHAMHAT-KYO is actually AO from TAMAONSEN. I’m… Continue reading La Primavera

陽差しはつかの間 || Sunshine is Brief

陽差しはつかの間 hizashi wa tsuka no ma Sunshine is Brief Vocals: si_ku Lyrics: Kikuo and si_ku Composed by: Kikuo Album: Whereabouts of the Living Being’s Soul (いきものの魂のゆくえ) 【Official Site】 Circle: Kikuo sound works feat. si_ku Event: C85 Requested by: SugarLamp Buy the album on Bandcamp! いつもの雨が通りすぎてゆく あたたかな陽射しが差し込んでくる itsumo no ame ga toori sugite yuku atataka na hizashi ga sashi… Continue reading 陽差しはつかの間 || Sunshine is Brief

グッッッバイ || Goooooodbye

グッッッバイ gubbbbai Goooooodbye Vocals: 雨天決行 (Utenkekkou), AO, ill.bell Lyrics: Composed by: Album: RBB THE SECOND COOL Group: RainyBlueBell Release Date: July 15, 2012 Requested by: Kaleival In the end, life is just a series of meetings and farewells. But it’s the people we meet along the way that make life so special! Technically, the stress in the title… Continue reading グッッッバイ || Goooooodbye

そんなに私を期待させないで || Don’t Make Me Expect So Much

そんなに私を期待させないで sonna ni watashi o kitai sasenaide Don’t Make Me Expect So Much Vocals: 上村叶恵 (Uemura Kanae) Lyrics: [Uncredited] Composed by: [Uncredited] Origin: VOEZ 【Official Site】 Release Date: April 24, 2012 Requested by: Đặng Võ Minh Anh The full version of this song, appearing in Uemura’s album ‘ラリルレロケット‘, is much longer. This is a translation of… Continue reading そんなに私を期待させないで || Don’t Make Me Expect So Much

Ray of Bullet

Ray of Bullet Vocals: [Various] Lyrics: 園田 智也 (Tomoya Sonoda) Composed by: 園田 智也 (Tomoya Sonoda) Series: Unlimited Fafnir (銃皇無尽のファフニール) Release Date: January 28, 2015 Requested by: refiero I put [Various] under vocals since it looks like a lot of different characters from the anime have sung this at some point in time… 信じることはとても難しいこと 君が笑えば胸が痛み出すのは何故でしょう? shinjiru… Continue reading Ray of Bullet