Album art.

おまもり大樹 || Protective Tree

Album art.

omamori daiju
Protective Tree

Vocals: si_ku
Lyrics: Kikuo and si_ku
Composed by: Kikuo
Album: いきものの魂のゆくえ (Whereabouts of the Living Being’s Soul) [Official site]
Circle: Kikuo sound works feat. si_ku
Event: C85

Requested by: SugarLamp


水の大樹 根を張って見守るの

Please Please 木の実 ジューシーな
Please Please 陽の目 うらら
Blue Blue 若葉つけて
Blue Blue 大樹に咲いた

陽の光 月明り
浴びて大樹 空の上


Please Please 甘い 蜜を
Please Please 香る おはな
Blue Blue 張ってく 木の根
Blue Blue 大樹に 集え

Please Please 集まれあおむし
Please Please 食べて若葉
Gray Gray 枯れてく大樹
Gray Gray それでも食べて

ちょうちょ ちょうちょ ちょうちょが咲いた
Gray Gray 大樹 大樹に咲いた


ame ga furu sora no ue
mizu no daiju ne o hatte mimamoru no
inochi no tane otoshite

Please Please ki no mi juushii na
Please Please hi no me urara
Blue Blue wakaba tsukete
Blue Blue daiju ni saita

hi no hikari tsukiakari
abite daiju sora no ue

noboru tamashii o subete nomikonde tane o chirasu

Please Please amai mitsu o
Please Please kaoru ohana
Blue Blue hatteku ki no ne
Blue Blue daiju ni tsudoe

Please Please atsumare ao mushi
Please Please tabete wakaba
Gray Gray kareteku daiju
Gray Gray sore demo tabete

choucho choucho choucho ga saita
Gray Gray daiju daiju ni saita
sore wa sore wa azayaka na hana
isshun waratte daiju wa kieta


Above a rainy sky
a grand tree of water spreads its roots and stands guard.
It lets the seeds of life fall.

Please, please. The tree’s fruit is juicy.
Please, please. The eye of the sun is bright.
Blue, blue. New leaves grow.
Blue, blue. They grow on the grand tree.

Sunlight. Moonlight.
The grand tree bathes in them above the sky.

It swallows up all the ascending souls and spreads seeds.

Please, please. Drink its sweet nectar.
Please, please. Smell the flowers.
Blue, blue. The roots spread.
Blue, blue. They gather at the grand tree.

Please, please. Gather, cabbageworms!
Please, please. Eat the new leaves.
Gray, gray. The grand tree withers.
Gray, gray. Even so, eat!

The butterflies, butterflies, butterflies bloomed
They bloomed upon the gray, gray, grand tree.
They were vivid, vivid flowers.
The grand tree laughed for a moment and disappeared.


3 responses to “おまもり大樹 || Protective Tree”

  1. SugarLamp Avatar

    Hey, thank you so much! I never thought I would see this translated. I do think a bit is missing at the end of
    Please Please 甘い 蜜を
    Please Please 香る おはな
    Blue Blue 張ってく 木の根
    Blue Blue 大樹に 集え

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      Thanks for letting me know (^_^) It’s all fixed now!


      1. SugarLamp Avatar

        Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

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