Album art.

pride and joy

Album art.

pride and joy

Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Arranged by: GCHM
Lyrics: Jell
Album: 虹色パレット (Rainbow Palette)
Circle: Color&Color
Event: Kouroumu 8
Original theme: The Tiger-Patterned Bishamonten [虎柄の毘沙門天]

Requested by: Eiki

I… still don’t really know what this song’s trying to say. It seems like a collection of different scenes, broken up by the speaker complaining about themselves and others. I tried to make it as natural as I could, but I’m still not entirely convinced…


ガラじゃない ばっかりじゃない
なんか そんなんじゃなくて

別に 偉くもなくて
特に 凄くもなくて
たまに 卑屈に泣いたり

お約束 予定調和に溺れる

少しくらい 酔いの瀬 流されて

いいんじゃない? 本気じゃない
容赦ない 悪意に飛び込んで
もうプライドなんか どうだって
いいんじゃない? ゴメンじゃない!
しょうがない の一言で全部
OKにしちゃいなよ そのほうが
どうせ 呆れるほど気持ちいいよ 絶対

言葉 不器用だけど
嘘も 下手糞だけど

どこにあるの秘密の Radiant treasure

何回目の自己主張 その台詞は
肩を落とし損ね 震える 握り拳に誓いな

昔 上手に描いた張子の虎は
吼える 黄金映しの野性を許した
打算喰らい尽くして もっと輪になるのさ 皆で
Dance“MAXX”show すっ転んでも ブッ飛んでも

いいんじゃない? 冗談じゃない
遠慮ない 強気な顔しても
まーだけど偶には そんなのも
いいんじゃない? 当然じゃない?
しょうもない 笑い話にしよう
恥は掻き捨て そのほうが
どうせ 愛されてるってば 実感できるから
Are you ready?


gara ja nai bakkari ja nai
nanka sonnan ja nakute
chotto shita wagamama

betsu ni eraku mo nakute
toku ni sugoku mo nakute
tama ni hikutsu ni naitari
tsukarete nemuttari

jiko kisei ki tori no Complex
o-yakusoku yotei chouwa ni oboreru

junpun manpan
sukoshi kurai yoi no se nagasarete

iin ja nai? honki ja nai
yousha nai akui ni tobikonde
abareru no mo nounai made
mou puraido nanka dou datte
iin ja nai? gomen ja nai!
shouganai no hitokoto de zenbu
OK ni shichaina yo sono hou ga
douse akireru hodo kimochi ii yo zettai

kotoba bukiyou dakedo
uso mo hetakuso dakedo
kakkou tsukanai mama ni wa
zange mo arya shinai

doko ni aru no himitsu no Radiant treasure
dare mo mitsuketekite wa kurenai ne

ifuu doudou
nankaime no jikoshuchou sono serifu wa
kata wo otoshi sokone furueru nigari kobushi ni chikai na

mukashi jouzu ni kaita hariko no tora wa
hoeru kogane utsushi no yasei wo yurushita
dasan kurai tsukushite motto wa ni naru no sa minna de
Dance“MAXX”show sukkorondemo buttondemo

iin ja nai? joudan ja nai
enryo nai tsuyoki na kao shitemo
shitta kaburi ga seki no yama
maada kedo tama ni wa sonna no mo
iin ja nai? touzen ja nai?
shou mo nai warai banashi ni shiyou
haji wa kakisute sono hou ga
douse aisareteru tteba jikkan dekiru kara
Are you ready?


It doesn’t suit me! I don’t do that all the time!
It’s… it’s not like that!
I’m just a little selfish.

I’m not particularly remarkable,
And I’m not especially amazing.
Sometimes, I cry menially,
Get tired, and go to sleep.

A complex of pretending at self-sacrifice.
I drown in that promised pre-established harmony.

Smooth sailing.
I’m washed away by the currents of intoxication, just a bit.

It’s all good, right? You’re not serious!
It’s inexcusable – I dive into ill will.
Violence reaches inside my mind.
My pride’s not worth worrying about anymore…
It’s all good, right? You’re not sorry!
You can’t just make everything okay
By just saying “it can’t be helped”!
Anyway, that would make you feel so good you’d be shocked. For sure!

Though I’m awkward with words,
And my lies are hopeless,
When I don’t put on appearances,
Repentance doesn’t even exist.

I wonder where that secret, radiant treasure is?
Nobody will come to find it for me, will they…?

Being majestic…
Those words are my self-assertion. Who knows how many times I said them?
I don’t drop my shoulders: I tremble, and make a vow on my clenched fist.

The paper-mache tiger I made so skilfully in the past
Howls, releasing a wildness that reflects gold.
If it eats up selfishness to exhaustion, everyone will join together as even more of a ring, you know.
This Dance “MAXX” show will continue, even if we all fall down, or leap away..

It’s all good, right? It’s no joke!
Even if I don’t hold back and look confident,
Pretending to know is the most I can do.
Still, doing stuff like that once in a while…
It’s all good, right? It’s natural, right?
I’ll tell you a stupid, funny story –
It’s better to lose your inhibitions!
Anyway, if I can be loved by you, I’ll be able to really feel it,
So are you ready?






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