Album art.

星さえ掴むこの瞳で || With Our Eyes, Which Could Even Grasp the Stars

Album art.

hoshi sae tsukamu kono hitomi de
With Our Eyes, Which Could Even Grasp the Stars

Vocals: yukina
Lyrics: ななつめ (nanatsume)
Arranged by: tomoya
Album: 星さえ掴むこの瞳で (With Our Eyes, Which Could Even Grasp the Stars)
Event: Reitaisai 10 [RTS10]
Original Themes: Crimson in the Black Sea ~Legendary Fish [黒い海に紅く ~ Legendary Fish]
Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure [アンノウンX ~ Unfound Adventure]

Requested by: SeijaK14

More Renko x Merry adventures from TUMENECO… even though the two themes arranged have nothing to do with them. Not that that’s a bad thing or anything!


“kono machi no fushigi sagashimasen ka?”
madogiwa de sabishige na shoujo ni koe wo kaketa
kikkake wa kimagure asobigokoro
dakedo mou kimi nashi no sekai ni wa modorenai

hajime no kotoba wa itsumo onaji
“nee, konya wa doko made yukou?”

hoshi sae tsukamu kono hitomi de
tojirareta sekai no himitsu wo abaite
saa futari de yume wo miyou
shizuka ni monogatari ga ugokidasu

kyou mo mata machiawase girigiri da
kimi wa mata okoru ka na? umaku iiwake shi nakya
itsukara ka sore ga atarimae datta
owaru koto nante mada kangaete sae inakute

futari de tobira wo hiraku tame ni
nagareboshi ni inotta nda

hoshi sae tsukamu kono hitomi de
sekai ni kakusareta tobira wo hirakeba
kimi wa yume no mukougawa
itsushika boku wa hitorikiri datta

kizuita toki mou ososugita nda
tada soko ni tachitsukusu shikanakute
kyou mo kinou mo kono saki wo sagashite
gamushara ni kakemeguru
sore dake shika dekinakute

soshite boku wa futatabi deau
katsute oimotometa fushigi na sekai to
saa tobira no mukou made
kondo wa nidoto modorenai kedo

boku dake no kono hitomi de
futari wo hikisaita sekai wo tsunaide
kono yume no tsuzuki wo miyou
ima demo monogatari wa tsuzuite iru

mugen ni tsuzuku yoru wo koete
messeeji todoku made kurikaeshi
kyou mo kinou mo soshite asu sae mo
hoshizora ni negau nara itsuka mata
aeru ka na…


“Won’t you search for this town’s mysteries with me?”
I called out to a lonely girl sitting by her window…
It was out of a whim – I wanted to have a good time with someone.
But now, I can no longer return to a world without you…

My first words are always the same:
“Hey, where shall we go tonight?”

With our eyes, that could even grasp the stars
We shall expose the secrets of that sealed-away world.
Come – let’s dream together!
Our story comes alive, quietly…

Today, as well, I make it to our meeting just on time.
I wonder if you’ll get mad again. I’d better give a good excuse…
This has been the norm since who knows when.
I still haven’t even thought about it coming to an end.

I wished upon a shooting star
So the two of us could open that door…

With our eyes, which could even grasp the stars
We opened up a door hidden in the world.
When we did that, you went to the other side of dreams
And before I knew it, I was alone.

I was too slow to realise it.
Still, I won’t just stand here and do nothing:
Today, yesterday… I will search beyond here.
I’ll run about recklessly
Because that’s all I can do.

And when we meet again
We’ll go to that mysterious world we pursued before…
Come! We’ll go beyond that door
Though this time, we won’t ever come back.

With just my eyes
I will connect the worlds that tore us apart.
Let’s see how this dream continues!
Even now, our story continues.

I will keep repeating this message
Which crosses over the infinite night, until it reaches you.
Today, yesterday, and tomorrow as well…
If I wish upon the starry sky,
I wonder if we’ll meet again someday…


One response to “星さえ掴むこの瞳で || With Our Eyes, Which Could Even Grasp the Stars”

  1. Entrophy Avatar

    Hi, Releska-san! Can i ask you for translating BUTAOTOME – Shi? I know about existing translation of this song, but I want your version. Please T_T And thank you very much in advance.

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