Album art.

太陽の下 || Beneath the Sun

Album art.

taiyou no shita
Beneath the Sun

Vocals: ななせ (Nanase)
Lyrics: ななせ (Nanase), じゃねっと (Janet)
Arranged by: ななせ (Nanase), じゃねっと (Janet)
Album: 太陽の下。 (Beneath the Sun.)
Circle: かぜはふり。 (Kaze wa Furi.)
Event: Reitaisai 7 [RTS7]
Original theme: Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land [今昔幻想郷 ~Flower Land]

Requested by: Maki
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Strangely enough, I could only find information about this album on the circle’s blog. It doesn’t have an official website or anything. Based on what I read there, though, it seems like this album was originally only meant to have 1 track – ‘こころ りーど,’ but then Nanase said he wanted to sing something, too, so this track came about. They also took 50 copies of the CD to Reitaisai 7.

Anyway, it seems like this circle ‘jumped ship,’ so to speak, and now they’re mainly uploading Kancolle arrangements to NicoNico. That was a bad pun. I apologise…



ねぇ だけど傍にいてもいいかな




ねぇ だから傍にいてもいいかな



太陽みたいに微笑む君が傍で笑ってくれるから ねぇ


taiyou mitai ni hohoemu kimi no
sono hikari wo abitakute
isshoukenmei senobi suru kedo
sono sugata ga mienai mabushikute

nee dakedo soba ni itemo ii kana
kono natsu ni saita himawari mitai ni

sotto chikadzuita kimi no rinkaku ga
waratteru you na ki ga shita kara
kidzuita nda hoshikatta mono
manazashi ja nakute nukumori

mada sukoshi mabushikute
me wo hisomesou ni naru kedo
onaji sora no shita bokura wa koko ni iru

nagareru you ni kuchizusamu kimi no
sono merodii ga suki dakara
zutto tonari de mimi wo sumasete
kiiteta kara mou sora de utaeru yo

nee dakara soba ni itemo ii kana
kono natsu ni saita himawari mitai ni

sotto karamaseta kimi no yubisaki ga
furueru koto nante nai you ni
hanasanai yo nante ienai yo
sore demo koko ni iru kara

kimi no oto ni boku no uta wo kasaneru kara
heta da ne tte hohoende kureru kana?

taiyou mitai ni hohoemu kimi ga soba de waratte kureru kara nee
hon no sukoshi dake kimi ni yorisotte madorondemo ii kana?


Wanting to bathe in the light
Let off by you, with a smile like the sun,
I stretched myself out with all my might.
But your figure was so bright I couldn’t see it.

Hey, I wonder if it’s okay for me to be by your side
Like the sunflowers that bloomed this summer.

Your silhouette gently drew closer.
It felt as if you were smiling.
I realised it – the thing that I wanted
Was your warmth, not your gaze.

You become just a little brighter,
And though I begin to squint my eyes,
We are here beneath the same sky.

I love the melody that you sing,
Which flows from your mouth,
So let me listen carefully by your side, always.
I heard it, and I can already sing it from memory!

Hey, I wonder if it’s okay for me to be by your side
Like the sunflowers that bloomed this summer.

I can’t say things like “I won’t let go!”
To stop your fingers, softly twined around mine,
From trembling.
Still, I’m right here.

Because I’m singing my song over yours,
I wonder if you’ll smile at me and tell me it’s bad?

Because you, with a smile like the sun, are smiling by my side,
I wonder if it’s okay for me to get just a little closer to you and doze off…?






One response to “太陽の下 || Beneath the Sun”

  1. Maki Avatar

    thank you for translating this!!! i’ve been looking for a translation of this song for a long, long time and i’m so happy-

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