Album art.

錯乱 || Going Mad

Album art.

Going Mad

Vocals: 藤江香織 (Fujie Kaori)
Album: cogency
Group: COgeNdshE
Release date: 23 May 2012

Requested by: Kyuui007
Buy a digital copy of the album on Bandcamp!

I must admit, one of things I love the most about translating requests is discovering different bands in the process. I’d never heard of this group before, but I’m in love with this song! And, for a change, this album is available to buy on Bandcamp. So if you’re interested in supporting this group, please click on the link next to the album name – the digital copy is only $8 US.

The lyrics were a challenge to try and understand. They seem to evoke a feeling of isolation and desolation. It’s as if it charts a journey across an abandoned wasteland…




割いた浮浪は後を濁して 今に残って刺さる枝の先

ねえ裂いていて 止まないで

不快に途切れ行く 視界刻むは傍観の君
蔑む視線は今も 釣られて君は揺れ

The punk guy


kuusou ni kodou wo uchigawa ni hisonde
kuukyo ni ukanda zangai na iroiro
doku doku to namiutsu shin’on ga tegakari
sakuran shi kidzuita henshitsu ni obiete iru

tokedashita nda
umaku utsusenai mama uchigawa ga
fuon na oto wo tatete kabe wo tsukutte satte wa izu
nokoru kanou no hi wa dare ni?
fukan ni tozasu ma wa inai no

saita furou wa ato wo nigoshite ima ni nokotte sasaru eda no saki

nee saite ite yamanaide
kono mama kitte asu ni saite

jarimichi fuminarashite susumu wa tsugi no muzou
fukai ni togire yuku shikai kizamu wa boukan no kimi
sagesumu shisen wa ima mo tsurarete kimi wa yure
sakarai yubi narashite utau no wa sono magiwa

ikou to saki wo miru fumou
The punk guy


In a daydream, my heartbeats hid themselves inside me,
And various wreckage floated in the emptiness.
My heartbeats, gushing forth, were clues –
I became aware that I was going mad. I was afraid of losing myself.

My insides dissolved away,
Unable to project well.
I made a threatening noise. I created walls and hid behind them, without shooting.
Whose festering wrongs remain?
They’re not inside this incompetently sealed place.

The cut-up vagabond leaves tracks behind. The tip of the branch stabbed into him remains, even now.

Hey, tear me up. Don’t stop!
Like this, cut me. Later, I will bloom.

The next mob stomps down the gravel road.
We progress unpleasantly, intermittently. You, looking on, are carved into my field of vision.
Even now, I am lured by your scorning gaze. You sway.
Just before, I disobeyed you. I snapped my fingers and sang.

We travel on, and see the end of this wasteland.
The punk guy.






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