Album: SOL A TEЯA S vol.2 -solstice-
Performed by: SOL
Released in: 2013

Requested by: Alv
Watch the official video on YouTube!

I couldn’t find much information on this circle. Mainly because I can’t access their website, or it’s been shut down. Based on a Facebook post, though, KOZI_LAW (the guitarist) retired from the group on the 25th of March, 2013.

I transcribed these lyrics from the official video, so the official lyrics might be organised a bit differently. Some stanzas are repeated in the video, and some are repeated in the video without lyrics. The version here is the ‘base’ version, without most of those repetitions.


綺麗な瞳の中に 違いは一つもない
君が好きだった花を 添えて

あの頃に見つけた くだらない答えは
君と生きる日々を 憧れてた

抜け出した過去の闇を 消しさるような
求めてる強さを 僕に下さい
存在した意味がないと 悲しいでしょ?

いっそこの肩の 重荷を取り払って
道を外れてもいい 君を忘れないでいるよ

あの頃に見つけた くだらない重りで
些細な幸せを 無くしていた

壊れてる重力 感じながら
壊れている頭で 考えようもない
日々はただ無重力 景色は闇


kirei na hitomi no naka ni chigai wa hitotsu mo nai
kimi ga suki datta hana wo soete
wasurenaide iru yo

ano koro ni mitsuketa kudaranai kotae wa
kimi to ikiru hibi wo akogareteta

nukedashita kako no yami wo keshisaru you na
motometeru tsuyosa wo boku ni kudasai
sonzai shita imi ga nai to kanashii desho?

isso kono kata no omoni wo toriharatte
michi wo hazuretemo ii kimi wo wasurenaide iru yo

ano koro ni mitsuketa kudaranai omori de
sasai na shiawase wo nakushite ita

kowareteru juuryoku kanji nagara
kowarete iru atama de kangaeyou mo nai
hibi wa tada mujuuryoku keshiki wa yami


There isn’t a single flaw in your beautiful eyes.
I lay down the flowers you loved so much.
I haven’t forgotten you.

At that time, I found a worthless answer.
That answer was to long for the days I spent with you.

Please, give me the strength I need to make the darkness of the past,
Which I ran away from, disappear.
It’s sad if there’s no meaning in having lived, isn’t it?

I’d rather clear away the heavy burden resting upon these shoulders.
Even if I lose my way, it’s fine. I haven’t forgotten you.

Through the worthless burden I found at that time,
I lost my trivial happiness.

Whilst experiencing broken gravity,
No thoughts come to my broken mind.
My days are weightless, and my surroundings are dark.






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