Album art.

泡沫ノユメ || A Transient Dream

Album art.

houmatsu no yume
A Transient Dream

Vocals: もな (Mona)
Lyrics: 田中じゅんじろー (Tanaka Junjiro)
Arranged by: 田中じゅんじろー (Tanaka Junjiro)
Album: モジャンガール☆宣誓ション!! (Modern Girl☆Sensation!!) [Official site]
Circle: モジャン棒 (Moja stick)
Event: Reitaisai 12 [RTS12]
Original themes: Maiden’s Capriccio ~ Dream Battle [少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle]
Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path [春色小径 ~ Colorful Path]

Requested by: Alv

That’s… actually a really clever album title! When you read it out loud, it sounds like ‘Modern Girl Sensation,’ but the words themselves have no meaning by themselves. The first part is a play on the circle’s name, and the second part is basically gibberish.


灰色の街 一人一人と落ちて
行方不明 忘れられていく
すれ違った あの子も夜を越せず


生きていく それだけで壊れるさ



闇の向こう 光の下
少女は今 大人になって

“この手元に 命がある”
ただそれだけ ただそれだけで

そうやって 削られていく
そうやって 殺されていく
そうやって 壊されていく
そうやって 生きてきたのさ


hai’iro no machi hitori hitori to ochite
yukue fumei wasurerarete iku
surechigatta ano ko mo yoru wo kosezu
uzukumari ugokenai mama de

sora ga warete futte kuru you na
sonna shuumatsu wo me ni shite
itaige wo haranda mama no
shoujo ga me wo samasu

nakenashi no kotoba sura hibikazu ni musan shite wa
ikite iku sore dake de kowareru sa
kantan ni

yume wo hamu genjitsu ni korosareta inochi demo
itooshiku tehanasu no mo oshii na
hontou ni

hitori hitori ochite iku
nani mo iwazu kiete iku
hitori hitori ochite iku
nani mo iwazu inaku naru

amazarashi no yoru wo koete
yami no mukou hikari no shita
shoujo wa ima otona ni natte

“kono temoto ni inochi ga aru”
tada sore dake tada sore dake de
ikite iku ni wa juubun datte
shitta nda

sou yatte kezurarete iku
sou yatte korosarete iku
sou yatte kowasarete iku
sou yatte ikite kita no sa


They disappear, one by one, upon the ashen streets.
They are missing. They are forgotten.
That girl passed by them. She, too, does not pass through the night.
She crouches, unable to move.

She saw the end. An end in which the sky broke
And rained down upon her.
Whilst filled with innocence,
The girl opened her eyes.

Even those trifling words disperse without a sound.
I live. And through doing just that, I am broken.
It’s so easy.

Even those that, indulging in dreams, were killed in reality
Are dear to me. I regret letting them go.
I really do.

One by one, they fall.
They vanish without a word.
One by one, they fall.
They die without a word.

She passed through the weather-beaten nights
And went beyond the darkness, beneath the light.
The girl has become an adult.
She’s shy.

“There is life in these hands of mine.”
Just that, just that
Is enough for one to live.
I knew.

And thus, they are whittled away.
And thus, they are killed.
And thus, they crumble away.
And thus, they came to life.


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