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紅涙絞りて袖時雨 || I Wring My Sleeve, and Bitter Tears Rain Down

Album art.

kourui shiborite sode shigure
I Wring My Sleeve, and Bitter Tears Rain Down

Vocals: 普透明度 (Futoumeido)
Lyrics: 虎ヶ咲まなみ (Manami Toragasaki)
Arranged by: pizuya
Album: 共犯ストラテジー (Complicity Strategy) [Official site]
Circle: ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell)
Event: C89
Original theme: Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart [ピュアヒューリーズ ~ 心の在処]

Requested by: Eiki

I thought the lyrics seemed a bit different – it turns out they aren’t written by Futoumeido.

I had trouble interpreting the title. In the end, I untangled the verbs and nouns and went with something that seemed to make sense. Note that the bitter tears (紅涙) can also be read as ‘tears of blood.’


この怨みが それだけが今 私を 衝き動かす
聞いているか 不倶戴天の敵よ 燃える狂気
その理由を 刻みつけ
消えないよう 忘れぬよう この身に誓う

月の光 弾く黄金の髪

眩い光までも 憎く恨めしい 静かの海に落ちる涙
糧として 殺意の百合が 花開く

*決して消えることない激情 この身を焦がすは
怨みを灯した冷たい炎 「復讐」を果たしても なお
尽きることなく 研ぎ澄まされていく 憎しみ 募ってゆく

この怨みが いつの日か完成して
「私」という不純物が 消えゆくのだとしても

聞こえている? 月よ 月の民よ 今宵も始めようか

叫んでも黙したまま応えぬお月様 月の兎もみんな 憎く恨めしい
静かの海を満たす涙 その底で
殺意の百合は 育ちゆく


薄れていく原点の狂気 いまや理由など
確かなものはひとつ お前を 怨み この身を
この上もなく 純粋に

「復讐」など とうに果たされた されどこの身に宿り続ける
紫の炎は ゆるやかに形を変えて 純化してゆく
「私」が消えたとき そこには「純孤」がいる


kono urami ga sore dake ga ima watashi wo tsukiugokasu
kiite iru ka fugutaiten no teki yo moeru kyouki
sono riyuu wo kizami tsuke
kienai you wasurenu you kono mi ni chikau

tsuki no hikari hajiku kogane no kami
koyoi mo hajimemashou

yami ni ukabu konjiki ni kagayaku o-tsukisama
mabayui hikari made mo nikuku urameshii shizuka no umi ni ochiru namida
kate to shite satsui no yuri ga hana hiraku

*keshite kieru koto nai gekijou kono mi wo kogasu wa
urami wo tomoshita tsumetai honoo “fukushuu” wo hatashitemo nao
tsukiru koto naku togisumasarete iku nikushimi tsunotte yuku

kono urami ga itsu no hi ka kansei shite
“watashi” to iu fujunbutsu ga kie yuku no da to shitemo

kikoete iru? tsuki yo tsuki no tami yo koyoi mo hajimeyou ka

sakendemo mokushita mama kotaenu o-tsukisama tsuki no usagi mo minna nikuku urameshii
shizuka no umi wo mitasu namida sono soko de
satsui no yuri wa sodachi yuku


usurete iku genten no kyouki ima ya riyuu nado
hitsuyou to shite inai koto sae mo
tashika na mono wa hitotsu omae wo urami kono mi wo
kono ue mo naku junsui ni

“fukushuu” nado tou ni hatasareta saredo kono mi ni yadori tsudzukeru
murasaki no honoo wa yuruyaka ni katachi wo kaete junka shite yuku
“watashi” ga kieta toki soko ni wa “watashi” ga iru


My grudge, only my grudge, keeps me moving now.
My mortal enemy, can you hear me? I carve into myself
The reason why my insanity burns.
So it won’t fade, so I won’t forget it, I take an oath.

The moonlight strums my golden hair.
Now, let’s get started again tonight!

The moon, suspended in the darkness, shines gold.
I resent even its brilliant light. My tears fall upon Mare Tranquillitatis. (1)
The lilies of murderous intent take them as nourishment and bloom.

*My fury will never fade. Its cool flames burn my body
And light up my grudge. Even if I have my… ‘revenge’
My hatred will not be exhausted. Instead, it will be sharpened. It will grow stronger.

My grudge will someday bear fruit
Even if I, an impure being, begin to fade away.

Can you hear me? O moon, o people of the moon! Shall we begin again tonight?

Through I scream, the moon remains silent. I resent it, along with all of the moon rabbits.
My tears fill Mare Tranquillitatis, and at the bottom
The lilies of murderous intent grow.


The origins of my madness begin to fade away.
Now, even if I don’t need a reason anymore,
Only one thing is for certain. I hold a grudge against you.
I reach the peak of purity.

My ‘revenge’ was carried out long ago. Even so, it continues to dwell in me.
The purple flames slowly change shape and become pure.
When I disappear… I, ‘Junko,’ will be there.

Translator’s note

(1) Mare Tranquillitatis is also known as the ‘Sea of Tranquility.’


One response to “紅涙絞りて袖時雨 || I Wring My Sleeve, and Bitter Tears Rain Down”

  1. masuo64 Avatar

    About the meaning of the title— this is the idiom of 和歌 (waka, Japanese poem in ancient or medieval style).
    “袖絞る” (sode shiboru). lit. “to wring the sleeve”:
    Only in one term, this word means “to weep/cry very hard”.
    “to weep/cry so deeply as able to wring his/her sleeve wet in tears”. The reason tears go down is almost 100% either his/her broken heart or the difficulty of his/her meeting and loving with his/her lover… in this case it’s not love, though.
    “時雨” (shigure):
    Japanese has many names of rain. SHIGURE indicates the rain in early winter.
    The character of it is vague and long; it rains hard in a short time after cloud, it clouds a little after rain, and maybe it rains so weak, clouds, rains, repeated, repeated, repeated… it isn’t clear whether rain is ended or it is raining in that season.
    You must realize and imagine easily that Junko’s weep and anger repeats alternate, instable and quick. “Winter” may also show her mental goes bad moreover.

    And it’s just my guess, but I believe 紅涙 (red tears) is another expression of 血涙 (blood tears), which implies “tears of hatred and revenge”.

    So the translation into English is, I suppose, quite difficult when we keep these Japanese words in original title.
    I rather love rough translation: something like “I can’t understand which this emotion is anger in so deep my long-lasted hatred”.
    … wow, me bad sense!!

    Liked by 1 person

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