Album art.

逆遺書狂いのエゴイスト || The Egoist, Mad in Their Opposite Suicide Note

Album art.

gyakuisho kurui no egoisuto
The Egoist, Mad in Their Opposite Suicide Note

Vocals: ars
Lyrics: 麻宮ミヤネ (Mamiya Miyane)
Arranged by: ars
Album: 逆遺書 (Opposite Suicide Note) [Official site]
Circle: サテライト単眼プリズン (Satellite FirstEye Prison)
Event: Saitan no Gi 2 [再誕之儀二]
Original theme: Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator [聖徳伝説 ~ True Administrator]

Requested by: Marisa~Nya

That title’s a mouthful! Well, it has a complicated premise behind it, so I couldn’t make it as simple as I wanted to. I actually decided to change it at the last minute – I originally translated it as ‘The Note Left Behind by the Mad Egoist Who Would Not Die,’ but I reworded it to place more emphasis on the egoist.

Basically, the key word is 逆遺書 (gyakuisho). The official site says the following:

“A suicide note (遺書) is something left behind by someone who commits suicide, or is certain that they will die. If that is so, then I suppose the suicide note left behind by I, who know I will not die, must be an ‘opposite suicide note’ (逆遺書). This ‘opposite suicide note’ itself is egoistic.”

Anyway, these lyrics are really deep, which makes me fear that I didn’t do a good enough job at translating them…

(As a side note, this circle is a combination of three different circles – Satellite Himawari, FirstEye, and Helga Prison)


性的衝動 刺して刺して 感情論には 反吐を吐いて
馬鹿面下げたら 燃やせ殺せ この世 政

発情欲求 刺して刺して 手の平踊れば 道が満ちて
死体の裏には 心隠して 讃え 政

信仰 堕ちて 朽ちて 果てて 苦
殺生制度 世

本日午前未明 聖徳太子首吊って
国民首吊らせ 仏教なんて馬の餌
「天才ですから」と エゴイズムで

倒錯本能 刺して刺して 命が借しくて 不死に焦がれ
この身を捨てても 舞って生きて 人は 政

邪仙の言葉 一聞いて
二度と戻れぬ 不安から
散文書いて 遺書残し
世に変える故 逆説で
御苦労様と 自己主張
ろくでもないと 君逝かせ
死地追い逝って 気がつけば
破竹が如く 東すら越えて

本日午後零時 イエス・キリスト思っては
犠牲者数知れず 踏み台たちを尻目にし
「薬物好きすぎ」と エゴイズムで

ふと耳閉じてから 悲劇のヒロイン首吊って
デザイア気味かもね 死を殺しては高笑い
私はここにいる 「ねぇ、自虐でしょ?」


seitekishoudou sashite sashite kanjouron ni wa hedo wo haite
bakadzura sagetara moyase korose kono yo matsurigoto

hatsujou yokkyuu sashite sashite te no hira odoreba michi ga michite
shitai no ura ni wa kokoro kakushite tatae matsurigoto

shinkou ochite kuchite hatete ku
sesshou seido yo

honjitsu gozen mimei shoutoku taishi kubi tsutte
“jisatsu wa fasshon da” isho ni kakare
kokumin kubi tsurase bukkyou nante uma no esa
“tensai desu kara” to egoizumu de

tousaku honnou sashite sashite inochi ga kashikute fushi ni kogare
kono mi wo sutetemo matte ikite hito wa matsurigoto

jasen no kotoba ichi kiite
nido to modorenu fuan kara
sanbun kaite isho nokoshi
yo ni kaeru yue gyakusetsu de
gokurousama to jikoshuchou
roku demo nai to kimi ikase
shichi oi itte ki ga tsukeba
hachiku ga gotoku tou sura koete

honjitsu gozen reiji iesu kirisuto omotte wa
“uso darake no saikopasu” isho moyashite
giseisha kazu shirezu fumidai-tachi wo shirime ni shi
“yakubutsu suki sugi” to egoizumu de

futo mimi tojite kara higeki no hiroin kubi tsutte
kono mi kyokou “demo, watashi gyaku isho”
dezaia kimi kamo ne shi wo koroshite wa takawarai
watashi wa koko ni iru “nee, jigyaku desho?”


Sexual urges. Penetration. I vomit when I hear sentimental arguments.
After lowering my foolish face, I burn and kill this world and its rulers.

Sexual desires. Penetration. If you dance on the palm of my hand, your path will appear.
I hide my heart beneath my corpse and extol those who rule.

Religious creeds fall, wither, and die. Pain
This world is institutionalised killing.

Prince Shoutoku hung himself in the grey of dawn.
“Suicide is fashionable” was written in his suicide note.
Buddhism is horse feed – it makes the citizens hang themselves
“Because I’m a genius.” How egotistic.

Perverse instincts. Penetration. Borrowing life, I longed to be immortal.
Though I cast off this body, I dance and live. The people are the rulers.

I listened to but a word of the wicked hermit
And I couldn’t turn back. From my unease
I wrote prose. I left a suicide note.
Because I changed the world, it was a paradox.
My self-assertion: “I appreciate it.”
You were a good-for-nothing, so I let you die.
I died chasing near-certain death. When I realised it…
Like the breaking bamboo, I will pass over even the east.

At noon today, Jesus Christ thought thus:
“They were a lying psychopath” and burned their suicide note.
Without knowing the number of sacrifices, he glanced back at his stepping stones.
“They were too fond of drugs.” How egotistic.

After suddenly blocking their ears, the tragic heroine hung herself.
This body is false. “But I will not die.”
Perhaps I feel desires. I kill death and laugh loudly.
I am here. “Hey, this is masochism, isn’t it?”


2 responses to “逆遺書狂いのエゴイスト || The Egoist, Mad in Their Opposite Suicide Note”

  1. Meriole Avatar

    Whoaoa ! This song is so interesting. To writi a song with suicide and religion, it’s the first time that I’m see something like this, for Miko. And no, personnally you make a good work again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      Thank you! It feels like nobody arranges Miko’s theme anymore, so I was really glad to receive this as a request. It definitely has some interesting themes


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