Album art.
Album art.


Vocals: 美里 (Misato)
Lyrics: Hal=Pel
Arranged by: 五条下位 (Gojou Kai)
Album: REQUIEM~幻想に散る少女たち~ (REQUIEM ~Girls Falling into Illusions~) [Official site]
Circle: SYNC.ART’S
Event: Reitaisai 3 [RTS3]
Original themes: Eternal Dream ~ Mystic Maple [Eternal Dream ~ 幽玄の槭樹]
Voyage 1969 [ヴォヤージュ1969]

Requested by: Zalera

I feel like this song is told from Kaguya’s perspective, what with all the talk about ‘sins’ and the moon, but it could also be related to Eirin, too. Perhaps Kaguya is talking to Eirin at some point?




己が企み 露へ消え地球は揺らぐ



永遠の種子や それは朔

哀れな咎人よ 絶望を受け入れ給え
無限の 幸せを騙り
偽りの 生命を演じ給え

その傷が癒える時 その夢は醒める時
怨みし闇に その血を捧げ
恋しき光に 己が身躯を曝せ



kuruu ware e sasageyou
nagekishi shisen wo koete

kizamu tsumi wo koromo ni shi
ano hito e nani wo nozomu?

ayamachi no basho e to sono tsuki wo fumishime
onore ga takurami tsuyu e kie hoshi wa yuragu

namida ga kare hatete chi ga nagarete
sono saki ni matsu sekai wa

sei ka shi ka kyomu darou
waga kizuato wa naiteru

towa no shushi ya sore wa saku

aware na togabito yo zetsubou wo ukeire tamae
mugen no shiawase wo katari
itsuwari no seimei wo enji tamae

sono kizu ga ieru toki sono yume ga sameru toki
uramishi yami ni sono chi wo sasage
koishiki hikari ni ono ga karada wo sarase

sono sora e katarou
ikiru to iu batsu wo
shinu koto no iyashi wo


Dedicate this to I, who have gone mad!
Lamenting, I will overcome my crisis.

Wearing my sins as a robe,
What do I want from them?

I step firmly upon the moon, heading to the sacred site of that error.
My plan disappears with the dew, and the planet continues to tremble.

My tears dry up, and my blood flows.
The world that lies beyond is—

Perhaps life and death are nothing.
My scars are howling…

O seed of eternity! You are the new moon!

O pitiful sinner! Accept your despair!
Falsify infinite happiness
And act out a life of lies!

When your wounds heal, when you awaken from your dream….
In the darkness of malice, offer up your blood.
Expose my body to the light I missed so.

Speak, so your words may reach the sky.
Speak of the sin of living.
Speak of the solace of death.


  1. It appears that on the Touhou wiki the last 3 stanzas were placed in quotations by another editor so perhaps they believed those were the lines actually spoken to another person.


    1. Don’t know how I missed it but there’s also a note about those last 3 stanzas not appearing in the booklet so maybe that was the reason actually.

      Liked by 1 person

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