Album art.

猪突猛進ガール || Headlong Girl

Album art.

chototsu moushin
Headlong Girl

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku), グミ (Gumi)
Lyrics: れるりり (rerulili)
Composed by: れるりり (rerulili)
Album: 地獄型人間動物園 (Jigokugata ningen doubutsuen)
Release date: 8 November 2013

Requested by: SSGold19 Shousetsuka
Watch the official video YouTube!

My journey into the mysterious world of vocaloid music continues! This time, the featured composer is rerulili. Like Masa, their lyrics are brilliant, but they’re also a challenge to interpret. However, based on the artist’s comments, we know that this song is about a girl who wants to keep trying and doing her best in a world of sorrow. There are numerous references to traditional Japanese poems and stories, so I added in translation notes where necessary.

Going off on a bit of a tangent here, this song also contains examples of 付け足し言葉 (tsuketashi kotoba). These are words added to phrases because they sound good, or because they incorporate puns. If you’d like to read more about them, I recommend this reference. As any translator will know, these sorts of things are a pain to put into English! I didn’t want this translation to be too clogged up with notes, so I wasn’t able to cover everything. But! Like with every translation, I’m able to outline my thought process behind each line, so if you have any questions or want more clarification, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

After listening to this song, I wanted to get the album, but it looks like it’s out of stock everywhere and it’s only available digitally on the Japanese iTunes store…


情操的感情の欠如 平均のマニュアリズム

理想的顔面の定義 焦燥するリアリズム

自我崩壊までのスケジュール 順調に進んでいる

自画自賛からの独り善がり 圧倒的ニヒリズム



飲めや歌えや どんちゃんパラリラ


迷い込んだ夜の遊び場 肌蹴たワイシャツ 跨るじゃじゃ馬
訝しげな愛で咥えた コワレル私はくるみ割り人形

快楽の入り口へ誘う サイコロ転がる OneChanceNight

情弱に有効なデバイスを 検索するプログラム

妄想癖 電脳Age 三次元から乖離

猪鹿蝶 全部揃えて大逆転のsign

曖昧な言葉の罠で 勘違いのLINE
丸め込まれたことにも気付かぬまま 酔狂カーニヴァル



さぁさぁ どうぞ御勝手に
食えや踊れや じゃんじゃんパラリラ

だいたい 猪突猛進で

さぁさぁ どうぞ御勝手に
そんで二次会 焼肉 五反田

だんだん みんな気付いてく
そう 人生はけっこう辛旨


jousou-teki kanjou no ketsujo heikin no manyuarizumu
tsukidasareta inga mo tokenai mama tonneru mogutte

risou-teki ganmen no teigi shousou suru riarizumu
kamoshidasareta butsugi ni shinjitsu wo surikaerareteru

jiga houkai made no sukejuuru junchou ni susunde iru
keihaku na omowaku wa garasu no you ni misukasareteru

jigajisan kara no hitoriyogari attou-teki nihirizumu
utsuro na kokoro wo uruosu amai shaadenfuroide

ukiyo ni saezuru watashi wa kago no tori
ai wo kanaderu wa munashiku hana to chiru ramu

semaki yume kenji yoi mo sezu
shiran pettan gorira to nakayoku asobou ka

saa saa douzo go-katte ni
nome ya utae ya don-chan pararira
douse mirai nante dare mo wakari wa shinai ndakara

daitai chototsu moushin de
kirinukete iku shika nai njanai?
buchimakareta chansu tsukamu tame no joutoushudan daze

mayoi konda yoru no asobiba hadaketa waishatsu matagaru jajauma
ibukashige na ai de kuwaeta kowareru watashi wa kurumi wariningyou

kairaku no iriguchi e izanau saikoro korogaru OneChanceNight
asebanda karada wo tsunaide tsuki ga neru made odori tsudzukemashou

joujaku ni yuukou na debaisu wo kensaku suru puroguramu
tsukihanasareta riyuu mo shiranai mama o-wakare burokku

mousoueki dennou Age sanjigen kara kairi
gamen no naka no kareshi ni tamashii wo sui torarete yuku

inoshikachou zenbu soraete daigyakuten no sign
konkyo no nai jishin wa kanashimi no furagu wo tateteru

aimai na kotoba no wana de kanchigai no LINE
marumekomareta koto nimo kidzukanu mama suikyou kaanivaru

tsukiyo ni terasareshi kokoro wa shinoburedo
kimi wo omoeba utakata no koi ni samayou

waga yo dare zo tsune naramu
jugemu jugemu karasu ga naitara kaerou ka

saa saa douzo go-katte ni
kue ya odore ya jan jan pararira
douse mirai nante dare mo erabe wa shinai ndakara

daitai chototsu moushin de
kirinukete ikeru kara mondai nai
buchimakareta chansu tsukameru no wa kimi shidai daze

saa saa douzo go-katte ni
sonde nijikai yakiniku gotanda
douse ashita nante dare mo wakari wa shinai ndakara

dandan minna kidzuiteku
sou jinsei wa kekkou karauma
buchimakareta chansu tsukamu tame no joutou shudan daze


A deficiency of sentimental feelings is average manualism.
I pass through the tunnel, unable to solve the fate thrust before me.

The definition of an ideal face is impatient realism.
The truth was sidestepped in the controversy that was stirred up.

My self-destruction is going according to schedule.
Frivolous speculation is seen through like glass.

Conceit comes from singing one’s own praises. It’s an overwhelming nihilism.
Sweet schadenfreude moistens my empty heart.

I, singing in this sad world, am a caged bird.
My love is in vain. I fall together with the blossoms.

We shall not have superficial dreams, nor be deluded. (1)
I didn’t know that, gorilla. Perhaps we should play together! (2)

Come, come! As you please…
Drink and sing! Kick the merrymaking into high gear!
Besides, it’s not like anyone can see the future.

There’s usually nothing you can do
But struggle through things in a headlong way, right?
It’s my old trick, which I use to seize all the chances that come my way.

I’m lost in night’s playground, and my shirt is undone. I’m straddling my bike.
I’m a nutcracker broken by the teeth of doubtful love.

I invite them toward pleasure’s gate and roll the dice. OneChanceNight.
Let’s keep dancing till the moon sleeps, linking our sweaty bodies together!

This search program is a handy device for the information illiterate.
Without understanding why I was pushed away, we parted. Block!

This is the age of fantasist computers. We diverge from the 3D world.
My soul is sucked up by my boyfriend in the screen…

The boar, the deer, the butterfly: when they’re all together, it’s the sign of a massive turnabout. (3)
Baseless confidence raises a flag showing that sadness is on its way…

I walk a line of misunderstanding, in a trap of vague words.
This eccentric carnival rolls on. All the while, I’m unaware I was seduced.

Though my heart, lit up by the moonlit night, conceals itself,
When I think of you, I wail, feeling transient love for you.

Who in our world is unchanging? (4) 
Eternal happiness. I guess we should head home when the crows cry, right? (5)

Come, come! As you please…
Eat and dance! The bells ring and things are in high gear.
Besides, it’s not like anyone can choose their future.

Usually, in a headlong way,
I struggle through things, so it’s not a problem.
It’s up to you to seize the chances that come your way!

Come, come! As you please…
The afterparty is yakiniku at Gotanda.
Besides, it’s not like anyone knows what will happen tomorrow.

Everyone slowly began to realise
That, yes, life is full of ups and downs.
This my old trick, which I use to seize all the chances that come my way.

Translator’s notes

(1) This is a direct quote from the Japanese Iroha (いろは) poem.

(2) しらんぺったんゴリラ is an example of tsuketashi kotoba. It’s often used by children when they don’t know something.

(3) 猪鹿蝶 (inoshikachou) refers to the boar, deer, and butterfly cards in hanafuda. They are a high-scoring combination. An equivalent English expression could be ‘trump card.’

(4) Another quotation from Iroha.

(5) This line is made up of two references: the first references the tale of the child with a very long name, beginning with jugemu (寿限無). The second is another example of tsuketashi kotoba, said by children at roughly 5 pm when they should be heading home after a day out with friends.


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