無謀さえ美しく、華さえ灰になる || Even Recklessness Is Beautiful, and Even Flowers Will Turn to Ash

mubou sae utsukushiku, hana sae hai ni naru
Even Recklessness Is Beautiful, and Even Flowers Will Turn to Ash

Vocals: senya
Lyrics: Kamasetora (かませ虎)
Arranged by: HiZuMi
Album: Even Recklessness Is Beautiful, and Even Flowers Will Turn to Ash (無謀さえ美しく、華さえ灰になる) 【Official Site】
Circle: Yuuhei Satellite (幽閉サテライト)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original Themes: –Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [ハルトマンの妖怪少女]
The Lost Emotion [亡失のエモーション]

Requested by: Xeromic

There’s one part in this song where 仮面 (‘kamen’ – mask) is written, but ことば (‘kotoba’ – words) is written in brackets and is also sung. Both options are accounted for in the translation.

夜が来る度 痛い

minikui kitai no sei
yoru ga kuru tabi itai
me no mae sae mo mienai

Because of my hideous expectations,
I feel pain each time night comes.
I can’t even see anything in front of me.


jikiken’o no hima sae
nai hodo kangaeteru
kono omoi no koto bakari

I think, so much so
That I don’t even have time to hate myself.
All I think about is this love.


suki da to kidzuita no wa itsu?
pokkari aita mune no ana wo fusagu you na
nanige nai kotoba

When did I realise I loved you?
It’s such a casual word. It’s as if it can fill
The gaping hole in my heart.

本気の恋はどうして? 無計画になる

honki no koi wa doushite? mukeikaku ni naru
keisan suru koto sae zurui ki ga shite
kamen de kakushi kirenai namida nuguu
heta na kozaiku to omowaretara yada kara…

Why does true love always turn out so haphazardly?
Even calculating things feels so sneaky.
I can’t fully hide my tears with my mask so I wipe them away
Because I don’t want them to seem like some sort of cheap trick…


kimi ni awasete tsuketa
migaki kitta kotoba wo
nando mo kaite wa keshita

I polished that mask (those words)
And put it on for you.
I wrote those words out countless times and erased them.


fukuzatsu ni karami au
okubyou to kanousei
jibun demo hakanaku kirei

Cowardice and possibility
Linked together complexly.
Even I am fleeting, beautiful…

世界が今 灰色に見えた

itsu no ma ni ka kimi no tonari
watashi no shiranai dareka-san
sekai ga ima hai’iro ni mieta

I drew next to you before I knew it.
You, someone who I don’t know.
Now the world seems ashen.

本気だからこそ 無謀が美しく思う
壊してしまうの? 甘美で無意味な日々

honki dakara koso mubou ga utsukushiku omou
tashika na ashiba nado nai yume no sekai
kamen dewa kakusenai furueta koe
kowashite shimau no? kanbi de muimi na hibi

I think recklessness is beautiful precisely because it’s serious.
There aren’t any firm footholds in this world of dreams.
I couldn’t hide my trembling voice with a mask.
Shall I destroy it? Those days were so luscious, so meaningless.

それが当り前だろう 生きてるんだし

nanika wo eru to iu koto wa ubau koto
sore ga atarimae darou ikiteru nda shi

Gaining something is the same thing as stealing something.
I guess that’s only natural since I’m alive, after all.

地表のものはもう 過去の飾りと化した

“kokoro” no naka no uchuu ga kowareta, sono hi
chihyou no mono wa mou kako no kazari to kashita

On that day, the universe inside my ‘heart’ fell to ruin.
Its surface has long since become a decoration of the past.


    1. Thanks for that! It looks like lyrics are formatted differently to how I have them here – I’ll update my translation to better reflect the booklet (^_^)b


  1. Hello. Thank you for your translation.

    : 君に合わせて付けた
    : 磨ききった仮面(ことば)を
    : I polished that mask (those words)
    : And placed it on you.

    I think “I” placed it(that mask) on herself.

    I don’t know Kokoro’s story well, anyway I assume here Kokoro put on the polished mask.
    Grammatically, I assume 「君に」 modifies only 「合わせて」.

    I would translate it to
    : I polished that mask (those words)
    : And put it on for you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment! I originally took 君に合わせて to mean something like ‘I match the mask up with your face,’ which is how I got ‘placed it on you,’ but it makes a lot of sense if the speaker is placing the mask on themselves.

      Perhaps Koishi is the one putting on the mask to match Kokoro, who is already wearing a mask? I thought the music would give me some clues, but I don’t think either character’s theme is being played there, so both could fit…


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