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Album art.

恋する温度計 || The Thermometer in Love

Album art.

koi suru ondokei
The Thermometer in Love

Vocals: 普透明度 (Futoumeido)
Lyrics: 虎ヶ咲まなみ (Manami Toragasaki)
Arranged by: pizuya
Album: 境界のクロスゲート (The Boundary’s Crossgate) [Official site]
Circle: ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell)
Event: Reitaisai 14 [RTS14]
Original themes: Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind [感情の摩天楼]
Heian Alien [平安のエイリアン]

Requested by: Gachi
Watch the official video on YouTube!

This track comes with a little introduction, which outlines the plot:

There was once a girl who fell in love with someone who was loved and adored by many people.
She didn’t realise that it was love
But then she realised that it was after this and that happened.
Once she realised it, her love grew stronger even quicker.
She worried through love, suffered through love, and she was conflicted.
Because she fell in love, she became quite selfish
But she wanted to do her best and love them.
It was bittersweet. The sight of the one she loved looking embarrassed made her embarrassed.


キミの視線 追い始めたのは
他の誰かに 向けた笑顔
気を引きたくて 悪戯する
さあ 始めましょういつものやつ

つかず離れず 追いかけっこ
薄れる気配 振り返ると キミはいなくて

正体不明で 不思議めいたこの痛み
なんて呼ぶのか わからないよ

痛み 増やしてくばかりなのに
気づけば頭の中は キミのことばかり
ああ 一体これは 何なんだ!


“イヤだよ それじゃ足りない”
うそでしょ まさか

気づけばもう 知らないフリなんて出来やしない
ああ そうかこれは 「恋心」だ

でも 止まらない

ヤダよ みんなと同じじゃ
だから ねえ

ちらり 見上げた視線の先
予想外 初めて見るキミの照れた顔
そんな こっちまで照れちゃうでしょ!


itsu kara darou
kimi no shisen oi hajimeta no wa
hoka no dareka ni muketa egao
mitakunai kara
ki wo hikitakute itazura suru
yosomi shinaide yo
saa hajimemashou itsumo no yatsu
kyou koso tsukamaete mite

tsukazu hanarezu oi kakekko
tanoshindeta no ni
usureru kehai furikaeru to kimi wa inakute
mou oshimai nano? tsumaranai na
chiku chiku mune ga itai

hen da na
sabishii no to wa chigau moya moya
shoutai fumei de fushigi meita kono itami
nante yobu no ka wakaranai yo

nande? chikuri chikuri sasu you na
itami mashiteku bakari nanoni
kidzukeba atama no naka wa kimi no koto bakari
aa ittai kore wa nan nan da!

“watashi wo shitau ano ko-tachi ga itooshii you ni
anata no koto mo daiji desu yo”
to hohoemu kimi
nee ureshii desho? sono hazu desho?
moya moya kumoru kokoro

“iya da yo sore ja tarinai”
“ichiban ga ii”
“hitoijime shitai”
itsuka dokoka de kiita you na kono kimochi wa
uso desho masaka

atsuku atsuku atsuku moeru you na
kao no netsu ga osamaranakute
kidzukeba mou shiranai furi nante deki ya shinai
aa sou ka kore wa “koigokoro” da

shitteru yo
dare ni demo yasashii hito datte koto
dare ni datte sabetsu nanka shinai koto
wagamama datte wakatteru
demo tomaranai
kimi ga suki da

yada yo minna to onaji ja
kimi no tokubetsu ni shite yo
watashi bakari konna ni mo kimi wo suki nante zurui
dakara nee
watashi dake mite ite yo

todoke todoke koigokoro
chirari miageta shisen no saki
yosougai hajimete miru kimi no tereta kao
sonna kocchi made terechau desho!


When did it begin?
I began chasing after your glances
Because I didn’t want to see you smile
At anyone else.
Wanting to attract your attention, I played some pranks.
Don’t look away from me!
Now, shall we get started? Like always,
See if you can catch me today…

We played tag, keeping our distance.
I was having so much fun
But your presence faded, and when I turned back you were no longer there.
Is that all? How boring.
It felt like needles were stabbing my heart.

How weird.
This sadness is different to being lonely.
It’s a mysterious, unidentifiable pain.
What should I call it? I don’t know!

Why? Though this stinging pain
Just keept on getting stronger
I realised that my head was full of thoughts of you.
Aah, what could this be?!

“Like the children I adore, who are so lovely,
You, too, are important to me.”
You smiled as you said that.
Hey, I’m happy, right? At least, I should be, right?
Gloomy clouds hang over my heart.

“No way! That’s not enough!”
“I wanna be number one!”
“I want you all to myself!”
I feel like I’ve heard about this feeling somewhere before
No way—could it be…?

Burning red hot,
The heat in my face can’t be cured.
Once I notice it, I can’t pretend I don’t know about it anymore.
Ah, I see. So this is “love.”

I know.
I know that you’re kind to everyone.
I know that you don’t discriminate against anyone.
I know I’m being selfish
But I can’t stop.
I love you!

I don’t wanna be the same as everyone else!
I wanna be your special someone!
It’s unfair for me to be the only one who likes you so much
So, hey,
Keep your eyes on me!

Now, I want my love to reach you!
I looked up at you for a moment…
And I saw you blush for the first time. How unexpected!
Oh no—now even I’m blushing!


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