lychee tea

Album art.
Album art.

lychee tea

Vocals: 電子レンジ剛志-新城歌澄- (Kasumi Range)
Lyrics: 電子レンジ剛志-新城歌澄- (Kasumi Range)
Arranged by: 劇情テノール (Gekijo Tenor)
Album: 東方テノールvol.1 (Touhou Tenor Vol. 1) [Official site]
Circle: 劇情テノール (Gekijo Tenor)
Event: Reitaisai 10 [RTS10]
Original theme: Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17 [明治十七年の上海アリス]

Requested by: Alv



互いのことを 想っていると


何も出来ない そんな僕に

please lychee tea

聞けない 呼べない 叫べない
二人は平行線のままで もうこれ以上は

泣けない 言えない 笑えない
二人は進むこともなく 足踏みしていくんだ

please lychee tea


shiranai uchi ni boku-tachi wa
nagaku isugita? sou nano kamo ne

nani mo wakattenai kuse ni
tagai no koto wo omotte iru to

kimi no negao
akai kami ni mitorete ita
kiss mo dekizu ni

kimi no shiawase
dare yori mo negatte ita noni
nani mo dekinai sonna boku ni

please lychee tea

imasara kimi no namae
kikenai yobenai sakebenai
futari wa heikousen no mama de mou kore ijou wa

imasara kimi no mae de
nakenai ienai waraenai
futari wa susumu koto mo naku ashibumi shite iku nda

please lychee tea


Have we been like this for too long
Without realising it? I guess we have been…

We’ve had feelings for each other all this time
Even though we don’t understand a single thing.

I was charmed by your face as you slept
And by your scarlet hair
Though I couldn’t kiss you…

I wished for your happiness
More than anyone else
But I couldn’t do anything.

Please give me lychee tea.

It’s too late now. I cannot
Hear your name, call your name, scream your name.
We’re parallel lines, and nothing more than that.

It’s too late. I cannot
Cry before you, speak before you, smile before you.
We cannot continue on. We’re at a stalemate.

Please give me lychee tea.


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