Vocals: [Unknown]
Lyrics: [Unknown]
Composed by: [Unknown]
Single: 24/7
Band: Axkey
Release date: 24 July 2017

Requested by: IsuKa
Watch the official video on YouTube!

I was wondering why the single is called ’24/7′, then I looked at the release date.

This is an empowering song, though. It seems to be about coming to terms with bad things that happened in the past.


あの頃の自分に 胸を張れているのか
誤ち繰り返し 他人は指刺し笑う

寂しさ故 愛し「消したい過去だ」なんて
寂しさ故 愛し それ黒歴史?


きっと積み重ねた時間と 黒い過去の傷痕も

寂しさ故の傷 誰が慰めるのか
過去を否定ばかり 自分は自分じゃないの?

幾度重ね過ぎた 暗い過去のキズさえも

幾度重ね過ぎた 黒い過去の傷痕も
この時も刻み また一つ強くなる


ano koro no jibun ni mune o harete iru no ka
ayamachi kurikaeshi tanin wa yubi sashi warau

sabishisa yue aishi “keshitai kako da” nante
sabishisa yue aishi sore kuroi rekishi?

aa da koa da guchi itte ita kuse ni.
nanda kanda tanoshinde ita kuse ni.
subete kie sare

kitto tsumi kasaneta jikan to kuroi kako no kizuato mo
itami mo kioku mo keshite kienai
“wasurenaide ite”
sono kizu ga kimi no ima o kagayakaseteru

sabishisa yue no kizu dare ga nagusameru no ka
kako o hitei bakari jibun wa jibun ja nai no?

ikudo kasane sugita kurai kako no kizu sae mo
ayamachi mo uso mo keshite kienai
wasuretai gurai
fukaku egurareta kako mo ima mo aishite

ikudo kasane sugita kuroi kako no kizuato mo
itami mo kioku mo keshite kesanai
wasurenai you ni
kono toki mo kizami mata hitotsu tsuyoku naru


Am I proud of who I was back then?
I kept making the same mistakes. Others pointed and laughed.

I love it because I’m lonely. “I want to erase the past.” I don’t, though.
I love it because I’m lonely. Is that my dark history?

All you did was grumble about this and that.
You were just having fun with this or that.
Everything should just disappear!

Time and the scars from my dark history have piled up.
They, and my pain and memories, will never vanish.
“Don’t forget…”
That wound illuminates your life now.

Who will comfort wounds caused by loneliness?
All I do is reject the past. Am I not myself?

Even the wounds I accumulated through my dark history,
Along with my mistakes and lies, will never vanish.
It’s enough to make me want to forget
but I still love the past that deeply gouged me.

The scars from my dark history have piled up.
I will never erase them or my pain and memories.
So I will never forget,
I will etch this time into my memories and become a little stronger.







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