Album art.

能面島神隠し事件 || The Spiriting Away at Nohmenjima

Album art.

noumen-jima kamikakushi jiken
The Spiriting Away at Nohmenjima

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: てにをは (Teniwoha)
Composed by: てにをは (Teniwoha)
Album: 女学生探偵ロック (Schoolgirl Detective Rock)
Artist: てにをは (Teniwoha)
Release date: 26 June 2013

Requested by: Tempera

It’s tough coming into a series partway through, but I was lucky enough to find a guide to the characters that appear in this song. Slightly paraphrased, the bios can be translated as follows:

久堂蓮真 (Kudou Renma) – A mystery writer (32 years old). This is their pen name. He’s between 175-180cm tall, and is a head taller than Hibari. He ends up being courted by beautiful women whenever he gets caught up in an incident. He always teases Hibari, and is a bit of a Dom/S.

花本ひばり (Hanamoto Hibari) – The amateur schoolgirl detective (17 years old). She helps out Professor Kudou. She’s a big fan, and is charmed by his adult sex appeal. She’s frank and somewhat impudent.

枯島宗達 (Kareshima Soutatsu) – He’s the son an heir of an antique bookshop in Kanda. He wears round glasses and has white hair. He’s an acquaintance of Hibari and Professor Kudou.

怪盗大鴉(Kaitou Oookarasu – Phantom Thief Raven) – A mysterious man who appears at the climax of the video. He wears a raven-like mask and a black cloak. He says the phrase “Do you want some clues, oh Great Detective?”

The lyrics themselves are pretty complex. Some of the kanji clearly represent English words, so I interpreted them as such. There are some places where two sentences are written and pronounced the same – I added those in brackets.

There are also sections that could be from Hibari’s point of view, others that can be from Professor Kudou’s point of view, and others that serve as ‘interviews.’ Let me know what you think! My interpretation is always evolving…

As for the title, 能面島 (Noumenjima) literally means ‘Noh Mask Island’. 能 is traditionally romanised as ‘Noh’ so I kept it that way. There’s also a little introductory section:

“I can smell the scent of a mystery in the sea breeze…! It’s the fruit of the sea, Professor!”
“…Looks like I’ve got no time to drag you along, torture you, or crush you underfoot this time.”
?? “I’ve been waiting, Professor…!”


先生! 取材で阿 阿 あたしを
置いて行っちゃうなんて やっ やっ 嫌ですよ
剣呑あまつさえ 轟々(ごうごう)天つ風

船上で散々 酔い酔い
ほっぺ抓らないで とうとう到着
ねんねこや 繰る繰る
見頃の秘祭に舞舞い 吉祥天(起承転)

『伝承諳(そら)んじ朗々(ろうろう) 井戸繁盛湧き水滔々(とうとう)』
『財貨のあやなす宝刀 生涯外せぬ仮面はとうとう……』

作家先生 暴君変人 阿破破ノ破
破天荒 悪天候 !(感嘆符)『般若!』
ねえどっちなの? どっちなの? 真犯人 懊!
推理に夢中 ちゅう ちゅう ちゅう

そしてホワイダニット 阿破破 悪い顔

『斬奸状(ざんかんじょう) 南京錠 牢獄 当家は代々婿取婚(むことりこん)』

女学生探偵 まさかのあれれのれ?
もう迷宮入り 迷宮入りで ?(疑問符)『はんにゃ?』
刑事さんも匙(さじ)投げ 腕に輪っぱっぱのぱ
怪士(あやかし)甘やかし 夢遊病 悩!
推理に夢中 ちゅう ちゅう ちゅう

旦那さんが口論だったら天罰 旱魃(かんばつ)子々孫々

『おちゃらか おちゃらか』
『おちゃらか おちゃらか』
『おちゃらか おちゃらか』

不安と夢想 不安と夢想 懐旧談(かいきゅうだん)
「手掛かり欲しいか? 名探偵」
もう意地悪 意地悪 大嫌い!

作家先生 暴君変人 阿破破ノ破
破天荒 悪天候 !(感嘆符)『はんにゃー!』
ねえどっちなの? どっちなの? 真犯人 懊悩!


推理に夢中 ちゅ ちゅ ちゅ


sensei! shuzai de a a atashi o
oite icchau nante ya ya iya desu yo
“kimi wa hanashi o roku roku kiichanai”
kennon amatsu sae gougou amatsu kaze

senjou de sanzan yoi yoi
hoppe tsuneranaide tou tou touchaku
nenneko ya kuru kuru
migoro no hisai ni maimai kisshouten (kishouten)

mi mo yo mo naku…
“denshouan soranji rourou ido hanjou wakimizu toutou”
oni to matsurare
“zaika no ayanasu houtou shougai hazusenu kamen wa toutou…”
kami to kashi

sakka-sensei boukun henjin ahaha no ha
hatenkou akutenkou !(kantanfu) “hannya!”
genba ni wa hanagara appappaa no paa
nee docchi nano? docchi nano? shinhannin o!
suiri ni muchuu chuu chuu chuu

ryouki tadayou ayashii jiken ni sensei
“hisureba hana nari. mina made iu na” to
soshite howai danitto ahaha warui kao
nanka sense no hou ga hannin mitai na kao shitemasu ne

onigo onigo
“maijou chuujou akujou raijin-san motarasu houjou”
izuko e kieru
“zankanjou nankinjou rouhoku touke wa daidai mukotorikon”

jogakusei tantei masaka no arere no re?
mou meikyuuiri meikyuuiri de? (gimonfu) “hannya?”
keiji-san mo saji nage ude ni wappappa no pa
ayakashi amayakashi muyuubyou nou!
suiri ni muchuu chuu chuu chuu

haru wa sanga hokorondattara nicchi mo sacchi mo hogaraka hogaraka
danna-san ga kouron dattara tenbatsu kanbatsu shishisonson

“ochara ka ochara ka”
hanikami kurokami
“ochara ka ochara ka”
osage o hodoite
“ochara ka ochara ka”
kedashi koi tantan

tsuki terasu fuyu no kuyou
fuan to musou fuan to musou kaikyuudan
“tegakari hoshii ka? meitantei”
mou ijiwaru ijiwaru daikirai!

sakka-sensei boukun henjin ahaha no ha
hatenkou akutenkou !(kantanfu) “hannya!”
genba ni wa hanagara appappaa no paa
nee docchi nano? docchi nano? shinhannin ou no!

ahaha no ha

suiri ni muchuu chu chu chu


Professor! You can’t leave me behind
when you go out to collect data!
“You’ve barely listened to a word I’ve said.”
It’s risky, and besides, the wind is blowing a gale…

On board the ship, I got seasick.
Don’t pinch my cheek! Finally, we’ve arrived.
Time to sleep. Flip through the pages…
It’s the best time for this secret festival. We dance. Sri-mahadevi (Introduction, development, turn). (1)

It’s hopeless…
“Memorise the legends, and things are clear. Water gushes from the abundant well.”
They were worshipped as something to be hidden (a demon).
“A commodified, decorated sword. They hadn’t taken that mask off their whole life, but finally…”
They comb out their hair. (They become a god.)

The writing professor; the tyrannic eccentric. Ah ha ha ha!
Unprecedented bad weather! (Exclamation mark) “Hannya!”
At the scene of the crime lay a floral summer dress.
Hey, who is it? Who is it? The true culprit… oh!
I’m in a trance of deduction, deduction, deduction…

Faced with a mysterious incident tainted with the macabre, the professor said:
“Things are more beautiful when kept secret. Don’t tell anyone…”
So, why did they do it? Ah ha ha ha! A wicked face.
You know, Professor, your face makes it seem like you’re the one who did it…

The demonic child…
“Maijou, Chuujou, Akujou, the God of thunder brings us this good harvest.” (2)
Where do they disappear to?
“The assassin’s letter justifies their killing. Padlock. Prison. This house, for generations, married off its daughters.”
Spirited away…

The schoolgirl detective… Is something unexpected happening?
We’re at a dead end. A dead end…? (Question mark) “Hannya?”
The detective gives up, too. They have handcuffs on their wrists!
An Ayakashi, a spoilt child, and a sleepwalker… No! (3)
I’m in a trance of deduction, deduction, deduction…

If spring makes the mountains and rivers open up, then things aren’t clear at all.
If the master argues, the they’ll receive divine punishment: drought upon their descendants.

“Gently, gently…”
Oh, shy girl with black hair…
“Gently, gently…”
Untie your braids.
“Gently, gently…”
Perhaps she’s hostile to love.

A winter memorial service is held in the moonlight.
Anxiety and visions, anxiety and visions… reminiscing on the past.
“Do you want some clues, oh Great Detective?”
Seriously, you’re such a bully! I hate you!

The writing professor; the tyrannic eccentric. Ah ha ha ha!
Unprecedented bad weather! (Exclamation mark) “Hannya!”
At the scene of the crime lay a floral summer dress.
Hey, who is it? Who is it? The true culprit… oh no!

Ah ha ha ha!

I’m in a trance of deduction, deduction, deduction…

Translator’s notes

(1) 吉祥天 (Kisshouten) is a Japanese deity and wife of Bishamonten. Her name can be directly translated as ‘auspicious skies’.

(2) 舞尉 (Maijou) 中将 (Chuujou) and 悪尉 (Akujou), like はんにゃ (Hannya), are all Noh masks.

(3) 怪士 (Ayakashi) is another Noh mask.


2 responses to “能面島神隠し事件 || The Spiriting Away at Nohmenjima”

  1. Tempera Avatar

    Thank you for the translation! I’m hoping to request some more songs from this series in the future, so I hope the bios were helpful!
    Based on your translation, I think the song is from Hibari’s point of view, but I agree that some quotes are from Kudou’s POV or interviews with witnesses. I’m not exactly sure what the crime is here. I assume the victim (a woman) was murdered//kidnapped/”spirited away” with no body found, hence the clue (summer dress). I’m not sure how the Noh masks, especially the ones mentioned by name, tie in, but I think they might represent possible other characters involved. (I looked them up out of curiosity and they look a little creepy!) The stanzas beginning with 身も世もなく, 鬼子鬼子, and 春は山河ほころんだったらにっちもさっちも朗らか朗らか seem to be connected. So maybe they’re the clues that will make things clear.
    Here is my theory so far: The victim was a woman from a well known family that “for generations, married off its daughters.” The suspect/culprit is the “assassin” who spirited her away, possibly represented by the Maijou/Ayakashi. The “master” may be the victim’s father or the family patriarch who complies with the tradition and represented by the Akujou (not sure what the drought is.) Perhaps the family is involved with Noh stuff (“They hadn’t taken that mask off their whole life”) but I think this line may be more symbolic. The Chuujou could be another person involved, maybe the victim’s fiance? So who is the Hannya? Apparently, the suspect had a justified motive; is the tradition the prison? Could the victim actually be the Hannya?
    An interesting tidbit I found regarding the god of thunder:
    “Some Japanese parents tell their children to hide their belly buttons during thunderstorms. This is due to a folk belief that Raijin is sometimes credited with eating the navels or abdomens of children, and in the event of thunder, parents traditionally tell their children to hide their navels so that they are not taken away.”
    These are the links about the masks that I looked at:
    Sorry for the lengthy response. I think I made the song more complicated than it already is, but I’d love to hear what you think!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      I think that’s really cool! The bios made all the difference – initially my translation was quite literal and stilted. Knowing more about the characters helped me to take some risks and try and convey more meaning.

      My interpretation follows your one quite closely. I get the feeling that maybe the island could be some sort of cult island? I get the feeling that they’re not welcome there. Adding something more there, I feel like Hibari has some sort of physical resemblance to the person who was spirited away. I think there are some parts of the video where she’s superimposed on the faceless girl (who I assume is the one who was kidnapped).

      I look forward to having a look at other tracks in this series – as I grow more comfortable with this artist’s writing style, I may be able to have another look at this one and refine it some more.

      Regardless, I’d like to see if this ‘Phantom Thief Raven’ is a recurring character…


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