Tell Me

Tell Me

Vocals: マクネナナ (Macne Nana)
Lyrics: *Luna
Composed by: *Luna
Album: Step of Youth (春の足跡) 【Official Site】
Release Date: May 16, 2018

Requested by: Pinkgirl234
Watch the official PV here!

Watch rachie’s official English cover here!
Buy the album on Bandcamp here!

This track already has an awesome English version available. Like always, I just want to say how much I appreciate translations that are designed to be sung. Writing lyrics is difficult enough, but writing them while also keeping the spirit of the original? That’s incredibly tough.

The main difference lies in the last line – the narrator in the English version tells someone to ‘not forget’, but the Japanese version instructs someone to forget. The original line could either be 忘れさせてくれる (make me forget) or 忘れさせてやる (make you forget). The first is overwhelmingly more used than the second, which informed my interpretation.

カラフルに make
溶けたように今日も fry
loading ・・・
トビキリの change
見たことない 「ワタシ」
埋もれたヒコーキ 一つ

karafuru ni make
toketa you ni kyou mo fry
tobikiri no change
mita koto nai “watashi”
musuu no sekai
umoreta hikooki hitotsu
peeji o mekutte

I put my colourful makeup on. (1)
It seemed to dissolve. I’ll fly again today.
This is an extraordinary change.
It’s a side of me I haven’t seen before.
Countless worlds
and a single hidden plane
spread forth.
I flip the pages.


gura gura yureteru kokoro wa
fuwa fuwa tonde iku kanata no sora

Shaking. My heart trembles irregularly.
Fluttering. It lightly flies across the sky.

ぽんこつな style
腫れたように今日も shy
なけなしの chase
踏み出せない 「わたし」
ためいき 一つ

ponkotsu na style
hareta you ni kyou mo shy
nakenashi no chase
fumidasenai “watashi”
semai sekai
tameiki hitotsu
tsuki o mataide

My style is worn-out.
It seemed to swell up. I’m shy again today.
A trifling chase.
As I am, I cannot set forth.
This narrow world
was buried.
I sigh.
With the distance narrowing,
I stride across the moon.


hiso hiso kikoeta waraigoe mo
sowa sowa kakureta hitomi mo
hora hora yonderu watashi o
patapata nigedasou

I heard laughter, like a whisper
and you hid your eyes restlessly.
Look, you’re calling for me!
We’ll run away, with feet pitter-pattering.


ima da!


しゃらら もっと!
ぱっと! ミラクル
しゃらら もっと!
ぱっと! ワンダフル
超えて 想像のウェーブ
きっと きっと
泣いてない これで
きっと きっと
大丈夫 だから

sharara motto!
patto! mirakuru
tsurete itte
yume no tii taimu
sharara motto!
patto! wandafuru
koete souzou no weebu
kitto kitto
naitenai kore de
kitto kitto
daijoubu dakara

Sha la la… Even more!
In a flash! A miracle!
I’ll take you with me
to this dream’s tea time.
Sha la la… Even more!
In a flash! Wonderful!
We’ll cross over imaginary waves.
Surely, surely
I won’t cry.
Surely, surely…
It’s because I’m fine.

忘れさせて 今日も 甘いユメで

wasuresasete kyou mo amai yume de

Make me forget with sweet dreams again today…

(1) I interpret ‘make’ as the Japanese work メイク, which means ‘makeup.’ This could represent a ‘mask’, which dissolves in the next line.

2 thoughts on “Tell Me

    • releska December 24, 2018 / 8:53 pm

      Sooooo cute! The lyrics are perky and positive too (^_^) Thank you for requesting it…!


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