Album art.

akuma || demons

Album art.


Vocals: emaru
Lyrics: アサヒ (Asahi)
Composed by: アサヒ (Asahi)
Album: swimming classroom
Group: macaroom
Release date: 7 March 2018

Requested by: Mint S. Decot
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I will say this 1000 times, but this was one of my favourite albums from 2018, and this is my favourite track from the album. From the very first piano chord, this track has you locked deep in its spell.

The lyrics have a very urban fantasy feel to them. We see things like:
-LUMINE apartment complexes
-the crime of payola (playing a song for money without announcing that’s the case)
-the practice of travelling around to places to get your stamp books stamped
-Bunshun (which appears to be a Japanese tabloid).
It’s all wrapped up in a mist of wonder.

Perhaps the demons are demons in the fashion and music business?


悪魔はここに ここにいる 風呂場の鏡に 住んでる 
キッチンで割れた皿のこと あれは誰のせいでもない 
スーツは誰もたたまない 誰も認めない 今でも 
キッチンの壁にカビがはえる 君が悪魔退治するまで 


悪魔はここに ここにいる ルミネのエレベーター下ると 
アイドルが審査員にいる 黒い金が入る レーベル 
文春が暴き出し その奴隷となる スタンプラリー  TVショー プードルが吠える 
石鹸でできた高いビル あくる日には入りこめない



ハーフの若いモデル ステルスマーケティング 
ペイオラで ワンダーランド 
大工さんもがんばる 私もがんばる 
サイトランス 踊る


akuma wa koko ni koko ni iru furoba no kagami ni sunderu
kicchin de wareta sara no koto are wa dare no sei demo nai
suutsu wa dare mo tatamanai dare mo mitomenai ima demo
kicchin no kabe ni kabi ga haeru kimi ga akuma taiji suru made

puropera o mawashite
hikousen de asonde

akuma wa koko ni koko ni iru rumine no erebeetaa kudaru to
aidoru ga shinsain ni iru kuroi kane ga hairu reeberu
bunshun ga abakidashi sono dorei to naru sutanpurarii TV shoo puudoru ga hoeru
sekken de dekita takai biru akuru hi ni wa hairi komenai

puropera o mawashite
hikousen de asonde

puropera o mawashite
hikousen de asonde

haafu no wakai moderu suterusu maaketingu
peiora de wandaarando
daiku san mo ganbaru watashi mo ganbaru
saitoransu odoru


The demons are right here, right here. They dwell in my bathroom mirror.
A plate broke in the kitchen, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault.
Nobody folds their suits. Nobody admits it, even now.
Mould will grow on the kitchen walls until you come to exterminate the demons.

I spin the propeller
and I play with a blimp.

The demons are right here, right here, when you come down the elevator at LUMINE.
An idol is on the panel of judges. Black money enters the label.
Bunshun exposes the truth. I become a slave to them. Gathering stamps. A TV show. The poodle barks.
A tall building was made from soap. You can’t enter the following day…

I spin the propeller
and I play with a blimp.

I spin the propeller
and I play with a blimp.

A young half-Japanese model. Stealth marketing.
Payola creates a wonderland.
The carpenter does their best. I’m gonna do my best too.
I dance to psytrance.



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