Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: キョーヘイ (Kyohei)
Composed by: キョーヘイ (Kyohei)
Release date: August 13, 2018

Requested by: Plyn
Watch the official video

Oxalis appears to be a type of weed, one that sprouts roots almost as soon as it touches the ground. The chorus section is written in an artificial language, but the final instance includes Japanese subtitles. They are written alongside an English translation.

The song itself seems to explore the relationship between a mechanical being and someone who may be her creator. The same anata (貴方 – you) is used throughout, so perhaps the whole song is told from her perspective…


yuuyami ni ooware, yureta minamo ni utsuri komu
toshioita anata to kawarenai watashi
kareta te o nigitta, yowayowashiku tsutau ondo
sore wa owari sae matte wa kurenai

You, who have grown old, and I, who cannot change,
are covered by darkness and reflected upon the wavering water’s surface
I gripped your shrivelled hand, and heat passes frailly down it.
You will not even await the end with me.


“gomenne” to kishimi yurushi o kou
demo anata wa yasashii koe de
“aisete yokatta” to warau you ni
nureta mama no hoho o nadete kureta

“I’m sorry…” With a creaking voice, I begged for forgiveness.
Yet you responded with a gentle voice:
“I’m glad I loved you.” Then, so I would smile,
You stroked my still-damp cheek.


unmei o norou you ni, anata o dakishimeta mama
kuzure ochiru heya de naita
konna omoi, shiru no nara “watashi o tsukuranaide yo”
kishimu yubi wa tsumetai mama, mujihi ni
nibiku hikatta

So I might curse fate, I remained as I was, hugging you.
I cried in that crumbling room.
If you want to understand how I feel, then… “Please, don’t create me.”
My creaking fingers remained cold. Mercilessly,
They dully shone.


tsukurareta kokoro, to
kono omoi mo itsuwari da to
akirameteta noni, naze naite shimau?

I thought that my manufactured heart
and my feelings were both false
and I gave up. Still, why do I end up crying?


umidasareta imi wa shiranakute
mada kodomo datta anata no haha toshite
magaimono no ryoute de osanai hoho o nadeta
uso no sekai

I was unaware of the reason why I was created.
You were still a child, and taking the role of a mother,
I stroked your youthful cheek with my fake arms
in a world of lies.


toki ga sugite yuku tabi, wakare ga kowaku natta
jikan kara me o somuketa
anata to tomo ni yuku to, shinzou mekake sashita noni
tomaranai kodou wa anata no tsumi to iu you ni
nari hibiita

Each time the hours passed, I grew more scared of parting from you.
I turned my eyes from time.
“I will die with you.” Even though I said those words, pointing at my heart,
My ceaseless heartbeat resounded, seeming to announce
your crime.

Lass ia Le;Renadde. Roz, Illive to Senta.
Sazqua’na Warlla. Fasix Logz Imzia.
Clof Le;Arya Reneed. Edfie “Wizllia”.
Est Ruine Le;Senta.


Though my many tears may become hatred,
I will sing of life.
The warmth sadness possesses
forms a phantom blood bond.
My distant, beloved child
vanishes like Wizllia.
Still, I sang of destruction,
So she would dance…


unmei o norou you ni, anata o dakishimeta mama
kuzure ochiru heya de naita
“sayounara, waga ko yo”
“raise dewa, arifureta you na”
kishimu yubi wa tsumetai mama, jihibukaku
hoho o nadeta

So I might curse fate, I remained as I was, hugging you.
I cried in that crumbling room.
“Farewell, my dear child…”
“In the next world, a seemingly ordinary thing will—”
Your creaking fingers remained cold. Mercifully,
They stroked my cheek.


  1. As always, thank you for translating this song! お疲れさまでした!

    The theme of this song reminds me of ココロ・キセキ… and makes me realize that it’s been ages since the last time I listened to it…

    Also, it’s nice that there’re still people who are creating new awesome songs for vocaloids. I hope that humanity will never forget about our greatest divas.

    As a side note – is there a reason why you didn’t translate the part that is in conlang? While watching that official video I noticed that there’re subs in Japanese under each line the second time the chorus is sung. You can see them starting from 4:21 minute mark.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment! I think it’s really cool how, even over 10 years after they were first invented, people are still making music using vocaloids. I’m sure, as the technology continues to develop, people will keep making new music using them!!

      Also, thanks for letting me know about the subtitles. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I was so focused on making sure the romanisation was correct I completely missed the subtitles on the last part (^_^); It’s all accounted for now…!


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