シャリューゲ || Chatlüge


Vocals: 音街ウナ (Otomachi Una),
Lyrics: *Luna
Composed by: *Luna
Album: Summer without you (君だけがいない夏) 【Official Site】
Release Date: August 25, 2018

Requested by: BB
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It was challenging to interpret where the phrases end in the choruses. In particular, the key question was whether 嘘をもう 吐いて 吐いて is linked to the previous sentence, or whether it’s something completely separate. ような appearing at the end of the previous line made me decide to combine the two lines.

Some text is written in the video separate to what’s sung. I’ve added that at the end of this post.

慰めちゃくれない 癒えない

shinitasa dake ja dare mo
nagusamecha kurenai ienai

With just a desire for death,
Nobody will comfort me. I won’t recover.

あぁ 真面目に生きて

aa majime ni ikite
toku shita koto nante seizei
atama no kusatta otona ni
muragarareta koto kurai

Ah… I lived an honest life
but at most, all I gained from it
was being swarmed by grown-ups
with rotten brains.


“hai wakatta wakatta urusai”
boku no hatsukoi wa gyokusai
hajimete kimi ni mukerareta koe
“are mo kore mo iranai”             
hito no kimochi nante shiranai
itsu datte jibun ga ichiban ne

“Yep. I get it. I get it. How annoying…”
My first love suffered an honourable defeat.
It was the first time I had ever spoken to you.
“I don’t need this or that.”
You knew nothing about how people feel.
You were always number one.

笑って泣いて どいつもこいつも
嘘をもう 吐いて吐いて吐いて

waratte naite doitsu mo koitsu mo
haran naka wa makkuro
heiki de hito o korosu you na
uso o mou haite haite haite

Laughing, crying. Each and every person
is pitch black in the pits of their stomachs.
They coolly spit out lies that could kill people.
They just spit them right out!

騒いで湧いて どいつもこいつも
嘘をもう 吐いて 吐いて

sawaide waite doitsu mo koitsu mo
ataman naka wa masshiro
heiki de jibun suteru you na
uso o mou haite haite

Panicking, with emotions raging. Each and every person
is completely white inside their heads.
They coolly spit out lies that could cast themselves away.
They just spit them right out!


hinikusa dake ja dare mo
kikimimi tate ya shinai

By just speaking sarcastically,
Nobody will lend an ear to what you have to say.


kou wa narumai to
doko ka senbiki shita dake
sono kuse onaji you na
waraigoe de ikite iru

People laid out lines
telling me how things shouldn’t be.
Even so, I live
with similar laughter.


“mou dou demo kou demo ii yo”
zenbu nani mo imi wa nai yo
itsuka no honne o tokashite yuku

“I don’t care what happens anymore.”
Everything is meaningless.
My true feelings from long ago melt away.


“sore wa sore wa sugoi ne”
seji no noudo wa kyou mo koime
atto iu ma ni nou ga baka ni naru

“Well, well, that’s impressive!”
The compliments are laid on thick again today.
In the blink of an eye, I become an idiot.

暴いて飽いて どいつもこいつも
嘘をもう 吐いて吐いて吐いて

abaite aite doitsu mo koitsu mo
tsura no shita wa massao
jibun dake o hisshi ni mamoru
uso o mou haite haite haite

Exposing secrets then growing bored. Each and every person
is ghostly pale beneath their masks.
They spit out lies that protect themselves with all their might.
They just spit them right out!

嘘をまた 吐いて 吐いて

tsunaide saite doitsu mo koitsu mo
ashimoto wa makkura
kizukeba nani mo nokoranai
uso o mata haite haite

Tying things then tearing them apart. Each and every person
has pitch-black darkness at their feet.
Before they know it, nothing remains.
They spit those lies right out again!

捨てられた子猫 頬寄せた

aa kimi to issho de hitoribotchi da na
suterareta koneko hoo yoseta
hito wa mina jibun katte de usotsuki nanda
kimi wa kitto nani mo waruku nai yo
semi no koe ga hidoku urusai
natsu datta

Ah… I guess I’m alone with you.
I brought an abandoned kitten to my cheek.
Humans are all liars for their own selfish ends.
You didn’t do anything wrong at all.
The cries of cicadas were awfully annoying
that summer.


itsukara ka kokoro no koe ga
noizu ni mamirete
ano koro no boku ga sumi de uzuku matte
naite naite naite

Since who knows when, the voice of my heart
has been engulfed in static.
I, from back then, am crammed into a corner.
I cry, I cry, I cry…


douse ano mama de yokute
betsu ni sore de yokute
boku wa ittai zentai nan no tame ni
dare to waratten dakke

After all, things are fine that way.
I don’t really mind.
What in the world was it all for?
Who was I laughing with?

嘘をもう 吐いて吐いて吐いて

doitsu mo koitsu mo
haran naka wa makkuro
heiki de hito o korosu you na
uso o mou haite haite haite

Each and every person
is pitch black in the pits of their stomachs.
They coolly spit out lies that could kill people.
They just spit them right out!

黙ってたって あいつもそいつも
嘘でまた 泣いて 泣いて    

damatte tatte aitsu mo soitsu mo
itsuka korosareta nda
dakara kyou mo jibun o mamoru
uso de mata naite naite

With mouths sealed shut… That person and that one too
were killed once in the past.
So, telling lies to protect themselves again today,
They cry and cry once more.

Video text


“You finally recovered from your academic slump. Don’t make me worry so much.”
“Seriously. Now’s such an important time, don’t get hooked on other things!”
 “Summer holidays are starting soon, so don’t let your mind wander.”
“Your father has high hopes for you as well, so keep going at this pace!”


“Hey, why the long face?”
“Sora… Here, you dropped your eraser!”
“If anything’s troubling you, just let me know!”
“He’s always top of the class. Remarkable—everyone should learn from him!”
“Oh, sorry, I’m collecting up everyone’s notebooks. Um… what was your name again?”
“I, well, I can never tell what he’s thinking.”
“Sorry, something’s come up! Can you clean up for me today?”
“Sorry! I want you to let me copy your homework again today! Thanks for all your help!”


“I picked up his stuff but he was so cold. How scary, lol!”
“Oh, he sits next to you? How unlucky! Just ignore him.”
“Just get a little close to him and he’ll let you copy all his homework, lol!”
“All he does is study every day. What does he do to have fun?”


“That’s it – if I don’t do this, I’ll be weeded out.”
“They won’t laugh at me if I do this. So it’s fine!”
“I’ll join that group, full of shallow, worthless people.”
“This is for the best.”


“My sense of self was cast away long, long ago.”
“But now I’m even more wretched, even more hideous now.”
“I didn’t have anywhere to belong all along.”
“Nobody was there to believe me.”


      1. Ah, that’s right, there are some songs called Chatnoir/black cat. But there is the L/R thing in Japanese. I guess you could ask Luna directly someday if they do reply to tweets/emails but i suppose the title isn’t as important as the lyrics/rest of the song haha. I guess if i was a composer, i’d try to keep it relevant but otherwise I’d just pick words i like whether they’re ‘connected’ to the song or not XD

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