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Album art.

物をぱらぱら壊す || I Crumble Things Up

Album art.

mono o parapara kowasu
I Crumble Things Up

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: Kikuo
Composed by: Kikuo
Album: きくおミク (Kikuo Miku ) [Official site]
Circle: Kikuo sound works
Release date: 13 August 2011

Requested by: Tapeworm
Watch the official video on YouTube!

ぱらぱら (parapara) runs through the song as a magic spell of sorts. I was tempted to go a step further and translate it as ‘crumbly wumbly’. I refrained, though…

We normally see ほど (hodo) in the ば~ほど pattern, which means ‘the more you ~, the more you ~’. That’s not the case here – it tends to appear after a noun, which I think serves a sort of exaggerating purpose. Since the whole song’s about breaking things, you could say it emphasises the importance of what’s being broken.


物を壊すのは何でこんなに楽しいんだ オーレ!

物心ついたころから 色んな物を壊してきた
時計 茶碗 リモコン 積み木

大事なもの大切なものが 特に面白くって
人形 パズル 電話 写真

怒ってて泣いてて みんなの顔は怖かったけれど
こんなに壊れやすいのに そんなに大切にして
僕はおかしくって 不安で楽しくって 静かに手を伸ばし

ぱらぱら 君の物を壊すのが特に楽しくて
ぱらぱら 君の大事な物ほど特に楽しくて

ばらばら ばらばら むすんで ひらいて
なおして こわして なおして こわして
君も元の 形を忘れてる

ぬいぐるみ プラモ ピアノ 手紙
楽器 絵画 焼き物 彫刻

物に願い想い込めるときに 人の魂が
脆く息をして 生きてて楽しくって 静かに手をかけて

ぱらぱら 君の魂を何度も壊したくて
ぱらぱら 君の生きてる魂を消したくて

ばらばら ばらばら ばらばらになって
なおして こわして なおして こわして
僕は笑って 君は泣いてる


ぱらぱら 君は付いてきた 君は僕を愛してる
ぱらぱら 僕を愛する君を 僕は愛してる
ぱらぱら 君の魂は もう僕に乗り移ったね
ぱらぱら 僕の魂も もう君に乗り移ってる
ぱらぱら 君の大事な ものをぱらぱら壊して
ぱらぱら 消えてなくなる 瞬間が気持よくて

ぱらぱら ぱらぱら 君の大切な僕を 壊しちゃったから
なおして こわして なおせず 僕はずっと


mono o kowasu no wa nan de konna ni tanoshii nda, oore!

monogokoro tsuita koro kara ironna mono o kowashite kita
tokei chawan rimokon tsumiki

daijina mono taisetsu na mono ga toku ni omoshirokutte
ningyou pazuru denwa shashin

okottete naitete minna no kao wa kowakattakeredo
konna ni koware yasui noni sonna ni taisetsu ni shite
te no todoku toko ni oite oku da nante
boku wa okashikutte fuande tanoshikutte shizuka ni te o nobashi

parapara parapara
parapara kimi no mono o kowasu no ga toku ni tanoshikute
parapara parapara
parapara kimi no daiji na mono hodo toku ni tanoshikute

barabara barabara musunde hiraite
ichido kagiri ja tanoshimenai kara
naoshite kowashite naoshite kowashite
kimi mo moto no katachi o wasureteru

omoide ga tsumatta mono hodo nando mo kowashita
nuigurumi puramo piano tegami
kimochi ga komotta mono hodo teinei ni kowashita
gakki kaiga yakimono choukoku

mono ni negai omoi komeru toki ni hito no tamashii ga
nori utsuri yadori itsu made mo nokoru kara
daijina mono hodo takusan no tamashii ga
moroku iki o shite ikitete tanoshikutte shizuka ni te o kakete

parapara parapara
parapara kimi no tamashii o nando mo kowashitakute
parapara parapara
parapara kimi no ikiteru tamashii o keshitakute

barabara barabara barabara ni natte
kimi no tamashii ga kie yuku shunkan
naoshite kowashite naoshite kowashite
boku wa waratte, kimi wa naiteru


sore demo
parapara parapara
parapara kimi wa tsuite kita kimi wa boku o aishiteru
parapara parapara
parapara boku o aisuru kimi o boku wa aishiteru
parapara parapara
parapara kimi no tamashii wa mou boku ni noriutsutta ne
parapara parapara
parapara boku no tamashii mo mou kimi ni noriutsutteru
parapara parapara
parapara kimi no daijina mono o parapara kowashite
parapara parapara
parapara kiete nakunaru shunkan ga kimochi yokute

parapara parapara kimi no taisetsu na boku o kowashichatta kara
naoshite kowashite naosezu boku wa zutto
kimi ni gomennasai o ienai mama


Why is it so fun to destroy things? Olé!

Since I became aware, I’ve destroyed a whole bunch of things:
Clocks, teacups, remote controls, building blocks…

Important and precious things are particularly entertaining:
Dolls, puzzles, phones, photos…

Whether they got mad or cried, everyone looked so scared. Still…
Things are so easy to break, and they’ve taken such good care of them
yet they leave them in arm’s reach.
I get all weird and find the tension so fun. Silently, I reach out.

crumbly, crumbly.
Crumbly. It’s especially fun to break your things.
Crumbly, crumbly.
Crumbly. Your valuables are even more fun to break.

Things are all in pieces. Close, open…
I can’t have fun if it’s just once
so I fix it, break it, fix it, and break it again.
You, too, forget what it originally looked like.

I’ve even demolished things crammed full of memories:
Stuffed toys, plastic models, pianos, letters…
I’ve even carefully demolished things full of feelings:
Musical instruments, paintings, pottery, sculptures…

When people put their hopes and feelings in things,
their souls cross over and dwell in them, since they’ll last forever.
The more precious things exist, the more souls there are.
They breathe fragilely, enjoy life, and are then silently killed.

crumbly, crumbly.
Crumbly. I want to keep breaking your soul.
Crumbly, crumbly.
Crumbly. I want to erase your living soul.

In pieces, in pieces, things end up in pieces
and the moment your soul vanishes…
I’ll fix it, I’ll break it, I’ll fix it and break it.
I laugh and you cry.

La la la la la…

crumbly, crumbly.
Crumbly. You followed along. You love me.
Crumbly, crumbly.
Crumbly. I love you, who also loves me.
Crumbly, crumbly.
Crumbly. Your soul is possessing me now.
Crumbly, crumbly.
Crumbly. My soul is possessing you now.
Crumbly, crumbly.
Crumbly. I crumble up your precious thing.
Crumbly, crumbly.
Crumbly. It feels so good the moment it vanishes.

Crumbly, crumbly. I destroyed myself, so precious to you,
so I fix it and break it and then I can’t fix it. I can never
say sorry to you.



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One response to “物をぱらぱら壊す || I Crumble Things Up”

  1. Tapeworm Avatar

    Thank you so much for this !! Been searching for an accurate translation every since I found this song.
    Again, thank you Releska !!

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