人質交換 || We The Hostages

Album art.

hitojichi koukan
We The Hostages

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: DECO*27
Composed by: DECO*27
Arranged by: emon
Album: アンドロイドガール (Android Girl) [Official site]
Circle: DECO*27
Release date: 22 March 2019

Requested by: Zeiji-K
Watch the official video on YouTube!

The English title is the offiicial title from the video. A literal translation is ‘Hostage Exchange’.

Some parts use the volitional form (i.e. ましょう at the end of a verb). Common practice is to translate it as ‘let’s [verb]’, but it also can be used when you’re saying what you’re going to do, so the speaker isn’t necessarily talking to someone else whenever that verb form appears.

I also appreciate how the hostage part goes from being aimed at ‘you’ to referring to the speaker, all because of the use of しといて (shitoite, a sort of command to do something in advance) in the first and the more plain してる (shiteru) in the second.


それなりの幸せと 思い込みを愛したよ
やけに君が笑う日は 隠し事がありました


引けないのよ 引けないからもうバイバイしよう

君がいくら愛しても 痒いだけだから
そろそろ返してよ 君の私を

知りすぎてしまうから 忘れたいと願うのです
上辺だけが好きなのよ だって下僕にしたいんで



下らない理想興なら すでに終わったんだよ
始めよう これまでの恥のトレードを
二人の愛言葉も 聞きたくないことだろう

様を見ろ 貸しは歌詞にしよう
構ってくれ 構ってくれ

君がいくら愛しても 痒いだけだから
そろそろ返してよ 君の私を

君といつか 笑い合えたら
止まらないこの涙は たぶんそう歌ってるから

ごめんね ’したい’だらけの恥のトレードは叶わない
君の鼓動は ちゃんと止まってるから


sore nari no shiawase to omoikomi o aishita yo
yakeni kimi ga warau hi wa kakushigoto ga arimashita

“machigatte nante inai yo” nante itte
hanauta o tashinande wa
bakubaku natte jitto shiteran’nai
kokoro ni tsume o tatemashou

ichi ni no san dde te o hanasou
yume wa doko de kurutta?
hikenai no yo hikenai kara mou baibai shiyou

kimi ga ikura aishite mo kayui dake dakara
sorosoro kaeshite yo kimi no watashi o
wasuretai omoide ga hitojichi dakara
itsudemo yareru koto kakugoshitoite yo

shiri sugite shimau kara wasuretai to negau no desu
uwabe dake ga suki na no yo datte shimobe ni shitainde

toriatta kekka katte ni yugande
fukami ni hamaru koi moyou
yokubatte bakka maido bibatuumacchi
barabara ni nari sou da yo

ichi ni no san dde kiriotosou
ikura muda o shitatte shinenai janai
shinenai nara mou shinde n’janai?

‘donna toki mo futari naraba koete ikeru kara’
kudaranai risou kyou nara sude ni owatta nda yo
hajimeyou kore made no haji no toreedo o
futari no ai kotoba mo kikitakunai koto darou

ima sugu ni raku ni shite ageyou
kore made o mu ni shite ageyou
zama o miro kashi wa kashi ni shiyou
sagatte ikou
okimari no sayonara no namida
naze itsumo sonna ni zurui no
kamatte kure kamatte kure

kimi ga ikura aishite mo kayui dake dakara
sorosoro kaeshite yo kimi no watashi o
wasuretai omoide ga hitojichi dakara
itsudemo yareru koto kakugo shiteru kedo

kimi to itsuka warai aetara
sore mo maa ii ka na
tomaranai kono namida wa tabun sou utatteru kara

gomenne ‘shitai’ darake no haji no toreedo wa kanawanai
kimi no kodou wa chanto tomatteru kara


I loved my ordinary happiness and wrong impressions.
There was something hidden in the day when you smiled so frightfully.

I said something stupid like “you’re not wrong.”
I was fond of your crooning
and my heart throbbed. I couldn’t stand still.
Let’s bury our claws into our hearts.

With a “one, two, three!” let’s let go.
Where did this dream go amiss?
I can’t drag you along. I can’t drag you along, so let’s say goodbye.

No matter how much you love me, all I do is get itchy
so give me back the version of me that you own.
The memories you want to forget are hostages
so you have be prepared so you can kill them at any moment.

I knew too much, so I wish to forget.
I only like your exterior. After all, I want to make you my servant.

Uncontrollably, we grew twisted as a result of holding hands.
The pattern of love plunges into the deep water. (1)
All I do is lust, and each time I ‘viva’ too much.
Looks like things will be scattered in pieces.

With a “one, two, three!” we’ll cut it off.
No matter how much I exert myself, I just can’t die.
If I can’t die, doesn’t that mean I’m already dead?

“No matter what happens, we can overcome it together, after all.”
That worthless utopia is finished now.
Let’s start trading our past shame.
Perhaps I just don’t want to listen to our words of love. (2)

I’ll put you at ease right away.
I’ll make your past disappear.
Serves you right! I’ll turn this debt into lyrics.
Let’s step back.
I shed stereotypical tears of farewell.
Why am I always so sly?
Notice me. Notice me.

No matter how much you love me, all I do is get itchy
so give me back the version of me that you own.
The memories I want to forget are hostages
so I’m prepared so I can kill them at any moment. Still…

If I can someday smile with you,
Then I guess that’s not too bad.
My tears won’t stop. Maybe it’s because I’m singing.

I’m sorry. Trading in shame riddled with ‘corpses’ won’t suit.
After all, your heartbeat has definitely stopped.

Translator’s notes

(1) 腫魔る (hamaru) does not appear to be a real Japanese word. It uses the characters for ‘tumor’ and ‘demon’ and sounds the same as はまる (hamaru, fit/fall into).

(2) 愛言葉 (aikotoba) literally means ‘words of love’, but it also sounds the same as 合言葉 (aikotoba, password). This appears to be commonly used in the artist’s other songs.



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