Album art.

予後の音 || Sounds of Convalescence

Album art.

yogo no oto
Sounds of Convalescence

Vocals: あさき (Asaki)
Lyrics: あさき (Asaki)
Composed by: あさき (Asaki)
Album: 神曲 (A Divine Song)
Release date: November 16, 2005

Requested by: 指足り

This seems to be a heartbreaking song about a person who loses their friend while they’re still young…

I have to give credit to this site. The author provided a useful interpretation of the song that I referred to while translating it.


跫音のとまる背に 面影ばかり
重さに下り 窓明かり 欠ける

はじめより穏やかで 手合わせ 友ささめく
最後まで残るほうが 影厭う

目つむれば やにわに 残る

沢山の部屋が在るが 遠く佇む

結びの目 駆け足で 解けていく




ashioto no tomaru se ni omokage bakari
omosa ni kudari madoakari kakeru

hajime yori odoyaka de teawase tomo sasameku
saigo made nokoru hou ga kage itou

me tsumureba yaniwa ni nokoru

hasu ni naru
takusan no heya ga aru ga tooku tatazumu

musubi no me kakeashi de tokete iku
omoi omoi

kuzuoreta mizue no ato
koyami naku fueru

ashioto no tomaru se de
tomo ga te o furu
egao de


Behind people who’ve stopped moving are nothing but vestiges.
Sinking heavily, the windowlight was waning.

Calmer than at the start, I held my friend’s hand and whispered.
I’d rather stay until the end. I balk at shadows.

When I close my eyes, they remain there for an instant.

Many rooms
become distorted, but I loiter far away.

The eye of the knot comes untied in a rush
as it pleases…

The traces of collapsed, young wisdom
increase without lull.

In the shallows where footsteps stop,
my friend waves a hand
with a smile.



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