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物の怪カルタ || Ghostly Karuta

Album art.

mononoke karuta
Ghostly Karuta

Vocals: まめこ (Mameko)
Lyrics: 未羽 (Miu)
Composed by: オッカ (Okka)
Album: 百鬼夜行草子 (Hyakki Yagyou Soushi) [Official site]
Group: Mamyukka
Event: M3-2014 Spring

Requested by: ze

This song includes references to karuta and hanafuda. For some resources on the two, see here: karuta, hanafuda.

Some quick terms that are relevant here: in hanafuda, koi (こい) means ‘go on’ and shoubu (しょうぶ) indicates that the round stops and it’s time to score.


灯る鬼灯 さあさとおりゃんせ

骨まで露わ 襟をはだけ
あやかし遊戯 いざ尋常に

みんな出て 来い来い来い


願かけて 山掛けて 金賭けて

花にあやかし 月に運試し

赤い唇 コマを這わせ
真剣勝負 いざ尋常に

猪鹿 来い来い

松に鵺 芒に火車

鶴滑り亀滑り 後ろの後ろの君は誰?

花にあやかし 月に運試し


kusaki mo nemurazu ushimitsu
tomoru hoozuki saa sa tooryanse
yubi ga korobasu ichimon hansen
tsuki mo shaburi tsukusu no sa

hone made arawa eri o hadake
ayakashi yuugi iza jinjou ni

sho sho, shoujouji
shoujouji no niwa wa
tsu, tsu, tsukiyo da
minna dete koi koi koi

sai no me wa kono te no naka

dochira ni shiyou kamisama no iu toori
yaoyorozu dore ni shiyou (zeitaku shimei shiyou)
gan kakete yama kakete kane kakete

hana ni ayakashi tsuki ni undameshi
mekuru mononoke karuta
kyoubi jigoku no sata mo kore shidai
saa sai o nageru no sa

akai kuchibiru koma o hawase
shinken shoubu iza jinjou ni

sho sho, shoujouji
shoujouji no niwa de
ha, ha, hanafuda
inoshika koi koi

matsu ni nue nogi ni kasha

dochira ni shiyou kamisama mo nano nano na
yaoyorozu dore ni shiyou (saidai gokai shiyou)
tsuru sumeri kame sumeri ushiro no ushiro no kimi wa dare?

hana ni ayakashi tsuki ni undameshi
mekuri mononoke karuta
kyoubi gokuraku iki mo kore shidai
aa, sai o nagetara


In the dead of night when even the plants are restless,
The Chinese lanterns burn. Come, come, pass through.
I roll some small change around with my fingers
and I’ll even devour the moon.

Bare to the bone, expose your neck.
These are games with spirits. Let’s go, like usual.

Leaping around—
At Shoujouji (1)
the garden
is moon-moon-moonlit at night.
Everyone, come out. Come, come, come!

The die is in my hands.

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo. Let’s do as God says. (2)
Of all of them, which do we choose? (A luxuriously named method).
Make a wish, take a guess, bet some cash.

Spirits atop the flowers, a test of luck upon the moon,
I turn over the ghostly karuta.
It all depends on this in Hell. (3)
Alright, I’m gonna throw the dice.

Red lips crawl along the piece.
It’s a fierce fight. Let’s go, like usual.

At Shoujouji
in the garden
we play ha-ha-hanafuda.
Boar and deer, come, come! (4)

A nue in the pines, a kasha on the grains. (5)

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo. Let’s do as God says.
Of all of them, which do we choose? (Max uses: five)
The crane and tortoise slipped over. Who’s that in front of me? (6)

Spirits atop the flowers, a test of luck upon the moon,
I turn over the ghostly karuta.
Nowadays, the path to paradise depends on this. (7)
Ah, once I throw the dice—

Translator’s notes

(1) 猩々 (Shoujou) is a type of Japanese sea spirit with a red face and hair. They are renowned for being heavy drinkers. This stanza is also linked to 証城寺の狸囃子 (Shoujouji no Tanukibayashi), a traditional song. You can read more about it, including a translation, here.

(2) This stanza references どちらにしようかな (Dochira ni Shiyou kana), a traditional song that approximates to ‘eeny, meeny, miney, mo’.

(3) This phrase is a proverb that approximates to ‘Money talks’.

(4) 猪鹿 (inoshika) is part of 猪鹿蝶 (inoshikachou – Boar, deer, butterfly), a combination in hanafuda worth 5 points

(5) 芒 (nogi) specifically refers to an awn/beard of grain.

(6) This refers to the traditional song Kagome Kagome.

(7) 極楽 (gokuraku) specifically refers to the Buddhist concept of Sukhavati.



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