Album art.

Solros ~Vocal Edition~

Album art.

Solros ~Vocal Edition~

Vocals: にゃん汰 (Nyanta)
Lyrics: InoueDelta
Composed by: InoueDelta
Album: Groundbreaking -BOF2011 COMPILATION ALBUM- [Official site]
Release date: 3 December 2011

Requested by: Frenz Fregnier
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遠い昔 太陽の元
美しい国 栄えてた
今はもう 記憶の彼方きえた
太陽の国 ソーラス

遥か南へ 太陽の元
飛行船は 飛んでいく
おじいさんの夢 届けるために

暗い書斎の中で 眠り続けてた
古い羅針盤 手にした少女

不安と期待と 勇気胸にして
震える小さな羽を広げ 旅立った

遠く遠くへ 南十字追って
飛行船は 風に乗ってゆくよ
高く高くへ 青い大空へ
少女の思い 乗せていく

青く澄んだ湖面に 浮かぶ街の跡
消えた主の 帰りを待った
彼らは何処へ行ったのか 何処へ消えたのか
答え求め 足取り追う

羅針盤示す 南の果てへ

(翼を 広げて……)
遥か南へ 太陽の元
飛行船は 飛んでいく
主の帰り待つ 太陽の国を
ソーラスを 目指して


tooi mukashi taiyou no moto
utsukushii kuni sakaeteta
ima wa mou kioku no kanata kieta
taiyou no kuni soorasu

haruka minami e taiyou no moto
hikousen wa tonde iku
ojiisan no yume todokeru tame ni
shoujo wa tabidatsu

kurai shosai no naka de nemuri tsudzuketeta
furui rashinban te ni shita shoujo
seirei-tachi no negai to
ojiisan no yume
toki o koete todokeru tame

fuan to kitai to yuuki mune ni shite
furueru chiisana hane o hiroge tabidatta

tooku tooku e minamijuuji otte
hikousen wa kaze ni notte yuku yo
tooku tooku e aoi oozora e
shoujo no omoi nosete iku

aoku sunda komen ni ukabu machi no ato
kieta aruji no kaeri o matta
karera wa doko e itta no ka doko e kieta no ka
kotae motome ashidori ou

rashinban shimesu minami no hate e
shoujo wa tabidatsu

(tsubasa o hirogete…)
haruka minami e taiyou no moto
hikousen wa tonde iku
aruji no kaeri matsu taiyou no kuni o
soorasu o mezashite


In the distant past, beneath the sun,
a beautiful country flourished
but now, it has long vanished beyond memories.
It was the sun’s country, Solros.

An airship flies, heading far to the south
beneath the sun.
A young girl set out on her journey
to deliver her grandfather’s dream.

In a dark study, he continued to sleep.
The girl acquired an old compass
to cross over time
and deliver the wishes of the spirits
and her grandfather’s dream.

With anxiety, anticipation and courage in her heart
she spread her small, trembling wings and set off.

Further and further away, following the Southern Cross,
her airship rides upon the winds.
It heads higher and higher toward the blue sky
bearing her feelings.

The traces of streets float on the blue, clear lake.
They await the return of their vanished masters.
Where did they go? Where did they disappear to?
Seeking answers, she follows their steps.

With her compass pointing to the edge of south,
she embarks.

(Spread your wings…)
An airship flies, heading far to the south
beneath the sun.
It aims for Solros, the sun’s country,
which awaits the return of its masters.



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