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Album art.

謠降る里 || The Village of Falling Songs

Album art.

uta furu sato
The Village of Falling Songs

Vocals: 鈴葉ユミ (Suzuha Yumi)
Lyrics: 鈴葉ユミ (Suzuha Yumi)
Composed by: 鈴葉ユミ (Suzuha Yumi)
Album: 夢はささめく風に舞いて (A Dream Dances in the Whispering Wind) [Official site]
Circle: 鈴葉屋 (Suzuhaya)
Release date: 27 October 2013

Requested by: NyanNeko
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It’s possible that 降る里 (furu sato) is intended to be linked to 故郷 (furusato, hometown).


冷たい 闇に 星燈かりを燈す
あったかい きみの熱 思い出して

見て見て あの光はきみの夢
叶うように ここで見守っているよ
もう遠く久しい 記憶ほどき、夢に還る道の途中
振り返り仰ぐ 降る里

いとし すべての者が 幸せに居られますように
果てない空の向こうに 願いよ 届いて

ねぇ、もう一度会いたい 希えど答えは無し
哀し すべての者が 明日は幸せになれるよう
眩い月の向こうに 歌を響かせて


tsumetai yami ni hoshi akari o tomosu
attakai kimi no netsu omoidashite

mite mite ano hikari wa kimi no yume
kanau you ni koko de mimamotte iru yo
mou tooku hisashii kioku hodoki, yume ni kaeru michi no tochuu
furikaeru aogu furu sato

itoshi subete no mono ga shiawase ni iraremasu you ni
hatenai sora no mukou ni negai yo todoite
“mitsuki wa kake yuku”
sakura, sakura, harumachi tsuki ni, utau
ukabu no wa yasashii egao

nee, mou ichido aitai koinegaedo kotae wa nashi
kanashi subete no mono ga asu wa shiawase ni nareru you
mabayui tsuki no mukou ni uta o hibikasete
“yoidzuki wa michi yuku”


I light a star-shaped lantern in the cold darkness
and I remember your warmth.

Look, look—that light is your dream.
I’m standing watch here so it will come true.
I unfasten memories of the distant past en route to returning to the dream.
I look back and gaze up at the falling village.

I hope that my wishes will reach their destination beyond the endless sky
so all those I love can live happily.
“The full moon wanes.”
Sakura, sakura, singing in the twelfth lunar month.
Your kind smile comes to mind.

Come on, I want to see you once more. Though I beg, there’s no response.
I hope that all those who feel sorrow will be happy tomorrow.
Make that song resound beyond the dazzling moon.
“The evening moon waxes.”


14 responses to “謠降る里 || The Village of Falling Songs”

  1. Yuki Avatar

    can you tell me about the melody of this song. and do you have other songs which have this melody?


    1. Releska Avatar

      Hi – my blog has a powerful search function on the front page. You will be able to search for the Japanese or English title.


      1. Yuki Avatar

        Do you have other songs written and sung by Suzuha-san? And do you give on-demand music translation?


        1. Releska Avatar

          Hi – my blog has a powerful search function on the front page.

          I also have a request page with all the details you are after.


  2. Tran Nghia Avatar
    Tran Nghia

    could you tell me more about the meaning of this song on your views? (I just want to know a little better…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Sure! I think it’s about someone remembering the person they love, who is no longer here with them. The speaker might be lighting a lantern as a symbol of the one they love, with its warmth and light a symbol of them.


      1. Tran Nghia Avatar
        Tran Nghia

        I don’t understand the sentence “さくら、さくら、春待ち月に、謡う” (Sakura, sakura, singing in the twelfth lunar month). Can you explain it clearly for me?


        1. Releska Avatar

          ‘Sakura, sakura’ is a reference to the traditional song of the same name. It is also a reference to the cherry blossom trees, which have the same name.

          The speaker might be singing ‘Sakura, sakura’ during the twelfth lunar month, or the cherry blossoms could be rustling in the wind as if they’re singing.


          1. Tran Nghia Avatar
            Tran Nghia

            and the last lyrics ‘宵月は満ちゆく” (The evening moon waxes). What does it mean?


            1. Releska Avatar

              A moon that waxes is one that is getting bigger, or closer to being a full moon, each night.


              1. Tran Nghia Avatar
                Tran Nghia

                Thank you for you exxplaination
                Do have the translation of 2 others song in this album?


                1. Releska Avatar

                  You’re welcome!

                  I haven’t translated the other tracks from this album.


                  1. Tran Nghia Avatar
                    Tran Nghia

                    How do you understand about the name of the about and this song? Does “falling” means “autumn”?


                    1. Releska Avatar

                      I’m not sure, but I like your idea of ‘falling’ referring to ‘autumn’. Maybe songs are falling in the village like autumn leaves.


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