Enter the Xiaolong

Enter the Xiaolong

Vocals: KAITO
Lyrics: nyanyannya
Composed by: nyanyannya
PV release date: 17 August 2019

Requested by: Saryu
Watch the official video on YouTube!

Because some Chinese phrases are mixed in, I chose not to romanise this track. The Chinese parts were translated based on Google Translate, so I would appreciate any corrections from fluent Chinese speakers!


考えるだけ無駄だ 愚か者め

来来 如雷声 如光綫 扫帚星
来来 如雷声 如光綫 大天才

運命なんて呑めるもんか 泣き言めいた味がする
断崖 窮地 病み 不幸感 今宵は宴 列を成せ
(来来! 来来!)

“Who you are”
生き方さえ強請るのか? 命短し呷れよ天才
何十回 何百回も 燦然たる 三千大千

Comin at ya 来来 天蒼蒼 燃えよシャオロン
研ぎ澄ませよ その集中力 妙算
来 like a レーザービーム 過去未来を
(你是誰?) 大天才

下一位! 熱証 幸害病 下一位! 疾く!
昨日という日を呼ぶように 手を離せば戻らない

“Everybody was”
水面の月を掴むより 暁の空破れよ限界
何十階 何百階も 敢然と 間然することなき
完全体の理路を 駆け上がって
Once more now (駆け上がって)

来来 一隻眼 燃えよシャオロン
叩き出した スキゾフレニック構造で
来 Your Thousand’s Tales 砂の台を
(你是誰?) 大天才!

(ファンクビート 大天才!)

快結束了? 受等受等!
(快結束了? 受等受等!)
Come on! Come on! Come on! say!
(Come on! Come on! Come on!)
“Hey oddball” 装い派手 唱える覇で
七難ハックして 強情に

この身を喰らう骸の病が 瞳焦がし 骨を焼いて 髄を沸かせど

還 魂欲然 吼えよ小龍
無彊幸詠う魂の 青い鳥よ (快!)
緑琉璃色 才の尾を引いて
果てまで 飛べ 翔べ 大天才

来来 如雷声 如光綫 扫帚星
来来 如雷声 如光綫 大天才


It’s useless to think, fool!

Come on, like pealing thunder, like light—a meteor.
Come on, like pealing thunder, like light—a great genius.

As if I’ll be kept down by fate! That stinks of a complaint.
A cliff. A dilemma. Suffering. Sorrow. Tonight’s a party, so line up!
(Come on! Come on!)

“Who you are”
Do you even beg for a way of life? Life is short. Drink it down, genius!
The universe grows radiant tens and hundreds of times.
Make yourselves, at the cutting edge, boil.

Comin at ya. Come, come, heaven and gods. Burn up, Xiaolong!
Be sharpened! Your powers of concentration are a trick.
Come like a laser beam. Drill through the present
heading to the darkness of unhappiness which covers the past and future.
Who are you? A grand genius!

Next! Passionate proof and diseased fortune. Next! Swiftly!
Like calling for yesterday, once you let go it won’t return.

“Everybody was”
Rather than grasping the moon on the water’s surface, tear the dawning sky beyond the limit!
Boldly ascend tens or hundreds of steps without criticism.
Race up perfect logic.
Once more now (race up!)

Come, come, burn with a sharp eye, Xiaolong!
Strike out at the schizophrenic framework.
Come, Your Thousand’s Tales. Knit together
the threads of embellished action upon a pedestal of sand.
(Who are you?) A great genius!

(FunkBeat, great genius!)

Is it almost over? Wait, wait!
(Is it almost over? Wait, wait!)
Come on! Come on! Come on! say!
(Come on! Come on! Come on!)
“Hey oddball” In flashy clothes and chanting in victory,
stubbornly hack into the Seven Misfortunes.
CHANGE YOUR WORLD countless times.

Though the corpse disease consuming my body scorches my eyes, burns my bones and boils my marrow…

With a soul stil burning, bellow, small dragon.
The bluebird has a soul that sings of endless fortune. (Delight!)
Pull the green lapis lazuli tail of genius.
Fly to the very edge. Soar, great genius!

Come on, like pealing thunder, like light—a meteor.
Come on, like pealing thunder, like light—a great genius.



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5 responses to “Enter the Xiaolong”

  1. weeb Avatar

    hey, i really like your translations! i think in the song, the part where a chorus sings “ファンクビート 大天才!” might be closer to “FunkBeat, great genius” seeing as funkbeat is the one armed guy with the eyepatch in the song’s art, and he’s often referred to as a “great genius” using those exact characters. apologies if this sounds stupid and i really dont know much about japanese, but i am a fan of this producer/the series this song comes from

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thanks for that! I don’t have much knowledge about the series so I rely on fans like you to help me fill in the gaps 😎 I’m going to revise this translation in the coming days so I’ll add that in too!


  2. Saryu Avatar

    Thanks for translating! There are Japanese translations for some things that I think you translated from Chinese. For example, 下一位 has 次 written below it, and 無彊幸 is pronounced as “kagiri naki shiawase” so “endless happiness/fortune” instead of “without fortune”. The line before it is also translated in the video (at 2:52). The very first line of the song is missing (technically it’s already in English, but sometimes official translations aren’t the best so I’d like to know what the Japanese subs for that part say). Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think “stage of sand” should be pedestal or tower of sand instead? Because the furigana says it’s pronounced as utena, and my dictionary says those are the definitions for 台 when it’s pronounced that way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! Thanks for the suggestions too, I must admit I didn’t look too closely at the video because of the Chinese lyrics but I see now that the video actually includes some really important information (^_^); I’ll look more closely at the video in the coming days and publish some revisions!


    2. Releska Avatar

      Thanks again for the comment – I’ve updated the translation based on your feedback, please let me know if I’ve missed anything! (^_^)


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