Vocals: 重音テト (Kasane Teto)
Composed by: いちた (Ichita)
Lyrics: いちた (Ichita)
Release date: 13 January 2018

Requested by: terracannon876
Watch the official video on YouTube!

Update (8 August 2020): Alterations to lines containing バカばっか. Thanks for the suggestion Innomi!



完全無欠 なんて都市伝説

急転直下 スーサイドコースター
パラレルワ よろしくね


見る目を変える 俯瞰全燃焼鈩

諄い嘘 撃ち抜いて

急転直下 スーサイドコースター
パラレルワ さようなら



jan ken pon de omae no make
ron demo sun to mo warawanaide
tondemo ron de michibikidashita
kiki to yuuyuu fuu ni oyogasete oke

kanzen muketsu nante toshi densetsu
kussee katari shinjiten no
“zettai” nante yasui kotoba o
10%OFF de nagete uri tobashite

kyuuten chokka suusaido koosutaa
parareru wa yoroshiku ne
“mata ashita” tte furiageta migite wa
chuu o tadayou
shuuten dokoka wakari mo shinai mama
samayou kangei mo ukezu
jishu o shime nagara hakkiri to iu sa
“baka baka bakka baka bakka”

urusai araamu o hayaku tomete
dou ni mo kou ni mo narazu ni tomatten no
hyoushiki ni shitagau furi mo dekizu ni
meiro ni aragau furi o shi tsudzukete

saa ikooru de owari ni shiyou
ussee yaji wa dai san suiyou
kettai nante yasui karute de
miru me o kaeru fukanzen nenshou

juusei douka narashite okure yo
kudoi uso uchi nuite
yogorechimatte furiageta migite wa
kuu o samayou

kyuuten chokka suusaido koosutaa
parareru wa sayounara
kuzurechimatta oikaketa ano me wa
chuu o tadayou
kyuusei sou ka wakari mo shinai wana
tomadou kanmei mo ukezu
kuchi o shime nagara hakkiri to iu sa
“baka bakka! baaka bakka!”

jan ken pon de omae no make


Rock, paper, scissors—it’s your loss!
Don’t laugh without even arguing about it. (1)
You came to your conclusion from an unthinkable theory.
Let it swim merrily and calmly in the wind.

Absolute perfection is an urban legend.
Do you really believe such nonsense?
Mark down cheap words like “absolute” by 10%
and sell them off.

Things take a sudden turn. Suicide coaster.
Welcome to a parallel world!
“See you tomorrow!” that right arm raised up
drifts in the air.
Without ever knowing where the final stop will be
I wander without being welcomed
and while strangling my own neck, I’ll say it clearly:
“Idiots, idiots, they’re all just idiots!”

Hurry up and stop that noisy alarm!
No matter what I do, it’s hopeless. It’s stopped.
Without even being able to pretend to follow the signs.
I persist in pretending to resist the labyrinth.

Now, let’s leave it at equals.
Those annoying brutes will have a day off. (2)
With cheap charts that say ‘arrhythmia’,
change public opinion! Overlook everything burning.

Send the gunshots ringing for me!
Shoot out those wordy lies.
That dirty right arm raised up
wanders in the air.

Things take a sudden turn. Suicide coaster.
Farewell, parallel world!
Those eyes, which I pursued and then crumbled away,
drift in the air.
This is a trap. You’ll never know whether it was sudden death.
Without getting a bewildered, deep impression
I’ll say it clearly with my mouth shut:
“They’re all idiots! All idiots!”

Rock, paper, scissors—it’s your loss!

Translator’s note

(1) ロンでもスンとも (ron demo sun to mo) appears to be based on ウンともスンとも (un to mo sun to mo), which means “without uttering a single word.” ウン (un) is replaced with ロン (ron), which may mean the same as 論 (ron, argument).

(2) The meaning of 第三水曜 (dai san suiyou) is unclear, but a Japanese business article suggests that having a day off every third Wednesday is a tradition in some shops.



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5 responses to “f.o.f”

  1. Innomi Avatar

    Thank you for translating this!

    There was something I’m curious about; for the 「バカバカばっかバカばっか」lines, the pitch accent(?) for the last 「ばっか」sounds like ばっか as in ばっかり or “full of” to me? The words are written in different texts (katakana and hiragana) too.

    So I thought the line would be something like, “Idiot, Idiot, Idiot; they’re all idiots!” Or “Idiot, Idiot, Idiot; nothing but an idiot!”

    I’m not 100% sure, so please give it another listen yourself!

    Thanks again~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! I definitely want to listen to the song again and think more about how we can best translate ばっか (^_^) I’ve made a note to come back to it this weekend – I’ll respond again and let you know what I think!


    2. Releska Avatar

      Thanks again for your suggestion! I gave the song another listen and did some further research, and I agree that there’s a difference between バカ and ばっか. I’ve made some updates to make the difference a bit clearer (^_^)


      1. Innomi Avatar

        Thank you so much for the double-check and update! Take care and good luck with your requests~

        Liked by 1 person

  2. iggy Avatar

    this is cool! i didn’t think anyone wanted this song at all. it didn’t even get thousands of likes. but i really like it! for some reason, most of the awesome (in my opinion) authors are unpopular. but i am glad that they have a small english-language fanbase.

    hahaha, releska, i adore u!!!


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