Album art.

紫陽花の夢 || A Dream of Hydrangea

Album art.

ajisai no yume
A Dream of Hydrangea

Vocals: 久遠ゆん (Yun Kudou)
Lyrics: 尾崎空 (Sora Osaki)
Composed by: 尾崎空 (Sora Osaki)
Album: 紫宴妖々歌
Circle: Alieson
Event: M3-32

Requested by: JameOO

I’ve been thinking of a potential English translation of the album title… and I was thinking of something like “The Purple Banquet’s Bewitching Songs.” I still don’t know how to pronounce it, though…

The title begins with the number 參 (san, three). I originally posted the translation with the number included but have since taken it out.


それは毒の花 香る花

咲かせます 森をぬけて
あちらこちら どこへでもいく

楽しくて 愉快だな
つぎは何になろうか 紫陽花の夢

それは丸い花 雨の花


青は嬉し 白は寂しい

悲しくて 笑えるな

楽しくて 苦しくて

いのち 終わりがくるまで


kiite, ano ne,
sore wa doku no hana kaoru hana
demo ne, ano ne, sakaseta no wa boku
kesshite tabenaide ne

aka ya ao ya shiro ya murasaki
sakasemasu mori o nukete
achira kochira doko e demo iku
yakusoku o hatashimasu

sore demo boku ni wa sugata ga nai
tanoshikute yukai da na
tsugi wa nani ni narou ka ajisai no yume

kiite, ano ne,
sore wa marui hana ame no hana

demo ne, ano ne, dare mo shiranai
himitsu no shimei ga aru

namida ochiru jiyuu no sei de
hana no iro wa kawaru nda
ao wa ureshi shiro wa samishii
murasaki wa nikurashii

sore demo boku ni wa koe mo denai
kanashikute waraeru na
tsugi wa nani ni narou ka
nozomeru mono naraba

boku ni wa sugata ga nai
tanoshikute kurushikute
saki hokoru ajisai wa mata iro o motsu

ichinen ni ichido yurusareta
inochi owari ga kuru made


Listen, um,
it’s a poisonous flower, a fragrant flower.
But, well, I’m the one who made it bloom.
Make sure you don’t eat it, okay?

Red, blue, white, and purple.
I make them bloom and escape the forest.
Here and there, I go everywhere.
I’m fulfilling my promise.

Even so, I am formless.
It’s so fun and delightful.
What shall I be next in this dream of hydrangea?

Listen, well,
it’s a round flower, the flower of rain.

Still, um, nobody knows
that it has a secret mission.

The flower’s colour changes
because tears fall.
Blue is for happiness, white is for loneliness
and purple is for hatred.

Even so, I am voiceless.
I am sad, yet burst into laughter.
What shall I be next?
If I could wish for something…

I am formless.
It’s so fun and painful.
The hydrangea, in full bloom, has another colour.

It’s only allowed to bloom once a year
until its life comes to an end.



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2 responses to “紫陽花の夢 || A Dream of Hydrangea”

  1. Dream Worlds Avatar
    Dream Worlds

    Thanks for your translation (I heard it , was really good ^^) I wonder what the character in this story is? At first I thought she was the one who looked after the flowers but later I thought she was the flower. So I would like to ask a little bit of your opinion about it…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thanks for your comment! I feel like the character can shapeshift (either in real life or in her dreams). Maybe she looks after the flowers during the day and ‘becomes’ them in her dreams? The ‘I am formless’ sections kind of support this.

      If she doesn’t literally become the flowers, she may be comparing herself to them. Like the hydrangea, she doesn’t settle on one mood, and is different depending on how she feels. There may be some floriography in there too…

      Liked by 1 person

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