Vocals: emaru
Lyrics: Asahi (アサヒ)
Composed by: Asahi (アサヒ)
Album: swimming classroom
Group: macaroom
Release date: March 7, 2018

Check out the album on Bandcamp!

The lyrics are quite short, yet they seem to pack a powerful and ever-relevant message: don’t lose sight of yourself.

移し替える 移し替える

utsushikaeru utsushikaeru
norikaeru karada
wasurete iru
muryoku na hito

They switch between bodies
and once they’ve had enough
they move on to a new one
and have forgotten all about it.
The person is powerless.


torie no kagami ni utsutta raion mo naiteru
jibun o wasureteru kara

Reflected in the toilet mirror, the lion is crying too
because they’ve forgotten who they are.

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