水星都市計画 || Urban Planning of Mercury

suisei toshi keikaku
Urban Planning of Mercury

Vocals: POEMI or 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: R Sound Design
Composed by: R Sound Design
Upload date: 31 July 2020

Requested by: Fortabt
Listen to the POEMI version on YouTube!
Listen to the Hatsune Miku version on NicoNico!


足取り軽くなるよ 1,2,step

成層圏内 ビルの上 イルミネーションを散りばめて

透明にHi-Fi 青い流星が
今夜快晴 空を流れて
時はtic-tac 9時を刻んで
集え集え この指まで
飛ばせWi-Fi 青い惑星よ
迫るmidnight 心交わして

水星 銀河六丁目 宇宙に繊細な円描いて
周る太陽系 游ぐ星の海 心地良さはエンドレス
ここは水星 僕らが生まれた星 あなたまでの距離は
僅か8光分 青い惑星向けて”I love you”を繰り返す

安全圏内 雲の上 知らんぷりを巻き込んだら

どこまでもHi-Fi 青い流星が
続く快晴 空に溢れて
時はtic-tac 2時を刻んで
踊れ 踊れ ほら朝まで
拾えWi-Fi 青い惑星よ
過ぎるmidnight 心焦がして


saeteru kyou no unmeisen
yahari tsuiteru gacha wa SSR
ashidori karuku naru yo 1, 2, step
soratobu kuruma-tachi o oikoshita
mata okimari no kafe de teireikai
minna to daberu dake de mou ii kai
“maa majime na hanashi wa oitoite…”
mata mo chuu ni uiteru toshi keikaku

mousou souzou no hanchuu o sukoshi genjitsu ni shitai no sa
kantan ni warawanaide (zen’eiteki uchuusen ni notte)
seisoukennai biru no ue irumineeshon o chiribamete
manten no hoshi o yobu yo

toumei ni Hi-Fi aoi ryuusei ga
kon’ya kaisei sora o nagarete
toki wa tic-tac kuji o kizande
tsudoe tsudoe kono yubi made
tobase Wi-Fi aoi wakusei yo
boku no koe ga todoitemasu ka?
semaru midnight kokoro kawashite
machi mo hito mo hoshi mo tsunagatte iku

suisei ginga rokuchoume uchuu ni sensai na en egaite
mawaru taiyoukei oyogu hoshi no umigokochi yosa wa endoresu
koko wa suisei bokura ga umareta hoshi anata made no kyori wa
wazuka hachikoufun aoi wakusei mukete “I love you” o kurikaesu

mousou souzou no hanchuu mo koko wa genjitsu ni dekiru no sa
kantan ni akiramenaide (choujouteki na sainou tsukatte)
anzen kennai kumo no ue shiranpuri o makikondara
eisei mo utaidasu yo

doko made mo Hi-Fi aoi ryuusei ga
tsuzuku kaisei sora ni afurete
toki wa tic-tac niji o kizande
odore odore hora asa made
hiroe Wi-Fi aoi wakusei yo
boku no ai ga todoitemasu ka?
sugiru midnight kokoro kogashite
machi mo hito mo hoshi mo kagayaite iru


Today’s line of fate is clear.
I’m definitely lucky since I pulled an SSR in my gacha.
My steps are lighter now. 1, 2, step.
I’ve overtaken the flying cars.
We have our regular hangout at the usual cafe.
Had enough of just chatting with everyone?
“Hmm, we’ll put serious discussions to one side…”
Once again, the urban planning is undecided.

I want to bring the categories of delusions and imagination closer to reality.
Don’t be so quick to laugh. (Ride this avant-garde spaceship)
Illuminated lights are studded in the stratosphere and atop the building.
They call all the stars in the sky.

Transparently, hi-fi blue meteors
stream through the clear sky tonight.
Time tic-tacs and 9 o’clock passes.
Gather, gather, up to my fingertips.
Launch the wi-fi, blue planet!
Is my voice reaching you?
Midnight approaches. Exchanging hearts,
the streets, the people, and the stars are connected.

Shooting stars on the Milky Way’s sixth street draw a fine line in space.
I travel around the solar system, swimming in a sea of stars. My pleasure is endless.
This is Mercury, our birth planet. The distance between you and I
is a mere 8 light minutes. I face the blue planet and keep saying “I love you.”

Here, I can make the categories of delusions and imagination reality too.
Don’t be so quick to give up. (Use supernatural abilities)
When those in the safety zone above the clouds, pretending not to know, are dragged in
the satellite will start singing too.

Utterly hi-fi blue meteors fly endlessly
and flow into the persistently clear sky
Time tic-tacs and 2 o’clock passes.
Dance, dance! Come on, until morning.
Gather up the wi-fi, blue planet!
Is my love reaching you?
Midnight passes. With hearts burning with passion
the streets, the people, and the stars are shining.



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4 responses to “水星都市計画 || Urban Planning of Mercury”

  1. raineydayparade Avatar

    R Sound Design is great, be nice to see (well, ‘hear’ lol) them collab with some other composers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      I agree! I’ve become a big fan of their work


  2. Fortabt (@strobe_last12) Avatar

    Ahhhh! Thank you so much for translating this Releska-san! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! (^_^) Thanks for your patience…!


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