Album art.

狐の嫁入り || The Kitsune’s Wedding

Album art.

kitsune no yomeiri
The Kitsune’s Wedding

Vocals: 久遠ゆん (Yun Kudou)
Lyrics: 尾崎空 (Sora Osaki)
Composed by: 尾崎空 (Sora Osaki)
Album: 紫宴妖々歌
Circle: Alieson
Event: M3-32

Requested by: Dream Worlds

This title is a common one – it works literally, but it also refers to a sun shower. I get the sense the title might be referring to the weather phenomenon this time.

The title begins with the number 漆 (nana – seven). I originally posted the translation with the number included but have since taken it out.


誰や誰や 私を愛してくれる者
誰や誰や 私を捕らえる影法師




悪戯にとおせんぼ 歌い踊り舞う


誰や誰や 私を愛してくれる者
その眼は冷てえな 姿を現す影法師

ある夜姉様は もう帰りゃせんと
そう言いなさって この道去られた


黒い森を抜け ふたつ峠越え
遥々むかうは あぜ道迷う千鳥足

咲けや咲き乱れや 美しかろう この艶衣装
みな眼に焼き付けや 二度とは逢われぬこの姿

お天道様は ききいれてくれようか

霧があけるように この身が消えたら
次は蝶になり 自由に舞おう

shiroku mi o tsutsumi akai beni sashite
koyoi no utage wa yo ni saita unmei


dare ya dare ya watashi o aishite kureru mono
dare ya dare ya watashi o toraeru kageboushi

tsukiyo ni ukanda aojiroi inori
chirahora tomoshite mairimasenu ka

nagare nagare watashibune
tsurane tsurerareru ren

itazura ni toosenbo utai odori mau
kogitsune no kouta wa ukiyo o shirazu

hyaku, nihyaku to ayumi o yomi enri koishi ya to nakeba
hare sugata sae mukuwarenu

dare ya dare ya watashi o aishite kureru mono
sono me wa tsumetee na sugata o arawasu kageboushi

aru yoru neesama wa mou kaeryasen to
sou ii nasatte kono michi sarareta

temaneki shite ita akai higanbana
kono mi mo kou shite ato o oimashou

kuroi mori o nuke futatsu tougegoe
harubaru mukau wa azemichi mayou chidoriashi

sake ya saki midare ya utsukashirou kono tsuya ishou
mina me ni yakitsuke ya nido to wa awarenu kono sugata

tsukiyo ni ukanda kasuka na negai
o-tento-sama wa kikiirete kureyou ka

kiri ga akeru you ni kono mi ga kietara
tsugi wa chou ni nari jiyuu ni maou


Who? Who? Someone loves me.
Who? Who? A shadow captures me.

Pale-white prayers were suspended in the moonlit night.
Won’t you go and light them here and there?

I wrap up my pale figure and apply red lipstick.
Tonight’s feast is fate, which bloomed in this world.

Drift, drift down, ferryboat.
The lotuses are all lined up.

We play tosenbo mischievously. Sing and dance. (1)
The kitsune cub’s ballad is unaware of the ways of this fleeting world.

When I count one or two hundred steps and cry out to my distant love,
not even their finest appearance will be awarded to me.

Who? Who? Someone loves me.
Their eyes are so cold. A shadow shows itself.

One night, my dear older sister told me I mustn’t come home again.
With those words, she sent me away on this path.

The red spider lilies were beckoning me.
I, too, will kill myself to be with the one I love.

I escape the dark forest and cross two mountain passes.
Staggering drunkenly, I wander around the rice field ridges, heading to the distance.

Bloom, bloom all over! How beautiful is this lustrous clothing.
Everyone, burn my figure into your eyes, for you will not meet me again.

A faint wish was suspended in the moonlit night.
Perhaps the sun will heed it.

If I will vanish so the fog will lift
then I will become a butterfly next and flutter freely.

Translator’s note

(1) とおせんぼ (toosenbo), sometimes referred to in English as ‘block the way’, is a Japanese children’s game.



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