Angelic Symphony

Angelic Symphony

Performed by: Hiromi Sato
Album: Angelica
Release Date: 24 February 2005

Requested by: Apricot

This track has a few parts where words are written in brackets – I’ve reflected this in the translation, apart from where they both mean pretty much the same thing.

Angel’s song 何度でも 翼ひろげ
AH 宇宙(そら)に唄おう

Angel’s song nando demo tsubasa hiroge
AH uchuu (sora) ni utaou

Angel’s song. Spread your wings time and time again.
Ah, let’s sing to the heavens.


tatakau riyuu motomete
seiza o tsumuide hashiru

Seeking a reason to fight
I race, spinning the constellations together.

そう 崩す勇気(ちから)
Shooting star

yami no sonata ni madou toki
sou kuzusu yuuki (chikara)
rekishi (yume) no hate ni
tobou ginga
Shooting star

When I wander, lost in night’s sonata…
yes, my bravery (strength) crumbles.
At the end of history (the dream)
let’s fly to the Milky Way.
Shooting star.

だからKeep on smile
さあ 夜明けを奏でよう・・・

namida koeyou yo
monshou (kokoro) ni chikatta
unmei (sadame) uketomete
kimi ga ite kureru
dakara Keep on smile
tenshi no Symphony
saa yoake o kanadeyou…

Let’s overcome our tears.
I swore upon this crest (my heart).
I will accept destiny.
You are there for me
so I will keep on smiling.
This is an angelic symphony.
Now, let’s play it ‘till dawn…


kirameku shizuku wa tsuyosa
ashita ni mabataku hikari

Glistening teardrops are strength.
They are a light shining in tomorrow.

そう 輝きだす
Angel’s Wing

hoshi no supika o mejirushi ni
sou kagayakidasu
kaze o kitte
ten o kakeru
Angel’s Wing

With the star Spica as my sign
I start to shine.
I move against the wind
and fly through the sky.
Angel’s Wing.

無限の未来に 七色の翼
ずっとKeep on dream
さあ 明日を唄おう

niji o kakeyou yo
mugen no mirai ni nanairo no tsubasa
kimi no tonari nara
zutto Keep on dream
tenshi no Collaboration
saa ashita o utaou

Let’s make a rainbow
of seven-coloured feathers in the infinite future.
If I’m by your side
I’ll always keep on dreaming.
This is an angelic collaboration.
Now, let’s sing of tomorrow!

月明かり泣いた そう君の胸で
Ah はばたく想い

hitotsu dake uchuu (sora) ni saiteta
nukumori to kaeru basho
tsukiakari nai ta sou kimi no mune de
Ah habataku omoi

A single thing was blooming in the sky.
It was warmth and somewhere for me to return to.
Moonlight wept at your chest.
Ah, my feelings spread their wings.

Angel’s song 何度でも
唄い続けよう 素顔の自分で
だからKeep in smile
さあ 夜明けを奏でよう
さあ 一緒に創ろう

Angel’s song nando demo
utai tsuzukeyou sugao no jibun de
kimi ga ite kureru
dakara Keep in smile
tenshi no Symphony
saa yoake o kanadeyou
saa issho ni tsukurou

Angel’s song. We’ll keep singing it
time and time again, as our honest selves.
You’re there for me
so I can keep on smiling.
This is an angelic symphony.
Now, let’s play it ‘till dawn.
Now, let’s make it together.


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