エイトリアム || Atrium

Album art.


Vocals: flower
Lyrics: R Sound Design
Composed by: R Sound Design
Album: Delights [Official site]
Release Date: 16 October 2019

Requested by: Fortabt
Watch the official video on YouTube!


彩るはmidnight blue

感性は上々 息を乱して
万能な妄想 虚空をなぞって

憂いを抱いて 虚像を描いて
鼓動を鳴らして 呼吸を切らして

彩るはsun goes down

天網は恢恢 僕を包んで
最低な現症 視界は霞んで

不安を抱いて 夢想を描いて
鼓動を刻んで 呼吸を繋いで


運命にbye-bye 僕は行くんだ
凡庸の侵攻 道を開いて

夢を抱いて 理想を描いて
鼓動を鳴らして 呼吸を切らして
行き先なんて無い さぁこの心臓が高鳴る方へ


fumishimeta yoru no step
kono machi ni sinus ni hibike
irodoru wa midnight blue
hikaru tsubu ga en ni yureru

kansei wa joujou iki o midashite
sensai de bluesy to ima o keiyou
bannou na mousou kokuu o nazotte
genjou ni odorasareteru

urei o idaite kyozou o egaite
bokura wa itsu datte yuiitsu o manete
hashiridasu sekai ni okizari ni sarenu you ni
kodou o narashite kokyuu o kirashite
daremo ga meguru kanjousen no ue
nemuranai kensou ni boku wa tada mimi o fusaide ita

dakishimeta kyou wa stay
kono machi wa arrhythmic ni utau
irodoru wa sun goes down
kureru sekai no iro ni somaru

tenmou wa kaikai boku o tsutsunde
moumai na envy o tsumi to keiyou
saitei na genshou shikai wa kasunde
unmei ni odorasareteru

fuan o idaite musou o egaite
bokura wa itsu datte saikou o utsushite
mawaridasu sekai ni ashi o torarenu you ni
kodou o kizande kokyuu o tsunaide
hitori tatazumu seimeisen no ue
owaranai ensou ni kikihorete ita

are kara ikutsu ka toshi o kasane
tobenaku natta boku ni
kono machi no hi ga egaku yo
toki o hete iku hodo ni
irozuite iku jinsei no kajitsu o

tensei no sainou wa toku ni nai ga
unmei ni bye-bye boku wa yuku nda
bonyou no shinkou michi o hiraite
jinsei ga kawarihajimeru

yume o idaite risou o egaite
kono mi ni yadoru yuiitsu no koe de
hashiridasu sekai wa boku o nosete
kodou o narashite kokyuu o kirashite
daremo mienai kyoukaisen no ue
ikisaki nante nai saa kono shinzou ga takanaru hou e


The trodden night’s steps
echo through my sinuses in these streets.
Coloured midnight blue,
shining beads waver fascinatingly.

My sensitivity is at its peak. I breathe quicker.
Delicate and bluesy is how I’d describe what’s going on.
An almighty delusion traces along empty space
and I’m manipulated by the status quo.

We draw false images while feeling sad
and we’re always mimicking uniqueness.
So we won’t be left behind by a world breaking into a sprint,
we all get our hearts racing and breathe heavily.
Everyone’s on a revolving conveyer.
I just blocked my ears to this sleepless hustle.

I embraced today and it stays.
These streets arrhythmically sing.
They’re coloured by the sun going down
and are dyed the colour of a darkening world.

Heaven’s vengeance is slow yet sure. It envelops me.
They say ignorant envy is a sin.
I’m in the worst situation. My vision blurs
and I’m manipulated by fate.

We feel uneasy and draw our dreams,
always tracing over the finest.
So we won’t be tripped up by the rotating world
everyone’s hearts beat, and we join our breaths together.
I stand alone atop a lifeline.
I was absorbed in an endless performance.

I’ve gotten older since then
and I can’t fly anymore.
These streets’ flames are drawing something for me.
It’s the fruit of life, ripening
as time passes.

I don’t have any special talent
but I’m saying bye-bye to fate. I’m going.
The path is opened up by an invasion of the mediocre
and life starts to change.

Bearing a dream, I draw my ideals
with the unique voice dwelling inside.
The world breaks into a sprint with me on its back.
Our hearts thump and we get out of breath.
Atop an invisible boundary
there’s no future. Alright! Follow my heartbeat!



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4 responses to “エイトリアム || Atrium”

  1. Fortabt (@strobe_last12) Avatar

    Ah! I just noticed something. Is this line a typographical error?

    “The trodden night’s steps
    echo though my sinuses in these streets.”

    Should the “though” be “through”? I do apologize for asking, especially when I have no knowledge of the proper translation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      All good! and you’re absolutely right, that was a typo on my end. Sorry about that, and thanks for bringing it to my attention (^_^)


  2. Fortabt (@strobe_last12) Avatar
    Fortabt (@strobe_last12)

    Sorry for the late response!

    Anyway, thank you for translating this song! I didn’t think that the lyrics would be like this, especially when the song is rather upbeat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      No worries, you’re welcome!


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