〇月×日ずっと || OO/XX, Always

marugatsu batsunichi zutto
OO/XX, Always

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: ただのCo (TadanoCo)
Composed by: ただのCo (TadanoCo)
Upload date: 9 February 2013

Requested by: keserarhythm
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〇月×日ずっと 探してた答えを君は知っていた 
〇月×日ずっと 名前の無い様な君と

取り止めないよなさっき 書きとめた言葉の殺気
泣いたところで 何が変わるのか?

裁縫道具のキット 恋してたあいつはきっと
針が刺さった ままの布だ


落下生の花に 押しつぶされて咲いていた


まるでさんさん三角 また来て四角

〇月×日ずっと そのうち耳が消えたら
私の音だけずっと ずっと。

雨が降ってるきっと 窓の外切り取る窓
何が私で 誰が私か

最近なって思った 不可思議でフェチな歌詞
一人減って 歌が出来るのか?

愛することも出来ずに 嫌いな振りの三振
好きも嫌いも 同じお箸


〇月×日死んだんだ 嘘だったなら


それはだんだん段落 落ち着け味覚

〇月×日ずっと ずっと!

さんさん三角 また来て四角

〇月×日ずっと それから目が覚めたら
私の空だけずっと ずっと。

呪文の様にずっと 選んでた答えを
ただ信じてた あの日から


marugatsu batsunichi zutto sagashiteta kotae o kimi wa shitte ita
marugatsu batsunichi zutto namae no nai you na kimi to

toriyamenai yo na sakki kaki tometa kotoba no sakki
naita tokoro de nani ga kawaru no ka?

saihou dougu no kitto koi shiteta aitsu wa kitto
hari ga sasatta mama no nuno da

doushita mon ka no tansaibou-tai
aoi tori to futatsu no ai
midori no sen de en o tsunagu
karamiti na aitsu wa sa

rakka-sei no hana ni oshitsubusarete saite ita

risou ga chitta

marude sansan sankaku mata kite shikaku
dejabu ni sukareru mae ni
gorinzai kara nigedashitai yo
matsuri ga hajimaru mae ni

marugatsu batsunichi zutto sono uchi mimi ga kietara
watashi no oto dake zutto zutto.

ame ga futteru kitto mado no soto kiritoru mado
nani ga watashi de dare ga watashi ka

saikin na tte omotta fukashigi de fecchi na kashi
hitori hette uta ga dekiru no ka?

ai suru koto mo dekizu ni kirai na furi no sanshin
suki mo kirai mo onaji o-hashi

youkeijou kara ohayou
shiriaru nante amasugite
wameita furi de dareka yonda
usotsu kidori no aitsu wa sa

marugatsu batsunichi shinda nda uso datta nara

yokatta na.

sore wa dan dan danraku ochitsuke mikaku
tokei ni torawarenaide
banbanzai made ikitakunai yo
rousoku ga sasaranai kara

marugatsu batsunichi zutto
marugatsu batsunichi zutto zutto!

sansan sankaku mata kite shikaku
dareka o aisuru mae ni
kanjousen ni wa noritakunai yo
watashi ga naku naru kara

marugatsu batsunichi zutto sore kara me ga sametara
watashi no sora dake zutto zutto.

jumon no you ni zutto eranda kotae o
tada shinjiteta ano hi kara


OO/XX, always… you knew the answer I was searching for.
OO/XX, always… I was with you, who seemed nameless.

You know, I just can’t call off the bloodlust in the words I wrote back then.
Even if I cried, what would change?

The sewing kit I loved so much will forever remain
a cloth with a needle stuck in.

What’s up with this single-celled body?
A bluebird and two loves.
You, calamitous as you are,
join the borders with a green line.

Blooming after being crushed by falling flowers,

my ideals scattered.

It’s basically a brilliant triangle. Come again, square, (1)
before déjà vu grows fond of you.
I want to escape from the bowels of the Earth
before the festival starts.

OO/XX, always… if my ears disappear in the meantime
then only my sounds will remain forever and ever.

It must be raining in that window cut off outside my window.
What is me, and who is me?

Lately I’ve thought of some mysterious and fetish-like lyrics.
Can a song be completed with one person missing?

Unable to love, I suffer a strike out from pretending to hate.
Love and hate are the same pair of chopsticks.

Good morning from the chicken farm.
Cereal? Bleh, too sweet.
You, with the air of a liar,
called someone while pretending to scream.

OO/XX is when you died. If only

it was a lie.

It gradually ends, and my palate settles down.
Don’t be trapped by the clock.
I don’t want to live forever (2)
because there won’t be any candles stuck in.

OO/XX, always.
OO/XX, always, always!

A brilliant triangle. Come again, square,
before I fall in love with someone.
I don’t want to ride this looping line
because I’ll disappear.

OO/XX, always. If I wake up after that
then only my sky will remain forever and ever.

Since that day, I’ve just believed
in the answer I chose, like a curse.

Translator’s notes

(1) さんさん三角 また来て四角 is a play on さよなら三角また来て四角 (sayonara sankaku mata kite shikaku, a farewell phrase similar to ‘see you later alligator. In a while, crocodile!’)

(2) 万々歳 (banbanzai) normally means ‘something worthy of congratulations.’ In this case, it’s meant to be interpreted more literally as ‘tens of thousands of years’.



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