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蜜を嗜む || A Taste for Nectar

mitsu o tashinamu
A Taste for Nectar

Vocals: 音街ウナ (Otomachi Una)
Lyrics: 一二三 (Hifumi)
Composed by: 一二三 (Hifumi)
Release date: 30 September 2020

Requested by: Joulupukki
Watch the official video on YouTube!


羨む心と辛抱ばっか 不甲斐ない僕の根性
その戯言を ちょっと聞いて共感してよ

散々夢を描いて萎えて 何も無い“これまで”ってヤツを嘆いて
変な迷信 ずっと握って

ちょっと泣いたって 何も変わんないし
何も変わんないと ただの屑らしい
屑になったって 得をしないもんな
ただ無駄に生きている間に 戻れない程曲がり腐ってた

つまらない僕の空箱に 君の才能詰めてしまいたい
僕が僕のままで生きても 君と同じ幸せはないだろ?

誰かの不幸が蜜だなんて 思いたくない気持ちの
裏側で少しペロッて にやついてる

もっと誠実に 人生を捉えたいな
捉えたとこで 何も変わんないけど
変わんないと 諦めた声で
だらしなく描いた理想がさ この先の道をただ濁してる

狡くて凄い奴らだけが 得をしているこんな世界でさ
誰かの不幸を味わって 生きる下衆にはなりたくないけど

最低なんだよ 僕ら鳴り止まないんだ 欲の連鎖
最悪なんだよ 他人の幸福ばっか嫌う十代
全然なんだよ ただの凡庸だって知って泣いて


降り止まぬ雨と将来に 君の才能差して歩きたい
少しでも僕がありのまま 生きる方法を願ったんだよ


uramu kokoro to shinbou bakka fugai nai boku no konjou
sono zaregoto o chotto kiite kyoukan shite yo

sanzan yume o egaite naete nani mo nai “kore made” tte yatsu o nageite
hen na meishin zutto nigitte

chotto naita tte nani mo kawannai shi
nani mo kawannai to tada no kuzu rashii
kuzu ni natta tte toku o shinai mon na
tada muda ni ikite iru aida ni modorenai hodo magari kusatteta

“kimi no subete ga hoshii”
tsumaranai boku no karabako ni kimi no sainou tsumete shimaitai
“dou shitemo kimi ga ii”
boku ga boku no mama de ikitemo kimi to onaji shiawase wa nai daro?

dareka no fukou ga mitsu da nante omitakunai kimochi no
uragawa de sukoshi pero tte niyatsuiteru

motto seijitsu ni jinsei o toraetai na
toraeta toko de nani mo kawannai kedo
kawannai to akirameta koe de
darashinaku egaita risou ga sa kono saki no michi o tada nigoshiteru

“amai shiru o susuritai”
zurukute sugoi yatsura dake ga toku o shite iru konna sekai de sa
“amai mitsu o nametai”
dareka no fukou o ajiwatte ikiru gesu ni wa naritakunai kedo

saitei nan da yo bokura nari yamanai nda yoku no rensa
saiaku nan da yo hito no koufuku bakka kirau juudai
zenzen nan da yo tada no bon’you da tte shitte naite
shitasaki, yuruyaka ni shibireteku

“kimi no subete ga hoshii”

“kimi no subete ga hoshii”
furi yamanu ame to shourai ni kimi no sainou sashite arukitai
“shiawase ni natte mitai”
sukoshi demo boku ga ari no mama ikiru houhou o negatta ndayo


I’m a disappointment. My willpower is nothing but an envying heart and patience.
Listen to that nonsense for a bit and have some sympathy!

I grieved for the fools who dreamed harsh dreams and wasted away, speaking empty words like “that’s enough!”
I held my weird superstitions tightly the whole time.

Nothing will change by just crying a bit.
If nothing changes, I’m like ordinary trash.
If I become trash, I won’t gain a thing.
While living a useless life, I grew so twisted and rotten I couldn’t turn back.

“I want your everything.”
I want to stuff all your talent into my boring, empty box.
“You’re great, no matter what.”
Even if I live as I am now, I won’t be as happy as you, will I?

Someone’s misfortune is nectar. I didn’t want to think that
but hidden beneath, I licked my lips and smirked.

I want to grasp life more sincerely
though when I do, nothing will change.
I say nothing will change with a resigned voice
and the ideals I sloppily imagined just muddy the path ahead.

“I want to sip up that sweet juice.”
In this world, only the sly and awful get anything.
“I want to lick that sweet nectar,”
but I don’t want to become a lowlife living while tasting others’ misfortune.

We’re awful. We won’t stop ringing the chains of lust.
We’re the worst. Us teens do nothing but hate the happiness of others.
That’s not it at all. We know we’re just mediocre and we cry.
The tip of my tongue slowly gets numb.

“I want your everything.”

“I want your everything.”
I want to walk into the endless rain and my future holding your talent like an umbrella.
“I want to try being happy.”
I was wishing for a way to live while being myself, even just a little.

Video text

「第1章」 説得

Chapter 1: Persuasion

(? 19xx.x)


(You remember, right?
…Yeah, I remember.)


(I really do love you.)

「第2章」 過去

Chapter 2: The Past



(To attack:
Suddenly assaulting with extreme force.
Without warning, acting to cause harm.
With undefendable force,
suddenly overwhelming someone, (coming at them to do so).)

最終章  擦れ違う羨望

The final chapter: Envy at odds


(“I was just jealous of you.”)

・ – ・・ ・・・ –   – ・ – ・ –   –  –  –  - ・
・ – ・ ・ – ・ – ・  –  – ・ – ・ ・・ ・ –  – ・
 –  – ・ –   – ・ –  –  –   – ・ – ・ –
・ – ・ – ・  –  –  –  –  ・・
 – ・・・ –  ・ – ・ – ・  –  – ・ –

(The morse code above appears to be:)


“The truth was hidden. I’m sorry, big sis.”



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2 responses to “蜜を嗜む || A Taste for Nectar”

  1. Joulupukki Avatar

    Thank you very much! It’s a really interesting song.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! It’s an interesting song and the video text adds another layer of meaning too…


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