Album art.

魔王 || Demon King

Album art.

Demon King

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: syudou
Composed by: syudou
Album: 最悪
Release date: 17 April 2019

Requested by: pianaso

Update (18 August 2021): Minor update to correct translation of 口で言っても分からねぇ. Thanks Tackmyn!




yeah!yeah!yeah! 俺に気安く話しかけるな
yeah!yeah!yeah! 恥を知れ 頭が高いぞ



yeah!yeah!yeah! 俺の名を二度と口にするな
yeah!yeah!yeah! 身の程と分をわきまえろ

お父さん お父さん 魔王は今


yeah!yeah!yeah! 俺を端的に表すな
yeah!yeah!yeah! 愛し尽くせ骨の髄まで
yeah!yeah!yeah! 跪け命乞いをしろ
yeah!yeah!yeah! 対等などと思うな



saisho ni hitokoto ore wa tsuyoi
kyou mo ki o terai tsutsu mo fuhenteki
saikyou no hitokoto kore ni tsukiru
mou iu made mo nai ne

sore o shiri mo sezu ni kieta baka na hito
kuchi de ittemo wakaranee yatsu wa
nagutte shimae

yeah! yeah! yeah! ore ni kiyasuku hanashikakeru na
yeah! yeah! yeah! haji o shire zu ga takai zo
omae no ichinen ore no ichibyou
fukanou o kanou ni shita ippanjin

nenshuu mo sensu mo bitoku mo nai
ano otoko to sono go oshiawase kai
isshou shukujo o enjitero
sono tsumi o kazoetero

shirokuro wa piano ni tatakitsuke chimae
do re mi fa so ra shi no anagaramu de
utatte shimae

yeah! yeah! yeah! ore no na o nido to kuchi ni suru na
yeah! yeah! yeah! mi no hodo to bun o wakimaero
yokoshima kakushita tatejima suutsu
omae o kowashita chouhonnin

otousan otousan maou wa ima
shiranai dare ka to shiranu machi de
waratte kurashite irun yaro ka
shinu hodo dou demo ee ga na

yeah! yeah! yeah!

yeah! yeah! yeah! ore o tanteki ni arawasu na
yeah! yeah! yeah! aishi tsukuse hone no zui made
yeah! yeah! yeah! hizamazuke inochigoi o shiro
yeah! yeah! yeah! taitou nado to omou na

yaritagari demo nakitagari demo nai
naritagari kara nariagaru you ni
kudaranai ore wa tada ageru dake
seken ni tsuba haku hikokumin


I’ll start with one thing—I’m strong.
I draw attention to myself again, but it’s universally known.
These are the strongest words.
It goes without saying.

Those idiots vanished without knowing that.
Beat up the scum who won’t get it
even if they’re told!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Don’t be too familiar with me.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Be ashamed! How insolent.
A year for you is a second for me,
an ordinary person who made the impossible possible.

He’s got no annual income, taste or virtue.
Were you happy with him after that?
Act like a lady for the rest of your life
and count up your sins.

Slap black and white onto the piano
and sing using an anagram
of do re mi fa so la ti.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Don’t speak my name again.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Know the difference in our standing.
A pinstripe suit conceals the demon,
the ringleader who destroyed you.

Father, father! The demon king
seems to be laughing and living
with an unknown person in an unknown city.
It’s so trivial you could die, right?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Don’t undersell me.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Love me to the bone!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Kneel and beg for your life!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Don’t think we’re equal.

You don’t want to try doing it or crying—
You want to rise the ranks, so you aim for that.
I’m worthless, and I just rise up.
Unpatriotic people spit on society.



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4 responses to “魔王 || Demon King”

  1. Tackmyn Y. Avatar

    Hi! I believe 口で言っても分からねぇ奴は殴ってしまえ is more like “Beat up the scum who doesn’t/wouldn’t understand even if told”… um, does it make sense? For what it’s worth, I sometimes hear abusive parents saying 口で言っても分からなかったから(子どもを)殴った. They say they had to use violence as a last resort because their words didn’t work. It’s the same old, lame excuse.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thanks! That makes perfect sense and I’ve the translation.

      My original thinking was kinda like “(奴が)口で言っても(言葉の意味が)わからねぇ” so the big difference is that I thought 奴 were the ones doing the speaking…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. fay Avatar

    thank you so much, as always…! this is a great deep cut from syudou.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! 😁


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