笑わないヨハネ || Johannes Doesn’t Laugh

warawanai yohane
Johannes Doesn’t Laugh

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: Minase
Composed by: Minase
Release Date: 21 November 2020

Requested by: Mah
Watch the official video on YouTube!

Update (5 September 2021): Updates based on comments by Tackmyn. Thank you very much!

The name used in the title (ヨハネ) appears to be based on ‘Johannes’ or ‘Ioannes’, Latin versions of ‘John’.

I originally thought ‘笑わないヨハネ’ was intended to be a command, a bit like 笑わないでヨハネ (don’t laugh, Johannes). But since you see some areas that are specifically commands (e.g. 泣かないで), it made me think that the lyricist would have included the で if they wanted us to interpret it as a command.

I made a conscious decision to translate this as if the speaker is talking to Johannes the entire time, bearing in mind that 君 (kimi – you) is only used once towards the end.


鋭い爪も牙も 自分を傷つけるだけで
簡単に見つからない 見つけたくもない

我儘さ 愛を知りたいなんて
どんな色してるかな 赤ければいいのにな なんて

巫山戯た言葉 それなりに 真面目なのにさ
ねぇ 何がお望みなの?

これじゃまるで僕だけが 馬鹿みたいだな!

笑わないヨハネ 冷たいままで
僕一人か 僕以外か

笑わないヨハネ 気付いているさ
それでもただ 生きてくのさ

消えかけのランプで 帳の降りた街を歩く

生憎だけど 傘は要らないさ
濡れていたほうが まだましだから
どうにせよ 傷つくのならば

笑わないヨハネ こんな歪で
どこのだれが 分かるのだろう

笑わないヨハネ こんな自分を
みんなが言う 当たり前が


嗤ってよ ヨハネ
産まれてから 独りきりで

寂しいの ヨハネ
傷つくのが 怖いだけで

泣かないで ヨハネ
気が付いてる? 気が付いてよ

往かないで ヨハネ
今の僕じゃ 弱すぎてさ


surudoi tsume mo kiba mo jibun o kizutsukeru dake de
mamoritai mono nante
kantan ni mitsukaranai mitsuketaku mo nai

sono kuse omou nda
wagamama sa ai o shiritai nante
donna iro shiteru ka na akakereba ii no ni na nante

fuzaketa kotoba sore nari ni majime na no ni sa
nee nani ga o nozomi na no?

kore ja maru de boku dake ga baka mitai da na!

warawanai yohane tsumetai mama de
ikiru sube o oshiete
boku hitori ka boku igai ka
dochira ga machigatte iru no?

warawanai yohane kizuite iru sa
dochira mo onaji koto sa
sore demo tada ikiteku no sa
yoru ga kureba tada nemuru dake sa

kiekake no ranpu de tobari no orita machi o aruku
ame ga furimasen you ni
kudaranai inori darou

ainiku dakedo kasa wa iranai sa
nurete ita hou ga mada mashi dakara
hitori de betsu ni ii sa
dou ni seyo kizutsuku no naraba

warawanai yohane konna ibitsu de
minikui boku no koto o
doko no dare ga wakaru no darou
wakaritai to omou no darou

warawanai yohane konna jibun o
suki ni nareru darou ka
minna ga iu atarimae ga
boku ni wa hitotsu mo wakaranai no ni


waratte yo yohane
konna sekai sa
dakedo kore de zenbu sa
umarete kara hitorikiri de
zutto tatakatte kita no sa

sabishii no yohane
nakeba naku hodo
oitekareru ki ga shite
kizutsuku no ga kowai dake de
sore demo hitori ja arukenai kara

nakanaide yohane
kimi no namida wa
boku o nurasu ame da to
ki ga tsuiteru? ki ga tsuite yo
kaze hiite kara ja osoi yo

yukanaide yohane
mou sukoshi dake
egao nanka misenaide
ima no boku ja yowasugite sa
tsukuriwarai shika kaesenai kara


I just hurt myself with my sharp claws and fangs.
Something I want to protect?
I can’t find it easily. I don’t want to find it.

And yet, I think.
It’s selfish for me to want to know love,
selfish to wonder what colour it is. If only it was red.

My jokes are, in their own way, serious.
Hey, what do you desire?

It’s like only I’m the foolish one here!

You don’t laugh, Johannes. While remaining cold-hearted,
teach me how to live.
Living alone or living with others…
which one’s wrong?

You don’t laugh, Johannes. I’ve noticed—
they’re both the same.
And yet, I live
and when night falls, I just sleep.

With an almost extinguished lamp, I wander the streets after nightfall.
I hope it won’t rain.
What a stupid prayer.

Sorry, but I don’t need an umbrella
since I’d still rather get wet.
I don’t mind if I’m alone
if I’m just going to get hurt.

You don’t laugh, Johannes. I wonder,
who would understand someone
as twisted and ugly as me?
Who would want to?

You don’t laugh, Johannes. Could you really
love someone like me?
Even though I don’t understand a single thing
about what people call ‘ordinary’.


Laugh, Johannes!
This is what the world’s like
but that’s all there is to it.
Since birth, I’ve been all alone
fighting the whole time.

I’m lonely, Johannes.
The more I cry
the more I feel like I’m being left behind.
After all, I’m just afraid being hurt
and yet I can’t walk alone.

Don’t cry, Johannes.
Your tears
are the rain that drenches me.
Have you noticed? You have.
Once I’ve caught a cold, it’s too late!

Don’t leave, Johannes.
Stay a little longer.
Don’t smile at me
because I’m too weak now
and can only force a smile back.



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4 responses to “笑わないヨハネ || Johannes Doesn’t Laugh”

  1. Tackmyn Y. Avatar

    It’s always nice to enjoy reading English translations after waking up in the morning.

    分かりたいと思うのだろう: “Who would want to understand me,” maybe? I think that makes much more sense.
    風邪ひいてからじゃ遅いよ: This is absolutely up to your interpretation, but given that “I” am the one who’s getting drenched, I believe the one who the singer’s afraid will get a cold is “I”… so, it should be “It’s too late once I’ve caught a cold,” I guess.
    笑顔なんか見せないで: I don’t really think 見せないで will be “Won’t you show me~?” In my opinion, just “Don’t show me a smile” makes more sense here. Regarding もう少しだけ, I think it’s connected to 往かないで, like “Don’t leave / Stay here just a little longer.” What do you think?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thank you as always! This is really useful (^_^)

      -分かりたいと思う. In this case, does と思う have the same purpose as ‘changing’ 分かりたい to 分かりたがる? I saw たい and immediately though “it’s normally used when ‘I’ want something” – but agree that the version you raised makes more sense.

      -風邪ひいて – I agree with that – looking back over it, it looks like the speaker is getting wet by the tears too, so it makes sense for them to get a cold.

      -笑顔なんか見せないで – That makes sense. That would mean the から at the very end is linked to that as well. It pulls it all together!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tackmyn Y. Avatar

        Glad I could help!

        したいと思う: I agree that したいと思う is almost equivalent したがる; [どこのだれが] 分かりたいのだろう doesn’t sound quite right to me, at least in this case.

        (The following text is redundant so you don’t really have to read it. To be honest, this is a really tough question to answer because we often use したいと思う to the first person too. For example, both 中国語を勉強したい and 中国語を勉強したいと思っている sound natural to me, and I would take the subject to be 私 for each sentence unless it’s otherwise stated. The difference between them is negligible… I mean, I really don’t know what’s different between them! I would be able to answer if I was given some example sentences, but at least in the two sentences above, I don’t see any difference.)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Releska Avatar

          Thanks! I’ve filed those comments on したいと思う away for future reference – it’s all really useful

          Liked by 1 person

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