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ハルシオン || Halcyon


Lyrics: 湯豆腐 (Yudouhu)
Arranged by: 湯豆腐 (Yudouhu)
Circle: Kurage seek room
Event: C97
Original theme: Sleeping Terror [眠れる恐怖 ~ Sleeping Terror]

Requested by: Alv
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Some parts suggest this song may actually be told from the speaker’s perspective while they’re talking to someone else (i.e. “I’ll show you a dream until you fall”).


曖昧な心に沿って惑う夜 その終わりは まだ
秒針がほら止まっている 愛憎を飼い慣らす後悔も


微睡みを注いで 落ちるまで夢を見せてよ
目を醒ます頃には 此処にはいないんでしょう
ねぇ 眠れそうにないよ

微睡みを恐れて こぼれた水に溶けた夜
目を醒ます頃には 忘れてしまうのでしょう ねぇ


aimai na kokoro ni sotte madou yoru sono owari wa mada
byoushin ga hora tomatte iru aizou o kai narasu koukai mo

kokyuu suru tabi ni hana no kaori ga shita

madoromi o sosoide ochiru made yume o misete yo
me o samasu koro ni wa koko ni wa inai ndeshou
nee nemuresou ni nai yo

madoromi o osorete koboreta mizu ni toketa yoru
me o samasu koro ni wa wasurete shimau no deshou nee


I wander in the night, following my vague heart. It isn’t over yet.
Look, time has stopped. I tame my tastes and my regrets.

Each time I breathed, it smelled of flowers.

Focus on dozing off and show me a dream until I fall.
When I wake up, I won’t be here anymore.
Hey, I’m not sleepy.

I was afraid of slumber, and the night melted into spilled water.
When I wake up, I’ll forget, right?



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